Sunday, July 28, 2013


 Meet Sofia, the Mountain Dog:

 On our recent vacation, this little lambchop adopted us for a week.
I love her short little caddy wampus legs.

 Rose was the first to feed her.  Let's just say she ate very well that week
The poor girl was covered in fleas and ticks and clumps of matted hair.
She had dread locks.
Other than the incessant scratching, I don't think she cared.

 She might be a little thing, but she's a Mountain Dog.
She also became our watch dog and would bark at any woodsy activity.
She accompanied Rose on her walks.
She sat at our feet as we rocked.
She took naps on the deck.

 I don't know if she stuck around when we went on our adventures, but she always showed up upon our return.
We all found ourselves checking after her on a regular basis, and she was always there.
I'm sure it was the meat products we gave her.

 I'm guessing she has owners that lived nearby, but if she were my dog, I would be so sad if she didn't spend the nights snuggling with me.
I'd also make sure she was de-flead, bathed and unticked.
I'd still feed her loads of meat products.

More than anything, I'd make sure she was inside when it rained.
And, maybe we did just that.

I miss little Sofia, but am certainly happy to give all the loving to this little ball of fur.

(thanks to Sir for the pictures of Sofia)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Corey is Kori

Well, it was back to work today.  I totally anticipated a piled high desk and loads of voice mails. I didn't really even dread it, I was ready to tackle it all.

That's what I get for thinking I was prepared.  I had no idea what this day was going to bring for  me.

As I climbed the steps, I heard my name shouted with great enthusiasm.  I figured everyone was just pleased to see me.  But, then Meggan reached out to me with open arms.  Huh?  No one is ever this happy to see me.

And then more folks came and greeted me.  Then they started hemming and hawing.  And apologizing.  And back tracking.

You see my friends, Corey chose last week to go to the big ocean in the sky.  Apparently, last Tuesday morning, he was no longer swimming, but was floating without effort.  He was discovered by Anjeanette's five year old daughter when she came to visit the office.

My dear co workers went into panic mode.  They even saved Corey (?) in the freezer, should I wish to say my final goodbyes.  (no, I didn't)  The word,"fish-cicle" was bantered around.  They looked up on line how to tell an adult their fish died.  They thought about replacing Corey with a similar fish, but knew that even if I didn't detect a difference (I wouldn't have!) the six year old would have sold them out.

So, the first thing they did was this:

 They bought me a sympathy card.

And then, they bought me a new fish.

 She's blue.

She's a She.

So, I will call her Kori.

I have to share the inside of the sympathy card, as it made me giggle.
Who am I kidding, it made me laugh out loud.

There was more written for my little fish than I've seen on cards for humans.
(seriously, click on this and enlarge it - you'll get a chuckle!)

RIP Corey.  

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Vacation By the Numbers

Wineries visited:  4
Bottles of wine purchased:  5
 Wines tasted:  25
Bad filters used in this blog to make me look less icky:  2

Scorpions found in downstairs bathroom:  1
Times I said, "this is delicious!"  :  infinity
Pounds of Provel Cheese I devoured:  1
Times I applied makeup:  ZERO
Distance of the hike:  one blister's worth

 Hours the massive storm knocked out the power:  2
Pounds of bacon eaten:  2
Jets that worked on the hot tub:  zero
Contacted by the office:  2
Books read:  zero

Boiled Peanut stands in Helen, GA:  too many to count
 Bon Fires:  1
Trips to Helen:  5
Cows Slapped:  zero
Scuffle at the trash can:  1

Hump Day Commercial referenced:  too many to count
Use of the word, "Bitches"  :  also too many count
ABC game played:  1
Apples to Apples played:  1
pounds of crash hot potatoes eaten:  3

Days Sofia stayed with us:  7
Hot dogs fed to Sofia:  2
Steak leftovers fed to Sofia:  2
Ticks and fleas on Sofia:  too many to count
Times I seriously considered bringing Sofia home with me:  too many to count

Friday, July 19, 2013

Vacation Hangover

What a glorious week!

I'm a bit overwhelmed with all I have to share, but I have to dive in somewhere!  Let me hit you with some initial pictures of the day we hiked up to the Anna Ruby Falls, just outside of Helen, Georgia.

In case your brain has been on vacation, I hope you remember how vehemently opposed I am to any form of exercise or sweat.

But, if my dear friend, Rose, asks, I will do.  So, off we went to hike up to the falls.  There was a LOT of uphill.  You know, you have to go up to get to the top.

I only had one moment where I thought I was having a massive coronary.

The colors were gorgeous.
The greens of the trees against the blue sky, delish!
The little butterflies everywhere were entrancing.

It was a gentle little hike, but for me, it was an Everest moment.

I'm glad Rose made me do it.
Even if I did get a blister.

Two more photos:

This is Sofia.  
We all fell in love with her. 
More stories to come about this little gal.

This may be the only photo you see of me.
I realized I really need to wear makeup.  Whew.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Vacation Update

Eating too much.
Drinking too much.
Wish you were here.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Vacation No Nos

I am officially on vacation. I am determined to relax.  So, with that in mind, these are the things I REFUSE to think about for the next seven days:

Walter White being a total jerk face
bank accounts
bills due  (see a trend here?)
all the things out there I don't know about, but could possibly bite me in the behind?
how many calories in a margarita?
just how high will gas prices go?
will i ever be able to retire?
pshaw.  no.
calories, fat content or waist size
did harry know how much sirius loved him?
will the rain make the work roofs collapse?
are those I love happy?
hey, when did Steven sneak off to bed?
is that chocolate bar at golden corral any good?
do my fur babies miss me?

Happy JuJu Vacation Week to all of us!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Random Thursday

There's a new Steak n Shake in town.  Well, let me correct that, we now have a Steak n Shake in
town.  This is the first one in this part of the state.  And the locals are going B A N A N A S over it.

I grew up with SnS, they were on every corner.  They were open 24 hours a day, and it was as common to me as McDonalds.  But, down here?  It's never been here.  No local has ever experienced the joy of the patty melt and those lovely skinny fries.  And, the store is only open from 10-10.  (huh?)

The only problem is that you can't get in the place.  I've tried at least four times to go, and the line is out the door.  The drive thru line is around the building.  There is no parking.  It's insane.

And the more times I go back, the madder I get.  I mean, my tummy gets all prepared to eat a few memories, and then is rejected by the throngs and the masses!

You would think they're giving away money in that place.


Two days (well, really only one and one half!) until vacation.  Have you been to Helen, Georgia?  Look at this cute little town:

We are actually staying about ten miles outside Helen, in a house in the mountains.  You know I love me some mountains.  But, we will surely venture into the town for some people watching. Maybe I'll be better about blogging while on vacation.  I will probably write this line over and over:

Ate too much.  Drank too much.  Laughed too much.  (is that possible?)


I'm getting sick of Candy Crush.  I think that addiction might be curing itself.


All I want to do these days is read.


I love Jesse Pinkman.


Okay, back to work.  Ciao!  (Practicing for Italy next year) 

↑↑↑  That might be the dumbest sentence I've ever written.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday Morning Laziness

I write this from my bed as I listen to the noises of the Wimbledon men's final---

Happy Sunday after a very strange holiday week!  Strange, because the 4th was on a Thursday and I had to work Friday, which made Friday feel like Monday.  But, then it was Friday, and now it's Sunday.  Huh?  Yeah, I'm confused too.  My 4th was nice, very quiet and relaxing, which is just the way I like it.  We spent the day with friends and I think I ate something on the average of every seven minutes.  I had everything from burgers to ribs to watermelon to chips.  I'm so American.

Taylor comes home tomorrow.  It is earlier than she had planned, I think the young lady prefers the East Coast.  I have enjoyed FaceTiming with her.  I highly recommend this or Skype or any of those new fangled thingies for keeping in touch with friends and family.  I absolutely HATE talking on the phone, but this thing, I can do. Anyway, I digress.  (I am always digressing?)  Her next plan is to figure out where to finish her education.  She won't be going until January, so we have a bit of time to just chill.  I like chilling.

Speaking of chilling, I will be on vacation in under a week.  I really need this vacation. This hasn't been the most relaxing couple of months.  We are renting a cabin just outside Helen, Georgia.  Our St. Louis friends will be joining us, and I plan to chill and giggle for a week.  Here's hoping the mountains are a bit cooler and the air a bit crisper.

Has anyone else been inundated with rain?  I think we've had it every day for about three years now.

My newest addiction?  Eyeglasses.  In the last last six months, I think I've purchased five pair.  Just call me Elton.

Have a marvelous Sunday my dear peeps.  I leave you with this cutie patootie:

 And these adorable babies:

And finally, this: