Wednesday, June 30, 2010

On The Flip Side

Since it's Wednesday and one day closer to Friday, and since I just ate some great food, and since I was Negative Nellie last night, how about we flip it around tonight and talk about some positives??  So, without further ado----here's some things I'm currently digging on:

NOT using bullets in my post.

Almost to the point where my hot pink couch can be utilized.

"Best in Show."  Still one of my all time favorite giggle movies.

Juicy tomatoes.  Ripe blackberries.  Roasted Asparagus.

Flip Flops.

Avondale Wine & Cheese. 

$5 Wine Tastings.

Three Day Weekends.

Dreaming Dogs and their movable paws.

Trendy glasses.  I wish they had been that cool when I first got mine in 5th grade.  Two words----octogonal frames

Bulldogs and Bloodhounds.

Summer Thunderstorms during the middle of the night.

Dina and Caroline Manzo.  Top Chef.  Work of Art.  Theresa.  All the junk on Bravo TV.


Macy Gray's new cd:  The Sellout.

66 Days until vacation.

The Girl Who Played with Fire movie.

Dinner with the Twins.


94 year old (on Sunday) Grandmothers named Miki

And you??  What's making you smile on this last day of June, 2010???

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Negative Nelly

At the risk of sounding negative, here's a list of things that are among my current pet peeves:

  • The Kardashians
  • One Shoulder Dresses
  • The Blinking Red Light on my Blackberry
  • Danielle on "Real Housewives of New Jersey"
  • Hulk Hogan
  • The Oil Spill
  • Litterbugs.
  • Iced Tea where the ice has melted and left just the tea.
  • The word, "unbelievable." 
  • Farmville.
  • My computer at work. 
  • Discussions about the weather.
  • The red bumps that are surrounding my nose.T
  • The "soul patch."
  • My too-flat pillow.
  • Oh, Lord, my HAIR.  I'm in the "growing out stage."  Kill me now.
  • Tom Cruise. 
  • People hating on the England team.
  • Hypochondriacs.
  • My entire wardrobe.
  • These bullets.  I can't figure them out.
What's bugging you on this hot evening?  :-)

Monday, June 28, 2010

And Now She's an Adult?

Yes, Taylor turned 18 yesterday.  Happy Birthday Darling Daughter!!  Let's review the weekend with a few birthday pictures sprinkled in there!

Pro:  World Cup Soccer all weekend.
Con:  England and USA are both out.  HUH??

Pro:  World Cup Party on Saturday, complete with two Swedish twins (boys, one year), four cats, friends, NO COSTUMES, and the JuJu won $55 for first goal scored.
Con:  England and USA are both  out.  (can you feel my pain?)

Pro:  Taylor is now an adult.
Con:  Taylor is now an adult.

Pro:  Taylor's dad's girlfriend made a very cool shark cake for Taylor's bday.  (Seriously, it was tres cool!  The teeth were made from gummy bottles!!) 
Con:  That cake went right to my hips.

Let's look at another shot of that cake:

Pro:  I bought Taylor the greatest birthday card, it had all this mushy stuff about how I would always be there for her, and I was so proud that she was an independent woman.  Perfect for 18, right?
Con:  I overlooked the part that said, "now that you have your own child."  Uh, HOW did I miss that line?  Gee-ma-nitely.

Pro:  Going to dinner with my daughter, her ex-boyfriend/best friend  (same person), Steven, my ex husband, his girlfriend, and it all being perfectly natural and normal. 
Con:  No cons.

Pro:  Both my kids are adults now.  I'm off the hook, right?
Con:  Yeah, I'm lying to myself a bit.

Pro:  Taylor's greatest desire for her 18th was to get a tattoo.  She's been thinking on and planning this for a long while now.  She decided she wanted a jellyfish.  So, she gets an artist to create a jellyfish, and he puts it on her thigh.    Justin is there and texts me the play by play.  (Let's just say she didn't take well to the pain.) Almost three hours later, she's sweated through her clothes, and destroyed Justin's hand, but, it's gorgeous.  She goes back in a month for the color.
Con:  Nope, can't think of any.  I'm proud of her for planning it and living through it. 

Are you ready for it?  Are you ready to meet the JellyFish Extrordinaire????  Well, here you go---don't let him sting ya!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Four years of hope, excitement and planning.  And, in two days, both England and the USA are out of the World Cup.


Friday, June 25, 2010

Wine & Cheese

Last night, I attended another wine tasting at Avondale Wine and Cheese.    For $5, I tasted five different wines.  Granted, it was basically, sips, but each sip was "mahvelous dahling."  It gave me the chance to try wines I wouldn't have normally tried. 

It gave me the chance to taste a Rose without feeling like I was drinking White Zinfandel again.

It gave me the chance to eat some yummy cheeses that were paired with the wines. 

It gave me the chance to meet some interesting new folks, and enjoy the wine and cheese with them.

It gave me the chance to see the biggest block of Parmesan Cheese that I've ever seen.  Holy Cheese Chunk!!

More soccer this weekend.  Come on England!!  Come on USA!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mrs. Rogers 6th Grade Class

One of my most favorite things about elementary school was when the teacher would read aloud to us.  There was something so soothing about the teacher's voice.  My favorite teacher was Mrs. Rogers, my 6th grade teacher.  She selected the most wonderful books.  They were invariably humorous, touching and topical to us crazy 6th graders.  (One example:  How to Eat Fried Worms!)

My absolute favorite book (and sequel) was, "Me and Caleb."  (and the sequel was, "Me and Caleb Again)  The books were written by a man from Missouri, which is where I lived at the time.   He wrote about two brothers in Missouri.  (I had two brothers in Missouri)  The boys had a dog.  (I had a dog)  The book was stories about their adventures in their smalltown, Christmases, experiences with girls, and Halloween and fire hydrants. 

Each day I would listen to the shenanigans that Bud and Caleb would get themselves into.  Most of the stories were funny.   The illustrations were minimal, but they really hit home.  I remember the part where Bud was hunting with an old friend's dog.  The dog ends up saving him from a rattler, but gets bit.  Bud watches the dog die, knowing there's nothing he can do to save him.  I am sure that every kid in our class cried that day.


Fast forward a bunch of years.  I had been looking for these books everywhere.  I wanted to have them on hand, since they brought me so much happiness as a child.  I wanted to share them with Steven and with my kids.  (even if they were older than I was when I read them)  I looked everywhere for these books.  I could find them on line, but they were super expensive. 

I came home one day to a package.  Steven had found some reprints for me. I keep them on my nightstand and look at them every single day.  These books mean more to me than I can express.   They remind me of a time when 25 boys and girls sat raptly listening to tales of two young boys.  No internet.  No cable TV.  They take me back to my youth and Mrs. Rogers.

They show me that Steven gets me and what is important to me.    Me and Caleb (and Bud) are together again.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Randoms, or, I'm too lazy to put together paragraphs

WOW, what a crappy day. 

Let's jump right to the good stuff!!

We went to the Three Lions Pub Friday to watch the stinky PU England game.  It was AWFUL.  Here's hoping they do better Wednesday.  If they don't win, they're done, and it will be a somber house on Bronwen Court.  If they win, they advance, and we're all smiles.  (same for the USA, so we're pulling for BOTH!!)

I had a dream last night that Taylor had a big tattoo of Winnie the Pooh on her stomach.  It was quite glittery.  Her 18th birthday is Sunday, and she's getting the jellyfish tattoo.  I hope it's as pretty as that one in my dream.

The Furry Affair was held Saturday night, Steven's pic sold for $300.  I personally think it would have gone for much more if it had been displayed with a bit more thought, but what do I know?    They had the most scrumptious little dessert thingy there; it was a dark chocolate cup with a raspberry mousse filling.  Yummmm.

It's that time of year when he have thunderstorms every afternoon.  I love it!

I've listened to, or watched every single game of the World Cup thus far.  Yes, soccer on the radio is fun!

Seinfeld re-runs are still better than most shows on TV.

Three albums that remind me of 9th grade:  Heat Wave, Stevie Wonder - Songs in the Key of Life,and Grease.  Just a tad bit random there.

OH MY GOSH.  I just saw a commercial for Dairy Queen.  The Blizzard is celebrating its 25th birthday.  Wow, I feel old.  I wonder if the Blizzard does as well.

The fleas are overtaking our animals and the house.  It's so hard to keep five animals de-flead.   Itch Itch Itch.  Scratch Scratch Scratch.  Any suggestions??  The Frontline aint cutting it.  BTW, be sure to spay and neuter your pets!!

Stay cool, blogging world.  It's the first day of summer! 

Sunday, June 20, 2010

10 Things My Dad Taught Me

It's been a busy weekend, filled with World Cup action, the Furry Affair, and sticky hot summer temperatures.  But, since it's Father's Day, I'll focus the words on my dad and some of the things he taught me about life.  The other stuff can wait another day.  So, on we go---

1.  Serve black olives at family functions.  I found out over Thanksgiving one year that my dad felt that black olives was THE traditional part of our family meals.  Most of us don't really care for black olives all that much, but he certainly did. 

2.  It's okay to cry at movies.  And, tv shows.  Sporting Events.  Commercials.  Greeting Cards.  Good literature.  Dad was very in touch with his tear ducts.  I can remember watching "Terms of Endearment" with him, and neither of us could make it through the scene where Shirley MacLaine is begging the nurses to give Debra Winger the pain meds.   He was a softie.

3.  The Godfather is the best movie of all time.  I still watch it any time it's on TV. 

4.  Eating peanuts takes a certain skill.  The man liked to toss his peanuts in his hand, throw them in the air, and then enjoy.  This move actually mimics the Dick Jamieson dance move; clap the hand and pull back arm.  Turn, and repeat.

5.  Steak must be cooked to rare only.   No matter how I asked for my steak, if Dad was cooking, then your steak was rare.  To this day, I feel guilty if I order it medium.  It's like I can hear him "tsk tsk-ing" me.

6.  When eating sliced tomatoes, be sure to apply plenty of ground pepper.  Our favorite summer meals always included sliced maters, corn on the cob, and he would throw in some sliced onion to the mix.  The pepper he applied was amazing.  I also loved how he would eat the corn so passionately that the kernels would fly up and catch in his eyebrows.

7.  Read.  Read.  Read.    Dad had his masters in English.  He taught English when he was a high school football coach.  Granted, most of his career was focused on football, but he loved the written word.  He read the newspaper from start to finish.  He read books all the time.  He would sit in his chair, cross his legs, chew his lip and read.  I think this had to be his means of escaping the pressures in his world.

8.  Broadway Musicals are cool.    Our favorite show:  Les Miserables

9.  Humility.   My dad was kind of a big deal in his younger days.  He played baseball, football and was drafted into the majors for both sports.  My mom kept a scrapbook with his clippings.  He had his own football cards.  Yet, he never spoke of this to us.  We just figured everyone's family had football cards in their coffee table drawer; that was the norm.  We didn't realize what a big deal he was.  He was humble and that was part of his past. 

10.  People are all the same on the inside.  The most important thing my dad taught me is to NOT notice a person's skin color.  Or gender.  Or size.  Or shape.  He welcomed all people into our world and into our home.  He shaped all of us in such  a manner that we never thought about it.  I think we were all shocked by a world of racism and prejudice, because we had never even thought about it.  Of all the things my dad taught me and gave me, I value this the most. 

Sooooooo, I'm going to honor my dad today with some peppery tomatoes and hope I catch "The Godfather" somewhere on the tube.  Thanks for everything Dad.  I miss you more than I can say.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

World Cup Thursday

Things I'm loving about the World Cup:


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Welcome to my Bedroom!!

Don't be afraid, this is G Rated!!

Remember the post when I gave you the map of my bed at night?  (complete with all the animals?) Well, there's one more thing I need to share with you.  I think I'm sharing this with you for my own protection.

Just a little background---I watch a LOT of crime TV.  A LOT.  I watch Forensic Files, Dr. G, Law & Order, Dateline, 48 Hours and anything else that presents forensic evidence.  I have learned that you can't get away with any crime, forensics and DNA evidence are the bomb! 

Over the course of watching these shows, there have been many shows on suffocation and strangulation.  If anyone uses a pillow to suffocate another, forensics can solve this mystery! 

Okay, back to my bedroom!  Steven has taking to a new sleeping position.  In order to mute the sounds of my snoring, he's now sleeping with a pillow on his head.  He is usually surrounded by at least three cats and the dog.  (I sleep where the dog is curled up.  Just pretend she's me)  Many nights, I don't even see his head.  So, I got to thinking---if he were to die in the middle of the night, because this pillow blocks off his air supply, would the police suspect me of murder?

I don't want to go to jail.  I wouldn't last a day.  I don't look good in orange.  (Just see my last post if you don't believe me)  I'd miss my cream cheese.  Heck, someone would "off" me for my hideous snoring!

So, I come to you tonight, asking that you be my witness.   This is habit.  The boy sleeps like this every night.  I do not press down on the pillow.  I don't touch the pillow.  (exception:  if HE snores)  I want him to live!  I mean, who would change the litter tray if he succumbed to the pillow???

So, thank you readers for having my back. I mean,  I would never tempt the science of forensics!!   And, to tell you the truth, I'm kinda fond of this pillow wearing dude.

I bet the police psychologists would have a heyday with all my mixed patterns.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

When Worlds Collide and Come Together

The World Cup Party, 2010, was a huge success!!  Just to rewind and remind, all party attendees pulled the name of a country out of a hat.  We were to represent said country through costumes.  I pulled Holland and Steven pulled New Zealand.  Please note that the Queen of England still reigns over New Zealand, and thus his outfit. 

His dress is TJ Maxx, the purse is from his mother.  Knee-hi's are courtesy of Publix.  Me?  Tutu from Etsy, clogs from Dutch Time, and hand designed windmill hat.  Don't be jealous!!

And, as glorious as we look, there were so many lovely representatives.  Below, find Brazil, Greece and Italy.

Also in attendance were Denmark and Slovenia.  (Slovenia is the "youngest" country in the tournament...)

Brothers (?) from Down Under.

It was like the United Nations.  Well, sorta.

There was plenty of national pride to be seen around the place.

There were no vuvuzelas being blown, but there was plenty of singing, shouting, taunting, chanting and cheering.  And, it's probably a good thing for the party that the game ended in a draw.  You never know what will happen when all those countries get together.

Our generous hosts provided a wonderful home and delicious Mexican food, thanks Gene and Pam!!  I shudder to think what their house looked like this morning. 

After the game, the countries merged (people swapping costumes)  Here you have the new country of France meets Ghana.

And, some countries cooled themselves in the pool. 

Some countries did things that no one could understand.

It was a great day, and a reminder to us all that football really is a Beautiful Game!

And, most of the folks there were beautiful as well!

Uhhhhhhhh, MOST of them.  :-)

Friday, June 11, 2010

And So It Begins

Happy World Cup!  It starts today.  We've been waiting four long years since the last one.  For the next month we will be glued to the TV.  We will be reading reports of the games after they're played.  The pictures on here today are from World Cup 2006. 

And, in my household, we'll be pulling for England to go all the way.

Yes, I know I'm an American citizen.  Yes, I know this means that I'm supposed to pull for the USA by default.

But, you see, I live with an Englishman. And, for the last eleven years, I've been watching English Premier League Football.  I know these guys.  They are my friends.  I love Wayne Rooney.  I have him on my stove.  He watches me cook and keeps me company.  So, in my mind, it's totally natural and normal for me to pull for them to win.

We have a party to attend tomorrow.  For those of you that don't know, tomorrow is USA v. England.  Many of our friends are English.  Many others are American.  And, to make it interesting, we have friends who are Irish, Swedish and there's even a Scot in the mix.  Lines will be divided tomorrow during the game.  I am being taunted as a traitor.  Me and Benedict Arnold. 

Hey, I like Eggs Benedict, so I'm okay with it.

It will be great fun tomorrow, and for the next month of the Cup.  Think Olympics with just soccer.

And, I won't complain if they take their shirts off at any point of the game.

(thanks for letting me use the pictures Steven xxx)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday Talk

Well, I sure had a great trip to Arizona.  I have the two best kids ever, and it was pure joy to be with both of them.  Enjoy the pix as I throw some random thoughts your way!

There was a therapy dog on our plane.  That sucker rode in First Class!!!  He was so well behaved.  He's probably better behaved than most humans. 

Young children seem to be extra loud in airports.  Why is that? 

I had a dream that Steven asked me to marry him; only he was John Travolta.  Huh?

I am SO upset.  They moved Grey's Anatomy reruns to 1:00 in the afternoon.  Helloooooooo, how am I supposed to get my three hours in on a daily basis?

World Cup starts Friday.  I believe we'll be glued to the TV for the next month.  (Come on England!)

I'm being accused of being a traitor since I'm pulling for England over the USA.  Listen kids, I am totally engrossed in English football, and have been for eleven years.  Wayne Rooney is on my stove.  I surely want the US to do well, but my <3 is with England.

My costume for the World Cup Party (Saturday) is almost complete.  I'm currently trying to figure out how to attach a windmill to a hat....

I finally saw, "The Blind Side."  I think he folded the sheets.  My aunt thought he didn't.  She didn't think Sandra Bullock was all that.  I did.  But, that's okay.  We're allowed to disagree. 

What time can I go to bed?  That 3 hour time difference kicked my behind.

Jake is an amazing kid.  If I'm ever on, "Who wants to be a millionaire," and I get the phone a friend option, I'm calling him.  He knows a lot of stuff.

Henry Winkler is on Law & Order: SVU right now.  The Fonz as a normal person?  Just doesn't work with me.

Oh, I used to love Happy Days.  I had a big crush on Potsy.  Ick.

Worst Actor Ever?  Ice T

I love butter.

Taylor turns 18 in 19 days.  She is calling this her "three week birthday weeks."

Happy June 8th!  If my folks were still alive, it would be their 57th wedding anniversary!  Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!  (sort of?)

Here's to a good week for all of us!