Monday, May 31, 2010

And Summer Begins

Happy Memorial Day to all, and thank you to all who served and continue to serve, so that I could enjoy a weekend such as this.

Hilton Head, friends, pool parties, kids in the pool, hot dogs, fried catfish, ice cold beer, steaks, yummy breakfasts, sunburn, sand, the smell of sunscreen.......Summer's here folks!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

Enjoy your weekend folks!  Me?  I'm hanging with some friends in Hilton Head.  I hope to come back without a sunburn, but filled with stories and pictures. 

Have a great one!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dogs and Beer Bottle Caps and Tigers

Steven helps out the Charleston Animal Society quite a bit. I like to go with him when I can, but he has more free time than I do.  

He goes there every Wednesday and takes pictures of the dogs and cats that are up for adoption. (this little fella was there today, thanks for letting me borrow this picture, Dear.)   He then edits them and puts them up on his website and their website. Man, these animals are so cute. He will help them out with special events (photographing) and go any time they have an unusual animal. (rooster, goats, guinea pigs, horses!!)  He is so dedicated to helping animals, and I really love that about him.    (Now, if only I could talk him into bringing another dog home...)

Each year there is a fundraiser called, "Furry Affair." It is a silent auction for donated works of art. He has donated photographs, and other beer bottle cap art.    This year's has over 1500 caps.  He's been hammering for two weeks.   We've been drinking beer for years to collect these caps.  Our dear friends collect these as well and give them to us.  We have beer bottle caps coming out the ying yang.  But it's all worth it.  Looky!!

And, an extra treat today.  My brother's team hasn't had a very good baseball season.  It's been a true "rebuilding" year.  (Lots of frustration and learning)  Well, today, they upset the #1 team in the country, the Texas Longhorns.  They are in their conference tournament, and this puts them in the winner's bracket for the tourney.  It's a good thing.  Good job Tigers!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Baby Ducks and Speculums

Look what I saw today!!  We were on our way to work, and Steven pulled into the duck pond and this is what we saw.

Say it with me --- awwwwwwwww.

Mama and her babies were so brave.  They waddled right over to me to say good morning.  (Yeah, I know they were looking for food, but let me pretend here for a minute.)  What a great way to start a day; with cute little baby ducks.

I love her feet in this one. Mama is pigeon-toed?

After we had seen the ducks, and I dropped Steven at work, I went for my annual obgyn check up.  (Don't worry, nothing gross is gonna happen!)  As I sat in the waiting room, a pregnant woman and dad came into the office.  That man was SO uncomfortable sitting in that room.  You could see it all over his face and body language.  I mean, why was HE uncomfortable?  It made me giggle a bit and OH he was so relieved when he was called out of that room with all those W O M E N.

I love my doctor, she's great.  She was telling me that she had delivered two babies that morning.  Actually, I think she probably delivered two babies before I was even out of bed.  I started thinking that no matter what I did with my day, no way could it top that.  Actually, no matter what I did with ANY of my days would it ever top that.    Huh.  That's kinda humbling.

As I waited to go in for my exam, I saw these sitting on a table staring at me:

Speculum Soup.


I like these little guys much better. 

Monday, May 24, 2010

Wooden Shoes? Check.

I'm guessing these things aint gonna be the most comfortable footwear one can wear to a World Cup Party when dressed up as Holland.  I bet I have blisters by the end of the party.

 (proof that they're authentic)

Where does one buy wooden shoes, you ask?  I think I found these bad boys at a website called, "Dutch Time" or something creative like that.  These are actually the ones farmers wear.
Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Riggggggggggggght.

Still looking for the Windmill Hat and an Orange TuTu.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekends Rock

Duh.  We all know weekends are good.  I'm stating the obvious.  But, sometimes it just needs to be reiterated folks.  Weekends rock.

We went to a very tame pig roast yesterday.  Compared to last year's, this was a tea party.  So, not much blog fodder, but I did meet two very interesting birds.  This little fella is named Henry.  (the gal is my friend, Kristen)  Henry also goes by the name, "Tweet."  He was the friendliest bird!  He was very social, and enjoyed sitting on my arm, shoulder, hand.  However, he did not like my fingernails.  What's not to like about Black Cherry Chutney???

This was the other dude, Harley.  He was very vocal.  I personally enjoyed his wolf whistle.  He loved his daddy, and stuck close to him.

I dumped a ton of junk this weekend.  Oh, that felt good.  SANDIE inspired me.  It's amazing how good it feels to clear out crap.

I didn't get a lot of naps this weekend, but I did accomplish a few things.  I've even started my grocery list for the long holiday weekend.  Feeling organized again folks.  Now, if I can find an orange tutu, I'll be ahead of the game...

So, no real excitement to report, other than I'm starting the week feeling good about where I am.  That's what weekends do for me; REJUVENATE!

And, it's always great to spend time with friends. Hello Kristen!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Full Plate

I'm sitting here in my favorite Friday night position:  on the couch in front of the boob tube.  (how funny is that term, "boob tube?" ) I let my mind wander a bit, hoping to think of something interesting on which to blog.  Steven told me I had a distant look on my face.  I can only imagine what that looks like.

Then, I started thinking about what I have on my plate.  And, I realized that I have a crazy couple of months ahead of me.  The good news is that this makes for much blog fodder.  The bad news is that I have a feeling I won't get as many Friday Night Couch Boob Tube Moments.  Ah well, you only live once, eh?

Here's the agenda for the next two months:

Memorial Day Weekend - We travel to Hilton Head with two other couples.  We have been invited to stay at a friend's house.  I've never been to HH, other than to drive around the town.  I am sure it will be a great place to ring in Summer, 2010.  Also, on this weekend, we will be attending the Wombwell's annual Memorial Day Party.  By that Monday of the weekend, I will need to dry out.

June 4-7 - We head back to Phoenix; the boy and I, Taylor and Jake.  We will again stay with my aunt and uncle at their gorgeous home in the desert.  It will be the first time my aunt and uncle have seen Jake since my dad's funeral nine years ago.  We will celebrate Jake's graduation from Oklahoma State, and wish him luck on law school at the University of Texas.  While there, we will also celebrate Steven's 42nd birthday.  (such a babe!)  I hope I remember to pack his presents. 

June 12 - England v. USA.  World Cup Party.  Holland and New Zealand make an appearance and root for England.  (yes, give me abuse now. Of course, I want the USA to do well, but I love those English boys.   I know these players!!)  This kicks off the crazy World Cup month.  We will watch as many games as humanly possible, and depending on how England performs, there could be many more parties.

June 19 -  Furry Affair.  This is the fundraiser for the Charleston Animal Society.  It's a great night of drinks and finger foods; including oysters.  (if there are any to be had--thanks BP)  Steven will be busy up until the day, preparing his artwork.  He's a good boy.

June 27 - And, all of a sudden, it's Taylor's birthday.  She turns 18.  All she wants for her birthday is a tattoo and a cake.  A jellyfish tattoo and a red velvet cake.  Mom, do NOT mix those two things up. 

July 4 -  Now, it's the halfway point of the summer.  World Cup is still ongoing.  I'm broke at this point from all the travels, birthdays and graduations.  But, let's keep going folks.

July 21 - Hello Dave, good to see you again!  We will see DMB in Charlotte on the 21st.  They announced that they will not tour in 2011, so this will have to tide me over until 2012.  I guess after 20 years of continuous touring, he's allowed to have a year off.

August and September - We are going to see Jonny Lang in Charlotte, and that is all that is currently planned for August.  We go to Florida the first week in September.  I am hoping to goodness that will be the week when I sit and do nothing.  I hope the rental house has a boob tube.  I'm guessing by that point, I'm gonna need to chillllllllllll.

REALIZATION OF THE WEEK:  Okay, I looked in the mirror and realized I have new wrinkles.  My mouth, and it's side lines, now looks like that of a ventriloquist's dummy.  Call me JuJu McCarthy.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just a Few Portugal Pix

I was reviewing photos tonight, and came across these from Portugal.  It sure was pretty there!

These photos are from the city of Porto.

It was a quaint town.  I enjoyed it more than Lisbon.

This was our hotel.  Our room as at the right corner.  It had a great view of the square.

Porto is a river town.  I think I just have to have some water nearby.  I always feel more relaxed.

I sure am feeling lucky tonight, to have had the opportunity to see so many beautiful places in my life.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pre Idol Randomness

As I sit here waiting this week's version of American Idol, I step inside my brain and share a few thoughts with you---

Rice A Roni gives me the creeps.  I hate that you have to cook it in a pan.  I hate how the little vermicellis look.  And, it always reminds me of game shows from the 70's.

I am so unorganized of late.  I still haven't created my room with my hot pink couch. 

Steven is working on this year's contribution to the Charleston Animal Society's Furry Affair.  He's making a beer bottle picture of the classic South Carolina palm tree and moon.  He will donate that and it will be auctioned off in the silent auction.  He donates something every year, and it always does well.  He figures by the time he's created this picture, he will be using over 1500 bottle caps, and will have have hammered 15,000 times.  And I'm sitting on the couch.

Going to a pig roast this weekend.  Remember last year's???

That song from, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" makes me feel a bit weepy.  (Pure Imagination?)

I read a book the other day that I just didn't enjoy.  That doesn't happen very often, but I'm always surprised when it does.  This was Anna Maxted's, "Rich Again."  I have really enjoyed all her other books, and this one just got a big thumbs down from me.

We got in trouble with our neighborhood association.  Taylor's car was parked a bit off our driveway and a few inches on our grass. (and, apparently, this is a no no!)   I feel like they are going to put me into detention.  They sent the letter via certified mail.  I mean, certified mail is for lawsuits!!

We're going back to Arizona the first weekend in June.  I look forward to the trip, but man, I'm kinda tired of traveling.  The good part is that Jake and Taylor will both be joining us this time. 

That song Casey just sung was kinda boring.

I can't click my heels.

If I threw out just half the crap I don't use in my house, I'd double the usable space.

I still haven't found a good pillow.  Granted, I haven't looked.

I'm currently on the hunt for anything with a Holland flair to it.  We are attending a World Cup party June 12, and I drew Holland for my country.  I found some great stuff on line, but the one thing I want, and can't find, is this inflatable windmill hat.  How awesome is this? There is a costume contest, and this screams WINNER to me.  By the way, Steven is New Zealand, and he's dressing up as the Queen of England.  I guess she still rules New Zealand.  Yes, pictures will follow.

My dog has the best sighs.

Why does Kara call Ellen and Randy, "the guys?" 

I keep thinking I want to wax my arms.  I love the smooth waxed feeling.  I could easily become addicted to waxing.

I'm almost out of bubble bath.  This never happens.  I always have some back ups.  See?  I'm unorganized.  That's a perfect example.

Hump Day tomorrow folks.  Let's make it Hump-A-Riffic!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Night With Rockett Dog

My dog loves her babies.  However, she tends to be a bit of an "anti-squeak" type of dog. Her first task with any new baby is to rid them of the squeak.  Meet her newest baby--Rainbow Bone.

Her single purpose in life is to rid the world of squeaks.

Nothing will deter her from her task.

She has other babies who have survived the Squeak Kill. From L to R, we have:

Pig Horse, Pink Possum and Suspicious Chicken

She has a toy box in our bedroom.  It reminds me of the "Land of Misfit Toys" from Rudolph.

All Squeak Toys are elsewhere.

Bonus Picture:  Bailey on the side of the couch while I type:

Friday, May 14, 2010

Sign Me Up

There are so many signs in New York.  But, the signs are so cool.  I love the signs in Times Square.  They are tall, bright animated and fun.  (Steven is still having visions of the M&M's from their big jumbo tron!)  Personally, I love all the Broadway signs.

This one ---------> was just outside our hotel.  I've never seen Phantom, but I did love when David Cook sang, "Music of the Night" on American Idol.  NOTE:  David Cook is my all time favorite Idol. 

I would have been happy with just these Broadway signs.  That part of NYC is a dream come true.

And the Subway signs are just as cool. 

Although, to be honest, I spent the whole trip being confused about North/South, Uptown/Downtown.  I'm normally very good with directions.  But, something happened to me up there, I was flat out cornswaggled.  (whatever that is!)

Then there's just some miscellaneous ones that I loved.

And finally, the one that really ticked me off....  :-)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Kiss My @#$$$.

Happy Weekend Friends!