Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Winding Down

A few months back, Steven asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I told him that the only thing I really wanted was to have both of my children together.  I hinted that it would be great if he could make it happen.

A few weeks ago, Sir showed me the email he had with Jake,wherein Jake said he couldn't make it for my birthday weekend, he had to work.  Little did I know, this was a scam.  Steven, Jake and Taylor plotted behind my back,and flew Jake in for the weekend.

I opened my gifts the morning of my birthday to find out Jake would be in town within 24 hours, and would be joining us at my birthday party.  

We picked him up Friday evening, and got to play with him all weekend long.  

 And, on Saturday, my birthday wish came all the way true.  I had my two kids together!!  And it was great.

My dear friends,my family and my wonderful husband were all with me to celebrate at Mellow Mushroom.

 We got to play the next day at a teeny tiny Oktoberfest. (complete with the world's worst Oompa Band!)

It was the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER. Turning 50 was no big deal.  But celebrating it?  With all my loved ones together?  That made it the best deal.

Thanks Sir. xxx

Monday, October 14, 2013


I have had a whirlwind kind of week.  Once I get a chance to sleep, I'll share some details, but until then, let me tease you with some pictures:

50 Tulips

 Two Offices Decorated

 Two Snack Days

 A super special birthday present

 50 Memories on 50 Wine Corks

50 Pictures of 50 Different Hairstyles

Monday, October 7, 2013

A Trip Down Memory Lane

I turn 50 on Thursday.

I'm the last of all my school friends who are reaching this milestone.  I was always the youngster in the class. You know, everyone else was able to drive, vote and drink (legally) before me.  It was a real pain in the keester back then, but at least I'm one of the last ones in my 40's.

Last year, my forever friend, Laura, turned 50.  To honor her birthday, I sent her a list of 50 memories I had with and about her.

Saturday, I walked out of my house and saw a book from Shutterfly on my front step.  Look who's on the cover:

Oh, you might not recognize her.  That's Jake's mom.  (seriously,  I totally see Jake in myself here!)   This girl was all purity and filled with hope and dreams.  (pretty funny, really, since I was stood up at the dance I attended in this dress)

My 50 before me friend took my memories,and went one step further.  She found photos, memorabilia, and put them all together to bring those memories back to life. 

I love stuff like this, I love gifts like this, and I so appreciate that she took all this time to put it together.

Don't be jealous of my blue shawl.

We haven't seen each other in many years. She lives in Colorado, and of course, I'm here on the East Coast. But she's one of just a few people in my life that  have been there for years and years; close to 50 years, really.  Our birthdays don't pass without each of us sending a card, and we correspond at Christmas. For the most part, that's about it. But, I always count her as one of my forever friends.  I mean, she IS.  The advent of Facebook has helped tremendously, as we're able to share our lives more easily, and more often.

But, what a treat it is for me, to start this birthday week with such a special trip down Memory Lane.  Thanks Laura! I think I'll go listen to some Ohio Players now.

Thursday, October 3, 2013