Sunday, February 28, 2010

Baseball, Traditions and Bo Jackson

Oh, we had a great time in Auburn, Alabama! Tim's team went 2-1 for the weekend, and the young, and I do mean YOUNG, kids looked sharp and confident.  We enjoyed our dinners with brother, and took a quick peek around Auburn.  (it didn't take long, as it's a smalllllll town!)  The people were super friendly, and the campus was very pretty.

I love baseball tradition.  I love these socks the Tigers wore this weekend.

It's hard for Steven to sit still for a game, but I love sitting there watching the game unfold, inning by inning.  I love watching the team take the field, hopping over the chalk line in some superstitious ritual.  I love how pretty the green field looks.   I love listening to the fans, who are mostly parents of the players.  I love it when their sons do well.  And, my heart breaks for them when they struggle.

I love the fact that we were 'THERE' to see Bo Jackson, Gregg Olson, Tim Hudson and Frank Thomas inducted into the Auburn Wall of Fame.  Bo Jackson's speech was sweet and sincere; just like him.  I know you can't see him in this picture, but trust me, he was there.

I didn't love that it was so darn frigging cold in the shade.  And, we had the shade for most of the game on Saturday.  Here's proof in the pudding for you:

Brrrrrrrrrrr.  Even Steven was cold.  Thanks for driving me there Dear, and supporting the family business. 

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Play Ball!

College baseball started up last weekend.  That means we're following games on the internet via Gamecast and hoping for a Missouri Tigers win.  We're listening on line and enjoying the play by play and the clink of the ball hitting the bat. 

It also means we're going to road trip to the nearest possible location to watch them play live.  For those of you who don't know, my brother is the head coach at the University of Missouri; he's in his 16th season there.  We were born and raised in a sporting family, and Tim carries on the tradition for us.

Each year, the Tigers have to play away from home for two or three weeks, until the snow thaws in the midwest.  In years past, we've watched them play in Florida a few times, and a couple times in South Carolina.  The beginning of the season is so exciting; there's so much possibility!  I love all of the season, but the start just seems extra good.

This weekend, we are heading to Auburn, Alabama.  (prepare for a blog post and pictures!)  I can't wait to see my brother, see his team, and cheer on the Tigers for the weekend.  The Missouri Tigers.  (not the Auburn Tigers!) 

And, the start of baseball means spring is right around the corner, right?  We're almost there!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My All Time Favorite Movie Speeches

I am moved to put these two speeches on my blog tonight.  I know they're long, but they're calling out to me tonight.  These are from, "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner."  (1967)  Both reduce me to tears just thinking about them.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Beah Richards to Spencer Tracy:
What happens to men when they grow oId?  Why do they forget everything?  I beLleve...those two young peopIe need each other...Llke they need the air to breathe in.  Anybody can see that by just Iooking at them. 

But you and my husband are--You might as weLL be bLlnd men.  You can onIy see that they have a probIem.  But do you reaLLy know what's happened to them?  How they feeI about each other? 

I beLleve...that men grow old.  And when the--When sexuaI things no Ionger matter to them, they forget it aLL.  Forget what true passion is. 

If you ever feIt what my son...feels for your daughter, you've forgotten everything about it.  My husband too. 

You knew once...but that was a Iong time ago.  Now the two of you don't know.  And the strange thing...
for your wife and that you don't even remember.

lf you couId you do what you are doing?

And, then followed by Spencer Tracy's wonderful moving oration:

And Mrs. Prentice says...that Llke her husband, I'm a burnt-out oId sheIl of a man... who cannot even remember what it's Iove a woman...the way her son loves my daughter. 

And strange as it seems...that's the first statement made to me aIl day...with which l am prepared to take issue. 

Because l think you're wrong.  You're as wrong as you can be.  I admit that I hadn't considered it,
hadn't even thought about it...but I know exactIy how he feels about her.  And there is nothing, absoIuteIy nothing...that your son feeIs for my daughter...that I didn't feeI for Christina.

Old? Yes.  Burnt out? Certainly.  But l can teLL you the memories are stllI there--cIear, intact, indestructibIe.  And they'LL be there if l Llve to be .

Where John made his mistake, I think...was attaching so much importance to what her mother and I might think.  Because in the final anaIysis, it doesn't matter a damn what we think.  The onIy thing that matters is what they feeI...and how much they feeI...for each other.

And if it's haIf...of what we feIt...that's everything. 

As for you two and the probIems you're going to have...they seem aImost unimaginabIe.  But you'LL have no probIem with me.  And I think...hat when Christina and I and your mother...have some time to work on'Il have no problem with your father.

But you do know--I'm sure you know--what you're up against.  There'LL be a hundred mlllion peopIe right here in this country...who'LL be shocked and offended...and appalIed at the two of you.  And the two of  you wllI just have to ride that out.  Maybe every day for the rest of your Llves. 

You can try to ignore those peopIe...or you can feeI sorry for them and for their prejudices...and their bigotry and their bLlnd hatreds and stupid fears.

But where'LL just have to cLlng tight to each other...and say screw aLL those peopIe!
Anybody couId make a heLL of a good case against your getting married.  The arguments are so obvious
that nobody has to make them.  But you're two wonderfuI peopIe... who happened to faLL in Iove...
and happen to have a pigmentation probIem.

And l think that matter what kind of a case some bastard couId make...against your getting married...there wouId be onIy one thing worse.  And that wouId be if...knowing what you two are...
knowing what you two have...and knowing what you two didn't get married.

WelI, TllLle, when the heLL are we gonna get some dinner?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

When Life is Really Really Good

When Life is Really Really Good:

The days you get to eat cake with no hands and no one cares that you have frosting and food all over your body.  In fact, it's regarded as "cute."

When everyone celebratres your life from day one to day three hundred sixty-five.

And when we just take a step back and truly appreciate the good things in our life; like a one year old boy named Griffin.

(photo credit for picture number three to his daddy)

And, now year two begins.  Enjoy it Mary and Larry.  Thanks for involving Aunt JuJu, Uncle Bro and Taylor on the ride. 

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy Saturday

Yes, it's a happy day.  Today is little Griffin's first birthday, and in his honor, I will put plenty of pictures of him in this post.

Yes, most people would put cute pictures of him on here with his first bottle, bath, or even steps.  I am putting up pictures of him when he was in his mommy's tummy.  First off, it gives me a chance to post some pictures from our 2008 St. Croix trip, and second, his mommy's tummy rocks.  Happy Birthday Griffin, we love you!!

Yes, we went to a movie last night.  At a theatre.  On opening night.  It wasn't a matinee.  All that right there never happens in our world.  (exception:  we see all Harry Potter movies the day they premiere)  I remember now why we don't go to movies on opening night on a Friday night.  We went to see Shutter Island.  There was one really "funny guy" who had to shout out or make noises during the flick.  Dude, you ruined my movie experience.  Thanks.

Yes, I really enjoyed the men's figure skating final Thursday night.  I won't even attempt to spell everyone's name, but so happy for the American guy who won it.  You could see he felt so good about his performance.  And, so disappointed in the sour grapes that the Russian guy showed.  Tsk Tsk Mr. Russian Mullet Man.

Yes, the sun is shining today, and rumor has it the temperature is getting up into the 60's today.  I think we all need it. 

Yes, it's college baseball season time again.  My brother's team, the Missouri Tigers, lost in their opener 10-6.  It's going to be an interesting year, they have 20 new kids playing this year.  We are traveling to Auburn next weekend to see them play.

Yes, I'm still watching way too many Grey's Anatomy re-runs.  I've got a problem.

Yes, Taylor has a job interview on Tuesday.  FINGERS CROSSED.

Yes, I pulled the country, "Holland" for the World Cup Party. This means I get to dress up to represent the country.  Our friends are having a party on the day of the England v. USA game.  I know it's not until June 12, but I'm on the hunt for some wooden shoes.  Anyone?

Happy Saturday my blogging friends.  I hope your day is a great one!  xxx

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday Wonder

Remember this little fella? 

Well, I'm so pleased (and proud) to report that he's been accepted into William & Mary's Law School.  They've offered him reduced tuition, some scholarship money and a fellowship.  He's worked very hard, and deserves all of it. 

I imagine a few more acceptances are on the way, but wanted to enjoy the wonder of it all tonight. 

Way to go Jake!

Monday, February 15, 2010

We Are All Children at Heart

Folks, it just doesn't snow that often in Charleston, South Carolina.  I've lived here twenty years, and I've probably seen snow here two times?  So, when the forecast called for snow, and we were headed out of town, I was crushed!  I was going to miss the great snowfall of '10.  (believe me, that is what they will call it for years to come, and by the way, our little town of Goose Creek had six inches of snow!!)

We spent the long President's Day weekend at Lake Lure, North Carolina with two other couples.  Just before we got to the cabin, big old flakes started falling from the sky.  They continued as we shopped for last minute food items.  It stuck to the grass, pavement, and cabin deck as we unloaded our crap.  It started to accumulate as we Happy Houred and ate dinner.

And then it came time to play. 

Most houses in southern North Carolina don't have sleds or anything remotely resembling a sled.  But, have no fear.  We are a resourceful bunch.  (you might have to look a couple times to see Steven's sledding device...)

My mantra has always been, "where there's a will, there's a way..." 
(cookie sheets are so versatile!)

We all need a little push from a friend at times.

And the snow just kept falling. 

See?  We took pictures of it all night.  It just won't happen to any of us that often.

Everything just looks so darn pretty.

Well, except for THIS horrible thing below.  Yikes.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Totally Borrowed (Stolen?) From Angie

I'm in the midst of preparing for our trip to the mountains this weekend, but was hankering to blog a bit.  Of course, I don't have an original thought in my head tonight, so I stole from my blogging buddy, Angie.  Enjoy, and I"ll be back on Tuesday with some originality.  (I hope!)

Name someone with the same birthday as you.

The good?  Brett Favre and Helen Hayes.
The bad?  David Lee Roth.  BLECH.

Where was your first kiss?

Oh, that was 7th grade.  I was at the movies with a bunch of kids, and my boyfriend (?) at the time was David Blackburn.  He was about 6'4 in the 7th grade.  Anyway, I remember strategically applying my Bonne Bell Wild Raspberry Lip Smacker just prior to the very awkward kiss.

Have you ever seriously vandalized someone else’s property?

Nah.  I've spent my entire life being afraid of getting in trouble.

Have you ever sung in front of a large number of people?

Yes Yes Yes.  I've sung the National Anthem on many occasions.  The largest crowd was the Cincinnati Bengals v. Arizona Cardinals game; 55,000 people.  It was AWESOME!  The thought of doing that now scares the poooooop out of me.

What do you order at Starbucks?

Psssssssst.  I don't drink coffee!!  But, if I do get something from there, it's a Pumpkin Latte.

Say something totally random about yourself.

I feel very close to the people I've met through my blog.

Has anyone ever said you looked like a celebrity?

Oh, I hate this one.  People have told me I look like Vicki Lawrence.  I sure hope they don't mean when she's dressed up like "Mama."

Do you still watch kiddie movies or TV shows?

Yes, I probably always will.  I enjoy watching anything with Taylor.  (oh, except that HORRIBLE, "Suite Life of Zach and Cody.")

Did you have braces?

Heck no.  I always pretended I did, by pulling apart a paper clip and sticking it in my mouth.

Are you comfortable with your height?

Yeah, I've been a shorty all my life.  I'd like to try being taller, but since that won't happen, I'm content with my midget-ism.  (I hope that doesn't offend someone)

Do you speak any other languages?

Heck no. 

Have you ever been to a tanning salon?

Oh yes.  I used to go all the time.  I found it so very relaxing.  And, I loved how tan fat looked better than pale fat.

What magazines do you read?

I read on line mostly; but I love things like People, Good Housekeeping, Redbook, Marie Claire.  For many years, I had a subscription to Sports Illustrated.

Has anyone you were really close to passed away?

Oh yes.  I have way too many answers to this question.  (Mom, Dad, Grands, Friends)

Do you watch MTV?

Not for a long long long time. 

What’s something that really annoys you?

Prejudice, bigotry, ignorance.

What’s something you really like?

Grey's Anatomy, Law and Order, chips & salsa, cream cheese, my doggy, crossword puzzles, getting lost in a good book, giggles, smiles on my kid's faces, Steven's smile, my bed.

Do you like Michael Jackson?

I do.  I feel like we grew up together.  His music makes me sing, dance, and just feel alive. 


Beware of little boys in boats with hearts!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Jake is 23 today.

I was 23 when I had Jake.  That was 23 years ago today. 

I was a baby when I had my baby.

I had no idea what I was doing.

This little fella taught me the meaning of unconditional love. 

I'll never be able to explain the feeling in my gut about this wonderful boy.

He taught me how to be a mom.

I know it's Jake's birthday, but I'm the one who received the greatest gift.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hello Sun!

I think it's been raining here for a few years now.  Yes, I exaggerate, but it's been grey and overcast for a very long time.  It had started to affect my mood.  I didn't feel spunky or sassy.  (Of course, two weeks of some weird virus didn't help either.)

But, today, the sun is shining.  Today, it seems like anything might just be possible.  Today, is the Super Bowl, and the accompanying Super Bowl Party.  Today, I'm guessing all food is going to taste just a bit better.  Today, I'm filled with sass and spunk.

Mr. Sun, please stick around for awhile.  I like your presence.

Friday, February 5, 2010

On the Way to Work

Most days, I take the same route to work.  I drive past the same restaurant, houses and businesses.  I see the same thing five days a week.  Routine.  Boring.

A couple years ago, I drove by a house and a man would be sitting in his wheelchair on his porch.  I nicknamed him Wheelie.  (original, I know)  I would look at him every day, Monday through Friday.  Finally, one day, I got it in my head to wave to him.  The first time, I got nothing.  The next day, I waved, and he waved back.  I was thrilled!  This was a bit of change up to my routine.  For about a week, I would wave at Wheelie, and he would return my wave.  A new routine had begun.

Steven and I drive together to work, and he got the idea to honk at Wheelie.  He meant the honk in a friendly way, but I"m not sure Wheelie took it that way.  He didn't wave at me after the honk.  And, he no longer sits on his front step.  I don't know if he moved, has died, or is just avoiding me, but I miss him.

We drive by many things on our way to work, one of which is the duck pond.  This morning, we spiced up our routine by stopping at the duck pond and giving some of our lovely stale bread products to the ducks.  It was only a five minute detour, but oh, it felt so good.  The ducks were honking, and loving the bread.  The only snafu was the obnoxious seagulls who tried to snag some of the bread.

And, when we left the duck pond we drove by the elementary school near our office.  Every morning, the principal waits for the buses.  I see him every morning.  He patiently awaits the kids, and hustles them off to their classes.  Well, yesterday, I started waving to him.  Right now, he's still in that "surprise" wave mode.  I think he's surprised that someone is waving to him.  I'm not sure he has recognized me or my car yet, but it makes me feel good, nonetheless.  I'm hoping he'll start knowing my car, and will become my morning friend.  I'm just hoping for the happy wave.  It's just a wee little change to my morning routine (and his?) but it makes me feel happy and smiley.

And, that's a nice addition to any kind of routine!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sweet Tooth Wednesday

I am a dyed in the wool salt-a-holic.  I love salty snacks and foods.  I love potato chips, fritos, corn chips, salsa, SALT itself, triscuits, wheat thins, dips, salami, pepperoni, salt and pepper, pretzels, and so forth.  If I could get away with having a salt lick in my house, I would.

So, how come I'm sitting here on a Wednesday night in the middle of my "lifestyle change" (DIET) and all I can think about are sweet things? 

I'm wanting to dive into a box of Ding Dongs.

I want to swim in the cream of the Twinkie.

I want to shove a Little Debbie cupcake in my mouth and savor the taste of imitation chocolate and super sweet white filling.

I need a Fudge Round.

Who am I and where did Salty Sue run off to?  SOS!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Steven's Pix

Steven is doing a project of a picture a day for 365 days.  I'm quite proud of the month of January.  I thought you might enjoy it HERE.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Stream of Consciousness

In an attempt to find something creative on which to blog, I'm going to just let all sorts of thoughts tumble out of my head.  There will be no rhyme or reason, and the photos included have nothing to do with anything.  I'm hoping it will be a jumpstart for my creativity! 

Cat's in the Cradle.
Cradle Cap.
Cap'n Crunch.
Nestle's Crunch.
Crunchy Tacos.
Taco Salad.
Caesar Salad.
Chicken Salad.
Tuna Salad.
Salad Shaker
Shaker Heights
Afraid of Heights
Heil Hitler
Hitler sucks
Sucker, Lollipop, Tootsie Pop
Pop Goes the Weasel
We sell seashells by the seashore 
Sea horse
Horse of different colors
Color my World
World Peace
Piece of Pie
Pi R Square
Square Peg in a Round Hole
Holy Holy Holy
Holistic Healing
Healing Waters
Water Lily
Lily of the Valley
Valley of the Dolls
House of Pain
Pain in the Neck

Hm.  Not sure where to go from there....

But, I now have a whole list of things on which to write.  Although, I will probably skip that whole Pi R Square one.