Friday, July 30, 2010

Longest Day Ever


This day took forever.  And ever.

It was a thumb-twiddling kind of day.

I was clock watching.

Don't get me wrong, it was a busy day.  It was month end, and that's my busiest day.  But WOW the day was LONG.

I found my mind wandering quite a bit.  I was thinking about napping.  About dinner.  About the weekend.  About vacation in September and how it can't get here soon enough. 

And, still it was only about 8:35.

Tap.  Tap.  Tap.

Tick Tock Tick Tock. 

I wondered how long it will be before I kill this plant.  I wondered if this plant (Spike) enjoys drinking my unsweet tea at the end of the week.  I  wonder if caffeine is bad for a plant?

I look around my office at all the stupid things I have in there.  I do nothing about it. 

(excuse the profanity, but I do think this one is humorous)

And finally.  FINALLY.  By the Grace of God, the work day ends. 
And, now the weekend will fly by before I can say BOO!
Ironic, aint it?

Happy Weekend Everybody!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Don't You Hate it When.....

It's time again for this week's version of the Pet Peeves Portion of the Party.  You know you've got em.  I sure do.  Let's begin with the one I read about today, that gave me the idea for this blog.

I call them Line Creepers.  Ohhhhh, I hate it when I'm in line somewhere, and the person behind me infringes on my personal space.  Listen Lady (it's almost always a woman, why is that??)  it's not going to make me go any faster.  Just CHILL.

Butt Litterers.  Hello, why do you think your cigarette butt belongs outside your car?  You smoke it, you keep it in your car.  I saw a great bumper sticker the other day, "My City isn't your trash can."  LOVE it.

The Wood Chipper Truck.  We have a paper factory in town, therefore, there are many wood chipper trucks taking wood chips to the plant.  These trucks have a gate at the back, kind of like a screened thing.  But, it doesn't cover the whole backside of the truck, so chips can fly out.  WHAT is the purpose of this?

Your/You're and Lose/Loose.  Man oh man, the misuse of these words makes me crazzzzy!  Learn em.  Love em.  Live em.

Fitted TShirts.  Hello, I thought tshirts were supposed to be baggy and comfy.  The fitted T is obviously made for young ladies with no experience with calories, childbirth, or wrinkles.  No thanks.  I want the baggy boxy one.

Mariah Carey.    (do I need to add anything other than this?) 

Leopard Print Anything.


When you're sick, YOU make the phone call.  Over the years, I've worked with many a folk who had their husband, wife, mother, father or even child call in sick for them.  If you are THAT sick that you can't call in, text in, or email in, I really feel for you.  Oh, and you don't have to tell me how you've been vomiting, have diarrhea or any other bodily function malfunctions.  Just tell me you're sick, and I'll trust that you're sick.

Flip Flop Decals.  Do you have these in your part of the world?  They are flip flips and people put them in the corner of their back window.  They just get on my nerves.  I love flip flops, but the stickers?  Not so much.

The Blue Tooth Ear Piece.  Yeah, I'm all for safe driving, but that ear piece drives me bonkers.  Please don't walk around with that in your ear.  I'm begging ya.

Glass Cutting Boards.  The sound of the knife against that glass is like fingernails on a chalkboard.

Carnations.  Ick, Double Ick and Triple Ick.  Death Flowers.  Bad Smell. 

and finally......

Black Licorice.  It reminds me of cold medicine.  Keep it away from me!!

***Steven asked me tonight just how many of these posts I've done.  Hm.  Maybe I'm focusing too much on the negative.***


Monday, July 26, 2010

Cell Phone Art

Steven helped me take the photos off my phone today.  I only had 179 since last July.  I think I'm missing a bunch somewhere. 

Do you ever look back on your cell phone pictures?  It's kind of a funny diary.  I enjoyed looking at mine today.  I saw all sorts of things.

I saw:

Oysters, Shem Creek, a Rainbow, my feet, the twins, my brother, my nephews, hot tubs, fire, the mountains, the funny dog from my work calendar.  I saw pictures of snow, and dress up parties, Auburn, Alabama, and Missouri baseball.

There are picutres of Charlie, Griffin's birthday cake, friends, flowers, hockey players, India, my sister in law, cactii, New York City and Steven. 

There are probably 40 pictures of my animals, tons of sweaty face pictures of me.  Pictures of me wearing a crown.  Pictures of the World Cup party, the Dave concert, Christmas and Thanksgiving.  Even the Simpsons made it onto my phone!

It's been a treat.  Here's all 179 for you:

I can't wait to take more!!  Can you find yourself in here?  (you can double click on these to make them bigger)  It's kind of like a, "Where's Waldo?"

Sunday, July 25, 2010

All Over the Place

I am so over this heat.  I can't stand to go outside, I leave the blinds closed all day long, and I feel like I'm sweating all day and all night.  I feel for anyone who has to be outside in this weather, and especially those who have to work in it. 

Brie Cheese is consistently awesome.

My friend, Tracy, is having a baby Wednesday.  She lives in Oklahoma.  I wish I were closer to help her and to see the baby.  She's having a girl.  So glad it's her and not me.

I do not like the green M&M.  She's kind of slutty.

My favorite school lunch was Chili Day.  It was accompanied by a very thin peanut butter sandwich.  Yum!

Not a fan of Mariah Carey.

The girl who's having the baby Wednesday made these.  They are PW's recipe.  Make then today.  YUM!  (I can't remember the name, but they are some kind of bacon wrapped jalapeno with cream cheese filling)

Do you ever read random blogs?  I love it.  That's how I found Mel, Angie and Sherri.  Try it!

I don't drink milk or juice.

My brother and his fam are coming next Saturday for a stay at the beach  They will be here for a week.  How cool is that?  Lots of family time and lots of blog fodder.  Oh, and some good quality beach time.  I hope it cools off a bit.

Taylor is in Myrtle Beach with her friends this week.  Remember how great it was to be 18 and to have your whole life ahead of you? 

I'm getting a new phone in a couple weeks, any suggestions?  I currently have a Blackberry, and do enjoy it, but should I get a touch phone?  What do you have?

I need more family pictures up in my house.  Yep.

Hey, STAY COOL out there folks.  Let's have a great week!  Thanks for rambling with me.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Well Hello Dave!

HOT!  HOT !!  HOT!!!

That sums up the Dave concert. 

Seriously.  It was so darn hot.  We started tailgating around 3:30, you know, right at the peak of the heat of the day.  STOOPID.  We invited our friends, Kristen and Grace to join us.  Aren't we nice to ask them to sit out and sweat like stuck pigs?

Luckily, my friend Laura (who is now up for sainthood) suggested that we take her canopy so we would have some shade.  I don't think I would have been able to survive without it.  I figure I owe her for a long time to come.

So, we sat on the parking lot in the 189 degree heat, drank some beers and people watched.  We saw some REALLY short shorts  (on a GUY), some very pale legs that weren't Steven's, lots and lots of sundresses and all sorts of creative tailgating.  There were many corn hole games, DAVE songs blaring out speakers, and tons of H O T people.  We even got to see a live drug bust right next to our car.  People watching is the best at a Dave concert.  (wait a second, I just realized someone was probably watching me....HEY!)

One of my favorite parts about Dave is that he introduces the opening act.  Every single time.  He comes out there when just a few folks are sprinkled in the seats, says something inaudible, and then introduces the act.  This day it was Amos Lee, and he was marvy.  I just think that speaks class when you take the time to welcome your guests.

And, what can I say about Dave that I haven't already?  He is the best showman.  He was as sweaty as I was, and he made me smile.  Thanks Dave.  Have a good year off in 2011.  I'll see you in 2012!!

oh, and me?  I have never been sweatier.  Or hotter. 
Here's proof in the pudding:

ROUND ROBIN (totally stolen from Angie)

I'm at work, still recovering from DAVE,  and plan to nap when I go home, so to tide my addiction over until I get time, I'm stealing Angie's idea from her blog.  This is really fun!

First of all, tell me something on your Bucket List.  And, then ask a question of the next commenter.  I will start!!  (each person should ask a different question!!)

Bucket List:  Vacation with both my brothers and their families.

Question:  What is your idea of the perfect meal??

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


In 24 Hours I-------

Get to see DAVE in Charlotte, NC.

Will sweat my patootie off while tailgating prior to the concert.  (It's supposed to be 95!)

Will probably have to hold my bladder, rather than use the Port-A-Potties while tailgating. 

Will watch my Australian friend experience a Dave Tailgate.

Will go on and on, to my Australian friend and his wife, my American friend, about how GREAT Dave is. 

Will watch a lot of kids younger than me playing Frisbee, get sunburned, play cornhole, cookout on their little grills, and generally enjoy life.

Will try to sneak in my camera so I can take some pix for my blog! 

Will watch Dave introduce Amos Lee, who will open for him.  (LOVE Amos!)

Will dance and sweat and sing, and pretend I know all the lyrics, and will make up the ones I don't know and have a GREAT time.

It's my favorite part of the summer, my DAVE time.  I wish I could tuck you all in my pockets and take you with me!

See ya on the Flip Side!

(thanks for the pictures Steven!)

Monday, July 19, 2010


Fourteen years ago, I started working at my current job.  The very first day, I met Anjeanette.  Taylor was 4.  Jake was 9.  Her kids were 5 and 1. 

We immediately hit it off.  We sat across from each other.  I could tell right away that she knew her stuff.  She was organized.  She had beautiful handwriting.  We worked well together.  We went to lunch together, shopping together, and walked to the parking lot together.

Now, I'm a big talker.  I'll talk to total strangers.  I'll tell total strangers my life story, no problem.  I probably tell too much. Anjeanette may talk a lot, and that she does, but she doesn't reveal anything.  Getting information from her is like pulling teeth.  She is the most private person I have ever met.  As a matter of fact, if she knew I was writing about her, she'd give me grief.  It wouldn't stop me, mind you, but she'd still give it.

Every blue moon, she'll reveal another layer to me.  It's usually when I least expect it, that's for darn sure.  I remember when she told me that her son's father was killed.  JaQuan was a baby when it happened, he'll never know his daddy.  I've tried to ask her about it in subsequent years, but she's been tight lipped.  What I do know is that it hurt her to the core.  This many years later, if I do broach the subject, it always causes teary eyes.  I don't think that pain will ever go away for her.

The next thing she told me was that JQ  (I like to call him that) has sickle cell anemia.  At the time, I had no idea what this was.  After 14 years together, I know a lot about it.  I know when he was little he used to go into Crisis mode frequently and she would rub away his pain and sit with him at the hospital until it passed.   I know he had to have his spleen removed when he was about 9.  I know she had to make the painstaking decision whether or not to transfuse him and potentially harm his organs, or to not do transfusions and risk stroke.  I've seen her spend two days a month at the hospital for the past 10 years,and that's when things are going good.  I've watched her be proactive in his care and I've seen her protect him like a mama bear.  All the while, she has done everything in her power to ensure that his life is as normal as can be.

She and I lived through teenage daughters at the same time.  We laugh at each other's plights with these girls. We understand how cool we both are, even if our daughters don't. 

Three years ago, she told me she was pregnant again.  (by the way, she told me via email, even though we still sit together)  I was floored, as I had never even heard about a man in her life.  To be frank, I was surprised she had sex!  :-)  I digress.  So, I watched that belly grow, and out came India, the cutest kid on the planet.  And, oh, by the way, she's 3 going on 16.  So, now she has two wonderful daughters and this crazy son. 

We have lived through proms, graduations, numerous terminations at work, family deaths, family births, Michael Jackson's death, Michael Jackson's music, Gladys Knight, Taco Bell, snack days, new computer systems, moves, pole lickers,TI, waffles and chicken, a DMB concert, "oh yeah?", and numerous giggle fests.  We are starting to age and we laugh about how we will both still be working there when we're 95.  We very rarely do anything outside of work, but she's one of my best friends.  She knows everything about me, and I think she's starting to trust me a bit after 14 years.

So, today, she tells me about three kids who died last week from sickle cell complications.  It hits home for her.  It hits home for me.  And, I'm reminded that this illness her child has can be terminal.  We read the obits together and try to not think about these kids and their families and their moms.  You see, I can't tell her this, because she'll brush me off for fear of crying, so I have to write it here.  And I have to write it because it's up at the top of my mouth and has to come out.

Anjeanette, I will be with you always and will hold you up when you need it the most.  Just like you've done for your chil'ren all their lives.  I know you have a huge family that takes care of you, but I've always got your back.  I love your kids like my own, and I feel your pain when you do.  I will never be able to tell you this in person, because you wouldn't want that and you wouldn't like that.  But, I really feel ya.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bolton and the Battery

We went to a little soccer game last night. We have a minor soccer league team in our town, the Charleston Battery. They were playing a team from the English Premier League, Bolton Wanderers. Well, we simply had to attend, since this is the division in which Manchester United (Steven's team) plays. And, even though it was HOTTER than $#*&, we had a great evening. Here's a few photos of the highlights from our nice evening in July:

Many of our soccer friends came out to enjoy the festivities. We are so lucky to have such nice friends~

The two young men in the middle are in America, from England, working/coaching at soccer camps for youths.  I taught them to stay away from fire ants.  I should be in the UN.  Steven on the left, of course, and our friend, Ray on the right.

We don't have a tailgate, but that doesn't keep us from enjoying a few libations prior to the game.  Check out Chrissa's koozie; Jodi's grandmother knitted them for her!  AWESOME.  I told her they need to be an item for sale on Etsy!

Speaking of cute?  Check out Chrissa's earrings.  LOVE em!

I made some friends at the game.  I met two young boys at the game, Kindergarten and first grade.  (yeah, I like em younger)  We had quite a conversation about their Silly Bandz. I discovered we all had the same one; the pink bus.  Yes, I only have one, but at least they thought it was cool.  Their coolest silly band?  According to them, the Loch Ness Monster.  Hey, it glows in the dark.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Midway Point

We are midway through 2010 people.  Well, more than midway actually.  Before we know it, we'll be celebrating Labor Day, sending the kids back to school (yay Sandie!), dressing up for Halloween and celebrating the holidays.  I am starting to feel like the years are slipping away so quickly!  Wasn't I just 17 years old yesterday?

I think this has been a pretty good year so far.  That's my gut feeling.  But, I figured I'd review 2010 to this point and give it a grade.  (on a curve, of course!!)


Always an important aspect of a year.  We started the year at Eagles Nest Hideaway in Bryson City, North Carolina.  (still my favorite place on the planet)  We spend Valentine's Day in SNOWY Lake Lure, North Carolina.  At the end of February, we traveled to Auburn, Alabama for some Missouri Tiger baseball.  In March, we traveled to Arizona for my aunt and uncle's 40th wedding anniversary.  In May, it was on to New York City, Billy Elliot and the meeting with Mel.  June found us back in Arizona with the relatives, with the Jake bonus. 
Grade:  A

Cultural Events

All that matters:  Billy Elliot in NYC. 
Grade:  A+

Sporting Events

Steven's soccer team wins the indoor championship in June. World Cup for five weeks.  But, England didn't fare well, and neither did the US.  My brother's baseball team had a rebuilding year.  Not enough good results.  Too many disappointments. 
Grade:  C


The year started with my besties in the mountains.  The YaYas were formed.  I met Mel in NYC.  The reunions on Facebook have been fantastic.  Fun times in the mountains in February.  World Cup Parties.  Thursday Night at Triangle. 
Grade:  A

Family Time  (Out of Towners)
I've seen my aunt and uncle twice, both brothers, both SIL's and Jake.  I haven't yet seen my nephews or my grandmother.  I need to get to Missouri to see my grandmother and two of the nephews.  The other two will be here in two weeks!  I always want more time with family, so based on that, I give this a
Grade:  C

Family Time  (In Town)
Well, Taylor is 18 now.  That means I never see her.  She has a social life, a job and school.  Steven had a busy time with The Furry Affair artwork and his Picture a Day project.  Again, I always want more time with family.  Based on quantity:  Grade D.
Based on Quality?  Always an A.

So, now the rest of the year remains.  Time to set goals people!!  (could that be tomorrow's blog?)  There's still time left to make it a 4.0 kinda year!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Eric Ripert

Let's all look at something pretty:

He's making Top Chef a lot more interesting this season.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mama Mia

I've been watching Paula Deen on the Food Network a lot lately.  Of course, I love her recipes, and I love the fact that she uses real butter with pride.  But, the thing I'm loving about her right now is her sweet personality.  I posted on Facebook last night, that I wanted her to be my mother.  Can you imagine?  I just feel like she would snuggle with me and love me and hug me and kiss me all the time.  The food would be marvelous.  The table would always be set with gorgeous plates and flowers . And, I"m thinking my room at her house would be filled with a big old bed, feather pillows, crisp cotton linens and fresh flowers.  She would love me and call me "honey" and "sweetie" all day long.

So, I got to thinking about other women who I'd like to be my mom.  (sidenote:  this is by no means a diss to my mom!!)  Here's four more women who, to me, epitomize a good mom.

Sally Field in Forrest Gump.  Yeah, I watched this again the other night, so this is fresh in my mind.  She's a good strong Southern woman.  (much like Paula)  She doesn't take any crap, and she protects her child with ferocity.  She would help me face the world and its challenges.  She and I would live in that beautiful home in Alabama, and she would always be on my side.

Lauren Graham in Gilmore Girls.  We would talk about everything and anything.  We would drink coffee together; even though I don't drink coffee.  She would sell her soul to help further my education and life.  She would nurture me through all my love and heartbreak.  She and I would eat Chinese food and watch movies together, and no matter what, she would be there for me.

Molly Weasley in Harry Potter.  She would always make me feel important, no matter how many kids were in the family.  She would have some secrets about her past that proved she was more than just a mom, but that mom part always came first.  She would scold me when I was out of line, but only in the most loving manner.  She would also ride a mean broomstick and we would live in a magical house. 

Roseanne  She may have a sassy mouth (which I love) but you can tell she loves her kids.  And, not only does she love her kids, but she loves her kid's friends.  She would love me and get past her discomfort to help me grow.  She would always put food on the table, even after working all day.  She would make me laugh and teach me to laugh.  She would keep our family together through all types of strife.  She would teach me how to love someone by the way she loved my dad. 

I miss having a mom, and that feeling of having someone take care of me.  Any of these women would do, but right now, I'm leaning toward Paula.  Do you think she's up for adopting me?  I'm potty trained for the most part.

What moms do you like???

Monday, July 12, 2010

Why I Loathe Going to the Doctor

Well, I had plenty of time to think about this today as I sat in the little room. 

They tricked me.  I signed in and sat down and they called me back right away. 

I was weighed and measured.  (good God, I'm shrinking!)  And, they went to put me in that little room.  You know, the one where you sit FOREVER and try to listen outside the door and figure out when the doctor is going to see you?

But, prior to that little prison sentence, I had to give a urine sample.  Peeing in a cup is the bane of my existence.  When I was 18, I was told to pee in a cup.  Being the naive young lady that I was, I wondered just how this was done.  So, I did the logical thing...I peed in the toilet and then dipped it out. 

Yeah, I know now that's not how it's done.

But, today, I made the effort and it went EVERYWHERE.  What is with that?  Guys have it so easy.  Sometimes I can do it.  But, today, it went all over the toilet, the floor, my skirt, and all over me.  I'm in my doctor's bathroom cleaning up his floor.  I am not C-O-O-L.

Then I go to wait for the doctor.  And I wait.  And I wait.  And I wait.  I go to read the magazines, and all that's there is, "Car and Driver" and something about guns; not my interests.  I look around and read the walls.  I now see all the diseases and conditions I will acquire as I age. 

I'm not having fun.

And still I wait.  I begin to use my phone, even though the sign outside said not to use phones. After so long, I figure I've earned the right.

And, finally, finally he walks through the door.  He makes a nice joke, and the exam is done and over in 10 minutes.  TEN MINUTES.  All the waiting.  All the stress.  All the urine.  So, you see, it's not the actual seeing the doctor that I loathe, but the whole process that surrounds it.

But, at least all was good.  I'm gonna live to see another doctor.  And, I'm gonna live to wait some more.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

And So It Ends

Sniff Sniff.  The World Cup is now history.  Spain wins.  The octopus picked it.  Five weeks of soccer and celebration is now over and life returns to normal.  No sports for us until mid August.  I have no idea how we will survive.

Going to see DAVE next week.  DMB plays in Charlotte on the 21st.  I wonder if he is as anxious to see me as I am to see him?

At one point today, Steven told me to look around the room to see if I could find Domino.  (one of our four cats)  I looked everywhere, with no luck.  Just as I was about to give in, I looked back toward the TV, and this is what I saw:

I think he was pretending to be a DVD.  It made me giggle.

While listening to XM radio at work on Friday, I heard an ad for a product that keeps the area "under your breasts" dry.  As I listened to the ad, I couldn't help but be intrigued.  It promised comfort and dryness.  So, I went to the site.  I was then assaulted by a product called, "Fresh Balls" and "Fresh Breasts."  It looks to be a legitimate product.  But, who named the product???  Check it out rightch here!!

The weekend of hanging free has been great. 

We went to friend's last night for dinner and cards.  Kristen served burgers on these amazing things called sandwich thins.  They were fantastic.  Maybe you've heard of them already, but they're a nice alternative to a bun or bread.  They're similar to an English Muffin.  Here's the best part - they're good for you!!  Don't tell my body!!

I can't wait to try it with lunch meet, or a nice juicy tomato!!

I'm getting the hankering to travel.  But, I have to sit tight until the start of September.  GROAN.

Forrest Gump is on TV right now.  I cry every single time I watch this movie. 

I cried when Spain's goalie lifted the World Cup Trophy. 

Oh!  I saw, 'Despicable Me' yesterday with Taylor.  Adorable.  I cried at that.

I cried when I watched, "Bethenny Getting Married," during her ceremony.

Hormones, anyone?

Here's hoping for a good week for all of us.  And, let's check out Domino one more time.  Meow!