Monday, September 30, 2013

Yes,You Can Thank ME

Two Warnings:

#1:  If you haven't watched the final Breaking Bad, there is a major spoiler coming up in this post.  (MIKE JACKSON, I'm talking to YOU!)

#2:  I promise this will be my last post about Breaking Bad.  Well, maybe.


I saved Jesse Pinkman.  Yep, you read that right.  I saved him.

You see, I went for my run on Saturday.  As you all know, I'm a wee bit obsessed with this BB show,and the life of Jesse. In addition, I have been a bit bothered about the fact that I'm such a slow runner.  (see previous post) 

So, on Saturday, I was trying to find ways to up my speed and pace.  Fast music helps, as does reminding myself that Diana Nyad didn't meet her goal until she was 64. But, I needed something to really kick my tail into high gear.  (Well, high gear for me?)

So, I promised myself that if I could get over two miles total (between walking and running) OR get over one mile running, that Jesse would live. 

So, I pushed these short legs.  I made them make bigger strides.  I spit loads of saliva.  And, when I made it home, I checked my screen and saw this:

Whereas I didn't save him with total distance, that final sprint pushed me over the one mile mark on the run.  
And ladies and gentlemen,
Jesse lives!!

Of course, now the series is over and  now I need to find someone else to save with my exercise program...

In another Breaking Bad moment of my weekend, my little friends made some blue meth for me:

Yeah, okay, it was really rock candy.  But, how fun is that? 
Thanks Nick and Dave!


and Saturday, we celebrated with friends as they married at Folly Beach.  Congratulations Drew and Mandy!!  A beach wedding sure is lovely.

I took the day off to recover from a stressful week of work, a busy weekend, and the suspected emotional duress experienced during BB.  It's been a nice quiet day, and now that I've written this post, I promise to put this part of my life back into just my little delusional head.  Thanks for sticking it out with me.

Who knows what my next addiction will be?  I bet you can't WAIT to find out that one!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It's Official!!

Yep, it's official.  I run slower than I walk.  Here's your proof:

This is week four, and I'm getting slower.  Huh?  What's with that?  Granted, I'm still pleased with myself for sticking with it, but good gravy, what is up with my body?  I honestly think the simple fact is that I don't know HOW to run.  My knees are aching a bit, so I think I might be a bit afraid to up the ante.    But either way, I am S L O W.  Turtle slow.  I don't scare the squirrels slow.

In other news, one more week of Breaking Bad.  After that, I will have some kind of emotional let down, and then I don't know what.  All I want is for Jesse to live and Todd to die.  Other than that, I'm easy.

We went to a Great Gatsby party this weekend, super fun.  It was a promotional event for YELP, so all the food and drink were free.  Let me just say if you ever get a chance to try pumpkin infused vodka, DO IT.  Yum!  It was like drinking pumpkin pie.

There was no sign of Leo, but these folks sure looked hot!

We always enjoy dressing up (Sir calls it Fancy Dress) and it was neat to see what all the people wore.  We had most everything sitting around our house, I think the only thing purchased was Steven's white tie.

I had help with my dress---

I introduce you to Domino, my personal tailor.

 He is oh so helpful.

Things have been busy and good.  I hope all is well in your part of the world and that your running pace is faster than your walking pace.  Sheesh.

My favorite picture of the Gatsby night:


Monday, September 16, 2013

And then he told him about Jane...

Breaking Bad ends in two weeks. I don't  know if I can stand it.  I don't want it to end; one, because it's such a great show, and two, because I just know it won't end well.  I am very emotionally wrapped up in this show, and as it nears its end, it's just getting bigger, better and more gasp worthy than ever!

For the last few weeks, I watch the show on Sunday, become an emotional wreck, and lie awake in bed unable to sleep, for thinking about the show.  I think about what just happened, and worry about what will happen next.

I look on Twitter and Tumblr, and read posts from others like myself:  Breaking Bad Addicts.  

(at least I'm in good company with this one ↑ )

The only other things I have time for at this point is work and that dreaded exercise thing I'm doing.  (I start week 3 tomorrow, still chafing strong!)  Mentally, I'm all tied up in New Mexico, and worried to death about Jesse Pinkman.  I'm hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst. 

For some reason, I just don't see this as the end result---


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Chafing Me and Chafing You

Hhhhh  Hhhhh Hhhhhi!

That's me panting and trying to talk.  That's what it sounds like when I run.  Well, jog.  I'm happy to report
(and a bit surprised---) that I'm now on to week two of my C25K.  Here's what I've learned since beginning this program:

1.  Thighs chafe easily.
2.  Glasses fog up when I sweat.
3.  Frank Sinatra is annoying when you're running.
4.  The pink shoes are still cool.
5.  Tangelos are the BOMB at the end of a run.  (as is the fan on high, the cold shower and the knowledge that I have two days until I have to go again)
6.  It's pretty difficult to run after drinking wine the night before.
7.  I have the world's slowest run pace. 
8.  And walking pace.
9.  HOW IN THE WORLD do people run for hours?
10.  WHY do they do it?
11. Dog Poop smells even worse when you're hot and sweaty.
12.  Steven's walking pace is the same rate as my jog.  Ahem.
13.  This is creating a LOT more laundry.
14.  Four down, twenty-three to go.
15.  My  hips do lie.
16.  I sweat a LOT.
17.  I might hate my trainer already.  And she's only a cartoon character on my phone.  Named Constance.
18.  My ears aren't shaped properly for those ear bud things.
19.  I think the squirrels are laughing at me.
20.  Will it get easier?

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I've got my new shoes onnnnnnn

Do you know that song by Paulo Nutini?  If not, I highly recommend it!  It's a toe tapper!

Anyway, yes, I have some new shoes.  Let me show 'em to you:

They are so PINK and so BRIGHT!  I know you're saying to yourself, "why, Ju, those look a lot like some form of exercise shoes?!"  You are correct.  That they are!

And now, we are entering another new phase together.  As you know, I've been dieting/changing my lifestyle for over a year now.  It's been quite an experience, and for the most part, it's been successful.  I've lost a few pounds and acquired a new found love of arugula lettuce.  I no longer eat quite as much as I used to, and my pants are fitting better for it.

But, in spite of this, I feel I need to kick it up to the next level, and introduce that horrible thing into my life.  That horrible thing is EXERCISE.  


 I hate all that goes with it.  Sweat, pain, boredom, aching, sore muscles etc etc.  It all makes me crazy.  But, on the same hand, being unhealthy and porky isn't one of my favorites either.  I figure I've had a good run with the diet thing, so now I'm going to try this exercise thing.

A friend of mine mentioned a really fun sounding race.  (Check out the details here! )  I figure I need some kind of goal to keep me motivated.  Since I have never ever run a step before, other than to the bathroom, or to first base, I now find myself having to TRAIN.  So, yesterday folks, and seriously, you will want to mark this one on your calendar, I ran.

Well, I walked and ran.  I am doing the Couch to 5K program, and yesterday was day one.  Run, walk, run, walk, run, walk.  Sweat, swear, sweat, swear.  Chafe, sweat, breathe, walk, run.  

But, I did it.  Granted, it was only 30 minutes, but I did it.  This is a 9 week program of three times a week, so I figure I've done one, only 26 more to go.  Hey, if nothing else, it's blog fodder, right?  So, come along with me on this journey.  I'm sure I'll be complaining, er um, sharing with you for the next few months.  Seriously, this body does NOT like to run.

But, at least I did get the really cool pink shoes. They go well with Jesse Pinkman, don't you agree?