Monday, August 26, 2013

Savannah, Part Three

I call this one, "the one where we had a drink in our hand the entire weekend."

Ok, Ok!
Maybe not the whole weekend.

But certainly during the times I was taking photos.

But frankly, the town of Savannah enjoys its drinks.
And the people in the bars are just interesting as all get up.

And the people watching?

For instance, look at these two weirdos?
By the way, we fell in LOVE with the Pedicab as a mode of transportation.
We took three rides in two days.

I wanted to adopt Paul Smith Smith and bring him home with us.
He could drive me to work in his Pedicab.
and tell us stories about Croatia.

I bet he has loads of stories to share with the folks back home.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Man I Wanted To Hurt

On Wednesdays, I work in our Columbia office.  Normally, this is a 90 minute drive there and a 90 minute drive home.

Yesterday, as I was driving home, I couldn't help but notice what a gorgeous day it was; the sky seemed so blue and the grass and trees so green.  It was truly lovely.

And, then, I started to notice some red.  Like red from taillights.  Like red from cars stopping and not moving like they should be. 

I did happen to see a sign that said there was an "incident" at mile marker 135.  (thanks for the clarification?)  Shortly after that sign, traffic came to a stop. 





Instead of ninety minutes, it took me three hours to get home yesterday.

After about fifteen minutes, this happened:

This guy got out of his car and went to look at just WHAT was going on.   You know, like he could see something.  (he couldn't) Or, like he could do something about it just by standing there staring at whatever it was he couldn't see.  (again, he couldn't)

I was happily listening to my book, and although, not happy to be stuck in traffic, was pleased that at least I had gas, was safe, and had a good book to enjoy.

But, this guy (I call him Mr. Pale Legs?) couldn't sit still.  He began pacing.  He walked back and forth between cars.  He walked around cars. He tried to make eye contact with anyone.  He scared the heck out of me every time he appeared in my peripheral vision.  For ninety minutes, well really, seventy five, he was out there on the interstate. 

He went back to his car (his was the gold van covered in political/religious stickers that clashed with my beliefs...) and updated his passenger on just what it was he couldn't see or do anything about.

I wanted to honk my horn at him.  I wanted to pull up to the car in front of me so he couldn't walk through the space.  

But, then I realized that was really silly.  Like getting out of my car and trying to see what was happening.  So instead, I took pictures of him and realized I had a bit of blog fodder!

This was the best part of the 90 minute delay:

I got to watch this cute little buddy go for a piddle stop and then eat a bit of supper. 
(the dog, not the owners!)

Only one thing ruined this picture.  Can you guess what that would be?

Mr. Pale Legs Nosy Pants.

Get back in your car!!!!


Friday, August 16, 2013

Another Friday Night Q&A

Dear God:  What is your greatest source of pride?
Chipaholic Ju
My dearest child:   Pringles


Dear Bradley Cooper:  Are your eyes really that blue?
From your newest fan, the Ju
My dearest,and favorite Ju:    They are blue, because my heart aches for you.

(excuse me, this is Friday Night Fantasy Q&A)


Dear Mr.Murphy:  Why do your laws always seem to remind me how human I am?
From Friday the 13th Ju
Dear Horror Movie Ju:    It's my job to bring you back down to earth by reminding you how stupid you are.


Dear World:  why so much hatred and anger?
Bitter and Cynical in SC
Dear BCSC:  It all comes down to money and religion.


Dear World, Part II:  why must things change?
Sad Sack in the Creek
Hey Sack:  Grow up.


Dear Warner Brothers:  Is Tweety Bird a male or female?
From:  Learned all my classical music from you, just like Seinfeld
Dear Socially Retarded:  TB is whatever the Tasmanian Devil is not.


Dear Tim Gunn:  Why didn't you just slap the crap out of that team this week?
Ju the Fitful Project Runway Watcher
My dearest, although fashion-challenged JTFPRW:   Um, didn't I?


Dear Breaking Bad:  What is going to happen to Jesse?
Ju the Jesse lover

Dear Ju the JL: I can't tell you.  But, I'm betting it will make you cry, no matter what it is.


Dear Mom:  I'm sorry for all the crap I gave you, the times I was angry, and the times I rolled my eyes at you.
Mom:  Daughter,  No problem.  I sent my granddaughter to make it even.


Dear Zach Braff: thank you for the  Garden State soundtrack.  It's a Friday night tradition.
Love, Ju
Dear Ju:  You know what goes well with my soundtrack? Bradley Cooper.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Eric Garcia, Hot Summer Nights and a New 'Do

It's finally really hot here.

We've had a mild summer, as summers go in this part of the world.  But, this past weekend, it finally heated up to the normal oppressive temperatures and humidity levels.

So, naturally, we would choose this weekend to have some sort of outdoor activity.

Commence sweating.

We went to see the minor league baseball team play, as the team they were playing had a Missouri Tiger on the roster.  Taylor had always had a mega crush on Eric Garcia, so we decided to grab a few friends and head to the game.  We were able to say hello to him prior to the game; it was such a treat to meet him.  Look at this cute little fella--

I asked him how he was enjoying playing in this league.  He said he liked it, but it was starting to get hot.  Yeah, hot indeed.

It was so hot, my elbow cleavage was sweating.  You can see the sheen on our faces here.

You can see the sweat on my beer.  Oh, and by the way, have any of you purchased Cracker Jack recently looking for the prize?  Don't bother.  It's so disappointing.  No more plastic rings, no tattoos, no spy kits.  You get a link for an online prize.  Please.  How does that help the person who needs instant gratification?

We had a good size group there, and although it was hot as Hades, we managed to have a good time.

Why does Steven always manage to stay looking so cool?

After the game we went to hang out with friends and watched them play Beer Pong.  Boy, did I feel old.  Whatever happened to a nice simple game of Quarters?

This kid decided to give me a new hairdo.  I call it the sweaty slimy mohawk.

The night was hot.  I, was not.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

I like to think of myself as one who is comfortable in her skin.  For the most part, I like myself and those things for which I stand. 

Although I still have a LOT of growing to do, I feel that, as I age, I'm liking myself more than I did when I was younger; and to me this is a success.

But for the love of Pete, I have a mirror issue.

First of all, I do not have a full length mirror in my house.  (much to Taylor's dismay!)  It's not intentional, honest.  We have a small house and there really isn't space for a big mirror.  Every inch of wall space is covered with something.  So, for the past years, I have no idea what I look like from the waist down, unless I see it in a photo (gasp!) or a mirrored glass building.

I don't know what these mirrors and photos do to twist my looks around so much.  When I dress, apply my makeup and do my hair, I'm usually pleased with the outcome.  Well, pleased might not be the right word, but I certainly would never leave the house looking like I do in many of these photos.  Something happens between the time I primp and when I walk out the house. 

Hair Goblins grab ahold of my hair and make it either flat or super high.  The Grease Monster rides all over my skin and turns it shiny.  Some type of gremlin goes inside my stomach, rear and thighs and blows them up three times their size.  And a wacky joker gets in my eyeballs and makes me do stupid things with my eyes.

And that's what you, the world, gets to see when photos of me are posted on this blog. 

In my mind, I look young, hip and fresh.  I'm not approaching fifty, I'm riding high in my twenties; or at least hiding it well.  If I poke out my chin(s) enough, you don't notice there are more than one there. 

The mirror says otherwise.  Today, I'm having a Fat Bastard day.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Um, Yeah, WOW!

Just watched Silver Linings Playbook-----

Two Words --  Bradley Cooper.

Oh Mama.

Saturday, August 3, 2013


I have become my mother.