Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ode to a Pussycat

Pussycat, Oh, Pussycat!
Why must you keep me awake at night?

Pussycat, Oh, Pussycat!
Why must the Mikki Spa open at 3 AM?
MUST you nibble your toenails while I try to sleep?
Why do you insist on doing this on my pillow as I attempt to slumber?

Lick.  Lick.  Lick.
That constant washing is making me CRAZY.
Just how clean must you make yourself?  

Pussycat, Oh, Pussycat!
What is it about my pillow that is so appealing?  
Is it the fact that you can stick your claws into my head at all hours?
Is it the warmth of my head that delights you so?
Whatever it is, I do wish you could find it elsewhere.
I am becoming delirious from the mid-morning wake-ups.

Paw.  Paw.  Paw.
Your paw in my face, in my armpit, on my neck.
I walk around constantly looking as if I've been attacked by the hickey monster in the middle of the night.  
People will start to talk.

Pussycat, Oh Pussycat!
Why don't you move over to Sir's pillow?



Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Poopy Day

wow, I don't like days like these.

if I were being graded, I think I would have received an F. flunked.


I don't think I solved one problem today and barely did anything constructive.

everyone around me had issues

my job is to solve those issues

today I couldn't do it

today, it feels like i take one step up and two steps back

and end up in the same place with the same problems, but magnified

hate these kinds of days

I'm just sitting there looking at my monitor and doing nothing

burn out?


a little of both maybe?

so glad I am sitting on my chair with this chilled out cat

tomorrow will be better. 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Unsolved Mysteries

Remember that show from the 80s?  One of my favorite parts was when they actually solved the mystery.  You'd always here, "UPDATE!" and then some dramatic music followed by the solution to the mystery.  I do like a neat tidy ending. 

Well, ladies and germs...

A few years back, I posted this on Christmas Eve.  Since then,I've searched all internet areas I know of, and in the last month, I found him.  On Friday, I heard from him.  It's the greatest gift, especially after a super sad week.  As I head to bed this evening, I leave you with my message from Earl; the first in close to thirty years.

"...Hi Judi. Long time. Sorry about mom and dad. They were very good 2 me. As a coach, parents, friends. I loved them. Still do. They took me in. I will always be grateful to them. They are loved and missed. God bless them. How are you? Hope not to step on any toes,but did u marry the boyfriend that I met? He was nice. I remember movie nights. they were sweet. The meals. Outta this world. Ok Earl. Keep in touch...."

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday Randoms

I spoke to my grandmother today.  She sounded FANTASTIC.  I do believe the new living arrangement is making her feel better and live happier.  She giggled and called me, "dear."  That was the best.


Taylor was in an accident yesterday.  She was driving on the interstate when her car hydroplaned.  She went off the road and knocked out the speed limit sign.  Thank goodness for the speed limit sign, as it kept her from ending up in oncoming traffic.  Her guardian angels were working overtime, as she was uninjured.  Unfortunately, the same can't be said for her car....

I thank my lucky stars that she's okay.


Robin Roberts is back on GMA today.  I am thrilled!  


I attended a very sad funeral, Monday, for a co-worker's daughter.   All the folks from our Columbia office were in attendance.  It warmed my heart that everyone was there to support Elsie.   Hillary was her only child and her world.   My heart breaks for her. 


Has anyone heard about this amazing woman?  Trust me, it's worth your time to watch this video.

Ida is my hero.  As is her daughter.


Have you read, "Me Before You" yet?


Our friend, Matt, is in Chile preparing to run an insane crazy race across the desert.  The race is held in March.  He writes a very interesting blog, and would love your support.  You can find him here.


Do you watch the Academy Awards?  I used to.  I honestly don't know why I don't anymore.


I'm still dieting.  I'm not sure I've ever dieted this long before.  I'm hoping I can continue with the good habits.  But MAN, am I craving some serious junk food.  The other night, I would have killed for a bag of Cheetos.  Note that I said a BAG of Cheetos, not just a handful.


I'm still hoping for that quiet weekend with no plans.  Maybe in March?  Here's hoping folks.  Here's hoping.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Second Annual Tree Burning

Brrrr!  Is it cold where you are?

Last night, we attended a bonfire/tree burning party.  We didn't have an old Christmas tree to burn, but felt the need to take something to throw on the fire.

Cue a bit of history from the English husband.  He grew up with Guy Fawkes celebrations and the burning of effigies.  So, it made perfect sense to him to create a GUY for the Christmas tree burn.

While I napped and watched crap TV, Steven created  his GUY from old clothes, cardboard boxes, wood scraps, staples and anything else that  might be hanging around the house.  

And, what better for a head than an old deflated soccer ball?


Since GUY was wearing Sir's clothes, he ended up being a full size GUY.  He was so big and so rigid that we had to put the seats down in our car for his ride over to the party.

 (wouldn't you freak out if you woke up and saw this guy staring at you?)

The party was good fun, and I think GUY had a good time until his ultimate demise.  We even had a few snowflakes fall on us as we sat around the fire.  

While I thaw out, I thought you might enjoy GUY's moment of glory:

 Steven said he thought it was quite difficult to create a GUY, and totally understood why God rested on day seven.

Friday, February 15, 2013

A Trip to the Doctor

***WARNING***  If any of you who read this are dudes, this might make you a bit squeamish.  You've been warned!!!

How much do we all love going to our obgyn for our annual check up?  I know it excites me to no end.  I anticipate it for weeks beforehand!  (NOT)

Even though I loathe the appointment, I make sure to go yearly, as my mother died from cervical cancer.  I am determined to be proactive in my down there care.  So, I make sure I get myself in on an annual basis.

This year I had a bad result on my pap smear.  So, I went back again.  And I had another bad pap.  So, this week, I was lucky enough to have a colposcopy.  I've had one in the past, so I wasn't concerned.  I know this is what happens as we grow older. 

So, the procedure isn't really the main focus of the story.  It's what I found out DURING the procedure.  As the doctor was trying to get a good view of all things female, she told me she was having problems getting a clear sight of the thing.  She kept trying and finally told me that the reasons she was having problems is because I have such a LONG VAGINA.

I told her that just once, I wish I could have been noticed for my long legs (which I don't have) perky breasts (ha, I'm almost 50) or long golden locks.  (remember, I have a boy cut!)  No, my outstanding body part is my LONG VAGINA.

So, there you have it.

At least there's no graffiti on that thing.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Before you do anything else in your life, I mean, anything, please go buy this book:

Once you purchase the book, pour yourself a glass of wine, make a little cheese plate and sit yourself in a comfy chair.  Because you are going to be there for awhile. Until you finish the book-while.

I started this book (audio version) last week. I have listened to it every time I was in the car.  I listened while in the bathtub, at the duck pond for lunch, in my bed with the soccer game playing in the background.

When I wasn't listening to it, I was thinking about it.  I was looking up reviews on line and reading about it.  I was totally 100% obsessing about it.

It's listed as a romance, but that's not really accurate.  It's something else completely.  Although this little snippet, "partner-ignoring compulsive" is 100% spot on.  Honestly people --- it is one of the best books I've ever read.

Today, I finished the book on my trip to Columbia.  I bawled the entire 90 miles to Columbia.  I want to hug Louisa.  I want to eat dinner at her house.   I still feel it as I sit there typing this.  This is one that will stay with me. 

What are you doing reading this silly blog?  Get thee to a bookstore.  You'll thank me later.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

I've got a problem

Well, I have a few problems, but the most recent one that has come to light....

I'm a product hoarder.

Many thanks to Sir for lining these up for me, from tall to small, to show me my issue.


Not that I plan to correct this behavior.


I mean, after all, a gal has to have big sexy hair.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pet Parade

While in St. Louis, you know we managed to find some time for fun, right?  Well, we had the best time at the Soulard Pet Parade.

The parade is part of the St. Louis Mardi Gras celebration.  It is held in a historic area of St. Louis.  I love this area.  There are bars on every corner,and all the houses are so neat and fun looking.

St. Louis is a town that knows how to have fun. 

I mean, heck, it's a beer town. 

And beer is everywhere.  And Toasted Raviolis are everywhere.  I love a toasted rav.

But the highlight of this day was the pets.  Since most who read this blog are animal lovers, let me share some of the adorable-ness that was the Pet Parade:

How about this one?

Elvis was in the house.

And of course, there were children.

They were pretty good at bead catching!

But the word of the day was cute pups.


And cute babes.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Moving Weekend

(mixed with pix of family and friends)

My grandmother is like the Energizer Bunny, she just keeps on going.

Twenty years ago, she had a stroke that left her with aphasia.  She thinks and conceives just fine, but can't get the words from her brain out of her mouth consistently. In the twenty years since she had this stroke, she's buried her husband, daughter and son-in-law.  She's told us when was the time to move, first, from her house to a retirement apartment, and now, from the apartment to an assisted living facility. 

My brother and sister in law did all the hard work prior to my arrival.  They arranged for the movers and new pieces of furniture that would be needed.  They tended to my grandma while she recovered from pneumonia and then the fall she suffered after being discharged.  Poor Miki looks like she's been in a bar fight.

We moved her teeny tiny clothes and set up her dorm room kitchen.  It actually reminded me of settling your child into a dorm room at college.  Here's hoping Grandma has a few keggers with the nuns on her wing.  How great would that be?

The folks at the facility seem so nice and they all seem to love Grandma.  I mean, how could they not?  She's a 96 year old wonder woman who makes the most out of life. 

I was told a story about her over the weekend.  It seems she was at the funeral for my sister in law's brother in law.  (Follow that?)  She sought out Sharon and told her she has to "keep on plugging."  This personifies her.  She's the one who's survived, who has overcome and continues to be happy and feel blessed.  She keeps on plugging.

She is my inspiration.

I hope you can see the little hat on Rose's head.  Grandma must have had this in her  life for many years, back to the days when women wore hats to mass.  I wish she could tell me why this hat was so special.  All I know is I now have the hat, and I'm going to wear the heck out of it.  Thanks Grandma.

Monday, February 4, 2013


I call this one, "Me, Milcha and My Hair."

I spent the weekend helping get my grandmother settled in her new digs.  More to come on that little adventure, but for now, I will share this with you.

Bless her heart, she fell recently, and is all bruised on her face.  And yet, she just keeps on going and keeps on smiling.  She's the best.