Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy 2011

I thought I'd take a break from my really cool cocktail party and my cool friends (especially the dude with the turtleneck)  to wish everyone a Happy New Year.  I hope we all have a wonderful 2011.  Let's hope it is filled with blogs, cream cheese and all sorts of laughter!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Monday, December 27, 2010

Polka Dot Hat

Yeah, sometimes the simplest things are the best.

Like a new baby and a new hat.
Meet Anslee and the polka dot hats.

 This weekend was the first time some of us met Anslee.  Her mom and dad and big bro currently live in Oklahoma.  But, they're home for the holidays.  So, we all got acquainted.
Here's Larry rocking the polka dot turban.

 It took us a few shots to get Taylor and Anslee together.  Taylor's not a big fan of baby spit-up.

 Mary was enjoying holding a little girl baby.  Her boy baby is getting so BIG!

 Oh, poor Anslee.  The big scary man is holding her.

 Daddy's girl?  I think so. 

 I'm thinking Anslee is tired of this game, and is REAL glad to get back to her mama.

 Well, you knew I had to get MY baby into the mix, right?

And then there's this......

Probably should have left the hat on that head.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Merry Christmas, and to all, Peace on Earth.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Randoms

Written while listening to the soundtrack of  "A Charlie Brown Christmas."

*We're having crab legs for dinner Christmas night.  I hope Jesus approves.

*I like having a bit of alone time near Christmas.  It helps me reflect on the important things.

*I saw a lot of clips of soldiers returning home in time for Christmas.  I hope this is their best Christmas ever.

*It feels great to find just the perfect gift for someone.

*It feels pretty darn good to get that perfect gift.  I'm not gonna lie.

*Only 6 days until the mountains.

*A shampoo bowl can serve multiple purposes.

*One of my cats is trying to open my packages.  By sitting on them.

*Another cat is looking out the window all the time.  For Santa?

*I don't bake. 

*Different is good.

*I always feel sad when Rudolph's dad puts that mud on his nose.

*Christmas Lights need to stay up year 'round.

*I like where "I'm at."

*I have really enjoyed Christmas cards this year.  And, I find myself oddly disappointed when there's no picture included. 

*I hope I'm on Santa's nice list.

*Time to go find a schmaltzy movie.  Happy Christmas Eve Friends!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Few Whack Jobs (for Mel)

It's that time again!  Let's take a trip back in time and see how our ancestors celebrated Christmas.  Off we go to the land of vintage Christmas cards, and all the excitement that accompanies that journey!   I must say, there's a bit of a creepy factor in this crop of cards!!

Personally, this one reminds me a bit of Wheel of Fortune.  "I'll buy a Virgin Mary for $500 Pat." 
And, I wonder which one of those saintly women is "Bankrupt?"

 Let's see, Uncle Sam and Santa.  That's just not a duo I see hanging together.  When I see Uncle Sam I think taxes and the military.  I don't want him anywhere near my Santa Claus and Christmas presents.  Back off you big tall bearded man!!  (Sam, not Santa!)

 "Okay Everybody!  Get together, get together now.  Scoot together!  Smile!! Watch out for the gigantic holly!  Johnny, look at Scooter.  He's taking the picture for us.  Johnny!  Johnny!!  LOOK AT SCOOTER!!  Oh, for God's sake Scooter.  Take the damn picture!"

 Look at the cute little girl and her kitty cat.  Look at the cute little girl's face.  Me thinks the cute little girl has hit the spiked eggnog and fell over. Kitty Cat is bored with the drunk little girl.  Kitty Cat is thinking about clawing out Little Girl's eyeballs.

 Oh, this just warms the cockles of my heart.  Ronnie Reagan with a cig in his mouth wishing us all a merry Christmas.  So nice to know this man led our country for eight years.

 This is  like Rudolph gone BAD.  The bear looking thing is the Abominable, and his "victim" is Yukon 
Cornelius.  Now honestly, would you send this to your friends and loved ones?  Merry Christmas!  Here's a prelude to a mauling!

 And finally, there's this.  I don't even know where to start.  Red Horns?  The broom looking thing?  That really ugly kid?  I see the Exorcist.

Here's hoping none of our Christmases are this frightening! 

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Random Sights the Sunday Prior to Christmas

Steven and I went to the grocery store today.  Not just any grocery store.  We went to the special store.  We went to the store with all the good meat, produce and fun.  To prove to you just how wonderful it is, my favorite (and only) toilet paper was $6.00 off!!  (Remember, we buy the 48 pack, or whatever it is.)

On the way to the out of the way special store, we passed many interesting places.  Okay, not really, but if I tell you they are boring, are you really going to keep reading?

This is a church we pass by every day.  Normally, they have a living nativity scene, but I'm guessing it's been too cold to consider that.  I like seeing full churches on Sunday mornings.

While Steven stopped at Wendy's to get a plain cheeseburger, lettuce only, I looked across the street and saw this building:

Before it was the Title Loan shop, this little corner building was a classy little redneck bar called, "Lou's."  This is the building where Steven and I met, started arguing about baseball, and haven't quit since.  We even spent Christmas Eve there one year.  I'm happy to report that we haven't had the need to be in there since it changed.

Back in the car and on the way, we ventured by this little place:

That is 608 Waterwood Drive.  We lived there for a short time, but it was a special time.  I don't think we ever had the TV playing.  (one exception - English football!)  We talked a lot, and listened to a lot of music.  I got in trouble from the downstairs neighbor for walking too heavily.  (I walk like an elephant)  We saw snow here when we lived there.

And, then we got to the store.  I couldn't concentrate much after that.  Everything is so pretty. 

I wanted to kiss the butcher.  I bought some gorgeous tenderloins and some crab legs from him.  I wanted to buy more, but I don't know how to cook half that stuff. 

And, then we come upon this:

That's the English section of the pretty store.  They have beans, sauces, drinks, veggies, TREACLE, HP sauce, candy bars, cookies, etc.  Steven likes to stand in front of this section and ooh and aaah.  Then I call him, "Govna" and make his fantasy complete.

These things are gross.  Just saying.

But these below are right tasty.  And, the name is pretty fun.  Try saying it with a posh English accent!

Thanks you special grocery store.  We BOTH love you.

Friday, December 17, 2010

13 Days

In 13 days, we'll be here.  And, I can't wait.  It's my favorite place in the whole world.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tis the Season

I'm feeling a little bit disappointed today.   I'm feeling disappointed in the lack of humanity I am seeing.

A friend of mine organizes food drives every year.  This year, on top of the food drive, she's encouraging others to give socks and gloves.  It has been very cold in the south this fall, and the winter looks to be more of the same.  People who are less fortunate would surely appreciate anything to keep them warm, right?

I put up a flyer at work.  I sent an email asking folks to bring in canned goods, socks, or gloves.  This was last week.  To date, nothing has been donated.

I totally understand that times are tough, and that all of us are feeling a pinch this year, and especially at this time of year.  But, I'm pretty certain we can all manage to give a few cans of food, or pick up some socks from the store. 

But, more than the cost, I think it's a case of people being busy, stressed, and preoccupied.  We are all so crazy trying to get things done, that we're forgetting that, among many things, this is a season of giving.  I have so many blessings in my life, as do most of the people I know.  Surely we have time enough to shop for a few things for those less fortunate.

As I said before, it's very cold in South Carolina right now.  As I was leaving work today, I noticed a woman walking down the street.   I sat in my heated car listening to my satellite radio.  She was walking quickly, bundled up from head to toe, and looked oh so cold.  We have many homeless people sleeping in our bushes near the office, and  roaming the streets that surround it.

I'm certainly not trying to be a do-gooder, a preacher, or holier than thou.  But, in this season where we are giving to our family and friends, let's all go the extra step and give to a stranger.  I bet it will be the most appreciated gift this year.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

best christmas song ever

Seriously.  When sung properly, there is no equal.

I like this one because it's a bunch of kids singing it, and the first soloist has a lovely voice.

Hats Off to You!

We had our annual Christmas party for the office last night.  It's nice for us to get together and let our hair down a bit.  You know, because we're so serious all the time.

Let me introduce you to Annette.  She's the one with the hat.  She is my friend and coworker, a classic Southern lady and is flat out NUTS. (She reads this blog, so this is nothing I wouldn't tell her to her face.)   Well, last night, the party began when she walked through the door.  (like normal)  You see, Annette wore this gorgeous hat, and brought others to share.   By the way, Annette is with Tracy, our little coworker who is pregnant with twins!!

 Annette and Mary showing off dem hats.

 After a very short while, I noticed everyone began flocking to the hats.  (translation:  when the inhibitions fell away, everyone wanted to wear one)

 Not only did everyone want to wear a hat, but they wanted to be pictured NEAR the hats.

 And we all began our Top Model Posing.

 I'm seriously amazed how good everyone looks in hats.

 This hat made a repeat appearance from last year's party.  It has also attended hat day at work, and many a funeral.

 But, I do think this little red number was this year's fave.

There's always ONE who looks sad in a hat.  I do love a hat, but they don't love my big head.

 Now, Steven is one who can wear any type of hat.  And he does.

Thanks for bringing the fun TBONE.  Bwaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaa!