Sunday, June 30, 2013


My husband has fallen in love with another.

And she's only 40.

How can I compete?  She has a lovely shape, aroma and a really catchy name.

She fits nicely in his hand and goes well with hot dogs.
She runs about $2.09 and can be picked up at the gas station.

She quenches his thirst and makes him burp.

Me?  I'm almost 50 and a lot more high maintenance.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Q&A- TV and God Edition

Dear Mark,
Why do you think I enjoy Facebook so much on a Friday night?
The Ju

Dear Ju,
Because you are lazy as hell.


Dear Ree,
Why do I enjoy your blog so much more than your show?
Confused in Carolina

Dear CIC,
My personality and humor don't translate well on TV. 
And there's not enough of Marlboro Man's chaps.


Dear God,
Why must women go through Menopause and all sorts of hormonal distress?
Roller Coaster Mama

Dear Mama,
Pretty funny on my part, eh?


Dear Guy Fieri,
Just how do you get your hair to look like that?  And why the pinky ring?
Grossed out in Goose Creek

Hey Creek!
Back off the hair.  I am a super stud who can cook better than anyone on the planet. 
And don't you worry about my ring. 


Dear Meredith Grey,
Does the Chief live?
On the edge of my recliner with wonder

I will find out for you after I look for my new baby who I thought had died, but didn't really even though they made all the viewers think he would die. 

Dear God,
What's with making our boobs sag as we get older?
NOT Boobalicious anymore

My dearest NOT,
It makes for great cartoons.


Dear Giada,
Why is your head so darn big?
J to the M

Oh J,
Why you gotta be so jealous?  Haters gonna hate.


Dear Bobby,
Where did you learn all that crap you know?  You always come up with some weird fact when solving those murders.
Awed in the Creek

Dear Awed,
I am a genius.  Even though I was mentored by that really weird dude and fell for Nicole Wallace, I'm still a genius.  Even though I'm too dumb to figure out that I'm in love with Eams.


Dear Jesse Pinkman,
I am your number one fan.  But, honestly, you've got to start figuring out that Mr. White does NOT have your back.
Your #1 Bitch

Hey Bitch,
I'll keep an eye on that Bitch.  Thanks for the warning, but I'm too loyal of a bitch to realize anything is amiss.


Dear God,
Will my brother's team ever make it to the College World Series?
Praying for a miracle

Oh my dear little Prayer,
Have faith.  Sometimes the good guy does finish first.


Dear  God,
One more question - just how did you figure out to make wine so tasty?
Pinot Noir Fan

Hey Fan,
I consider that one of my better accomplishments; right up there with cream cheese and Robert Redford.


Dear Ted Allen,
Which Chopped judge is the biggest pain in the rear?
Nosey Ju

Dear Nose:
Without a doubt, Geoffrey Zakarian.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Upppppppp and Dowwwwwwnnnnnnnn

Welcome to the roller coaster of my emotions.

Yesterday was a real DOWN.  I was at the bottom of the hill.  In case you have any doubt, check my post from yesterday.  Debbie Downer.

Today, I'm on top of the world.  I got to see my Wednesday buddy and he correctly gave me my unsweet tea.
I ate lunch, out of the office, with one of my all time favorite people.
For lunch, I threw convention to the wind and ate eggs benedict with potato pancakes.  Um, hello lover!
The Supreme Court got it right.
I face timed with my kid.
There was no oppressive "feel" at the office.
I wore a really comfy dress today.  And the lady at Whole Foods complimented the dress.

I didn't once feel like screaming, crying or stomping my feet.  I didn't want to rip any one's throat out of their body.  I didn't want to pummel anyone, run for the hills, or give up on humanity.

I am at the top of the coaster.  I am smelling the fresh air at the top.

But oh, you know what this means.  Very soon, very very soon, I'm going to be whooshing back down that hill back to the bottom.

Oh Hormones.  You are going to be the death of me.  Between these moods, the crazy dreams and the very sweaty nights, it ain't a pretty sight.

Menopause, anyone?

Now, if my uterus will just catch up with the rest of the symptoms.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Negative Nelly


being nice
being supportive
being funny
being patient
playing Candy Crush
doing anything but complaining

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bill is Fifty. I am not.

It happens to the best of us.  It happens to the worst of us.

My boss turned 50 this past weekend.  I still have four more months of my forties.

Being the immature brats dedicated employees that we are, we threw him a little celebration yesterday.  Actually, we went pretty easy on him. There was no sign of diapers, walkers or canes.  I played it safe, as I don't want any paybacks on my day.  

Bill has been on a super duper health kick for years; he watches what he eats, exercises regularly and has even cut out most alcohol from his life.  (for shame!)  As you all know, ad nauseum, I've been trying to life a healthier lifestyle as well.  But, when someone turns 50, you just have to say what the heck, and enjoy the delicious, albeit very unhealthy snacks for snack day.

 I devoured the egg salad.  I inhaled the popcorn chicken.  And Bill did the same.  Well, maybe not the egg salad, but he joined in the carb fest!

 Bill has a slight addiction to Diet Coke, thus the Coke (Diet) Can Cake.  How cute is that?  Luckily, I was smart enough to hire someone who is very crafty and immediately put her in charge of the Party Planning Committee.  I used to do that stuff, and everyone would be quite disappointed.  She is fantastic.  Every birthday, wedding or baby is celebrated in style at our place.

The dum-dum bouquet is my favorite though.  It says, "50 Sucks."  Each individual sucker (yes, there are 50) has a saying or incident that reminded us all of Bill.  We had great fun thinking of these episodes, and once again, Lauren did a masterful job on creating it.  Here's an up close shot:

 Bill is a great guy.  I've worked for him since 1990. This means I knew him when he turned 30, I knew him when he turned 40, and I still know him as he turns 50.  Of course, since we are the same age, this means, he's known me at all those ages and all the ages in between.  I joke that my relationship with him has lasted longer than any of my marriages.

 God willing and the creek don't rise, we'll be celebrating our 60th together. 
Thanks for warming up the 50s for me big guy.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I am so glad this dumbo had her baby.  I'm real tired of looking at pictures of her and her swollen belly and feet.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

I can't sleep

I'm up.  I can't sleep.  Here's a list of some of the things running through my head:

What time is it?
Must remember to put Taylor's check in the bank.
Must transfer money to Taylor's account.
Bon Jour!  Bon Jour!
I need to wrap Laura's present.
Work Money Worries.
"There must be more than this provincial life!"
What's Jake up to?
Why is this cat sleeping on my head?
Do I need to pee?
Why does everyone snore at this time of the morning?  (humans and animals)
Should I just get up?
What time is it now?
I will just count backwards from 300 by 3s.
That doesn't work anymore.
Sarah says think of nothing but black.
I can't do that.
"I'm going to make Belle my wife!"
I wonder if Beauty and the Beast is playing anywhere in the country.
Would it be all kids at the show?
Rockett needs her nails trimmed.
Is it Thursday today?
What are we going to do this weekend?
Should I wear that white dress today?
I really need to invest in a full length mirror.
What time is it?
I hope Taylor gets that job.
Man, that cat is a loud snorer.
How's my streak for the cash?
Should I change my profile picture on Facebook?
I wonder if Sue liked, "Me Before You."
"with her nose stuck in a book."
I will never be able to buy a $1300 watch, nor would I.
Were those boobs fake?
I've GOT to get caught up on Breaking Bad before August 11.
I like VINE.
I'm like a baby anymore, I've got my nights and days mixed up.
That would make a good FB status.
What time is it?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Little Wednesday Friend

I have never worked at a fast food restaurant.  I have eaten at many of them.  I personally think when I started dieting that the local Bojangles went out of business from the fact that I no longer spend huge amounts of money there. 

I digress.

I know that these places don't pay well, and that turnover is probably pretty high.  So, when I run across someone who is polite and efficient, it pleases me to no end.  I mention efficient, because the only thing I really order from these places anymore is unsweet tea.  This goes against all norms of the south, as 99.9% of patrons would order and drink sweet tea.  You can't imagine the number of times I've taken a sip only to be assaulted with all that sugary ick.  So, I greatly appreciate it when someone gets it right.

Well, there's a fine young fella in Columbia, South Carolina, who gets it right each and every Wednesday.  I commute to our Columbia office each Wednesday, and when I get off the interstate, I stop at Sonic and order up that unsweet tea to last me the day.  My friend gets it right every Wednesday.  He serves me with a smile and hands me that drink and tells me to have a good day.  And he has the biggest and best smile ever.

My drink total is $1.08, and I always give him $2.00; keep the change.   I'm sure he wonders why in the heck I do this.  (he doesn't complain, mind you, but I'm sure he wonders)  I think if I told him how much I appreciate him doing his job well that he might think I was a nutjob, so I figured it's just better to let that .92 do the talking for me.

Thanks my little Sonic Friend, for being one of the nicest parts of my week. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hi Everyone!

Or anyone. 

Well, I've made it through the week.  As of tomorrow, Taylor will have been gone for a week.  She is surviving, still trying to find her way in that big city on the West Coast.  I'm still trying to keep busy so I don't think too much about her being in that big city on the West Coast.

Tierra, India, JuJu and JaQuan

We celebrated Steven's 45th birthday this week.  
I went to the doctor for the 583rd time this year.  (not really, but if feels like it!)
I read another Jojo Moyes book.

We went to my boss's son's wedding yesterday.  
Sir snapped photos there.
I ate guacamole and/or avocados Friday, Saturday and Sunday of this weekend.

I balanced the checkbook and went to the grocery store.
I took a shower at 6 am this morning, then went back to sleep.
I had crazy dreams and made myself wake up because they were so crazy.

We watched the NC/SC Super Regional Baseball games.
I talked to Taylor a few times and giggled when she told me how cool she thought the Haight Ashbury area was.
I scratched a bug bite on my toe at 4 am three nights running.

I played some Candy Crush, chatted on Facebook and read a few blogs.
I'm trying like the dickens to keep my mind busy.
And now I'm going to start cooking my first ever roasted chicken.  

Happy Sunday and hope you're not missing anyone today!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

I'll Never Be A Super Model






especially IN PHOTOGRAPHS?

I couldn't smile normally or pose in a regular position if my life depended on it.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Clang Clang Clang Went the Trolley

Well, I don't know if the trolley has yet clanged (is clanged a word?) but Taylor and Kathleen made it safely to California today.  They actually left our little town of Goose Creek yesterday, spent the night in Columbia, and Uncle Larry dropped them off at the airport in Charlotte EARLY this morning. 

And just like that, she's on the other side of the country.  For ten weeks. 

I must admit, I'm so envious of her - she gets to spend the summer in a totally new place with no responsibilities, and no commitments other than if/when she finds a part time job.  She gets to people watch in a brand new city and immerse herself into one of the most exciting cities in the world.  I never did anything like that.  I went from living with my parents to living with my first husband, to second husband, to final husband. 

It was hard for her to leave - she likes being at home and hanging with her dad, Sir/I and our friends.  I'm so proud of her for taking this opportunity.  Believe me, I had to keep from grabbing her and tucking her back into my nest and never letting her go.  I kept hearing, "Wide Open Spaces" running through my head all day yesterday.  Sigh.  I miss her like crazy already.  I sure hope she gets to ride that trolley.

Who doesn't know what I'm talking about 
 Who's never left home, who's never struck out 
 To find a dream and a life of their own 
 A place in the clouds, a foundation of stone
Many precede and many will follow 

 A young girl's dream no longer hollow 
 It takes the shape of a place out west
But what it holds for her, she hasn't guessed yet
She needs wide open spaces 

 Room to make her big mistakes
She needs new faces
She knows the high stakes


Here's something that makes me feel like vomiting:

No way in this world, should these two ever sing a song together.  Oh Mick, why?  WHY??