Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Here's a few of the things for which I'm thankful this Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Some Favorite Things

Okay, here comes attempt #2 at this thing. I found the greatest difficulty I had yesterday was learning how to arrange photos. I still don't know what I'm doing, but in an effort to learn as I go, I figured I'd write about a few things that are especially pleasing to me.
The first thing on my list is the TV show, "House Hunters." I love this show. It airs on HGTV. I watch it from 10-11, M-F. The first episode is somewhere in the states, and the second one is usually somewhere fun and exciting. (Italy, France, Caribbean, etc) They show three houses and I love to guess which house will be picked by the couple. Most of the people looking for homes appear to be very nice, but there are a few nutjobs, they always make it more fun to watch.
Second on the list would be the soap opera, "All My Children." I've watched AMC since the mid 90's. I was a diehard CBS soap fan growing up. But, our office would watch AMC at lunch, and I became hooked. I go through a love/hate relationship with the show. Right now, I'm hating Ryan and Greenlee. I love Petey, and the storyline with Brot. My all time favorite character was Leo. I still miss him.
Third, may I present Jonny Lang. He is a blues guitarist/singer. I found him on XM radio, singing "Touch." He sounds like a black r/b singer. I was shocked when I looked him up, and found a skinny white guy. I bought his cd, and was blown away. The first time I saw him perform was in Durham, NC in a neat old theatre. He was amazing. He was on his acoustic tour with his band. We've seen him about five times, and he is better and better each time. He gives 110% each show. I highly recommend him!
TWILIGHT. Does anyone not know of this book and movie? I heard the author interviewed and bought the book during the summer. I gave it to my daughter (she's 16) to read. She started reading it in the evening and stayed up until 6:30 am. She finished the book when she woke. I started the book on a plane to St. Croix, and couldn't put it down. I've recommended the book to many people, of all ages and interests. Every single person LOVED it. And, what do we all say? WE LOVE EDWARD. I saw the movie last week. It evoked the same feelings that the book did. I don't think a movie can ever replicate a book, but I was very pleased with the way the movie turned out.
And, finallllyyyyyyyyyy...I love these people. They are neat friends of ours, and here we are in a beautiful place. I love my friends, I love to travel, and I love to laugh. And, this is that all wrapped up in one neat little picture.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ya Gotta Start Somewhere?

Sundays are my favorite day of the weekend. I love to be lazy and do absolutely nothing. Of course, after I've spent an entire day doing nothing, I feel very guilty about doing nothing. That makes me ready for work on Monday and usually, it's the most productive day of the week.

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF MY CRAZY MIND! (I love Top Model, by the way. I didn't want you to think that picture to the right was ME.)

I've wanted to do a blog forever. I enjoy reading everyone else's blog, but always figured no one would want to read mine. (do you feel the same way?) But, if nothing else, it keeps me from snacking or napping, so here we go, blog entry #1. Will it be the only one, or the first of many? I guess we'll play it by ear.

***As you see, I described my blog as "musings on a mid life crisis." I'm 45 and as a young girl, I thought I'd have it all figured out by now. HA. I'm more confused by life now, than I was at 13! Each age presents new challenges and questions. (It's very interesting how the human body changes as it ages!!) The latest challenge I'm facing is Christmas expense. Why is it, that ever year, Christmas sneaks up on me earlier and earlier? I think I have two gifts purchased and have no idea when I'll fine the time to shop (hm, maybe a lazy Sunday??) or the money to spend. This isn't my first go 'round, obviously. And yet, each year, this problem arises and stresses me until the gifts are finally bought, wrapped, sent or under the tree.

I really hate people that have their shopping done by June.