Friday, April 29, 2011


Cinderella. Snow White.  Sleeping Beauty.  Kate.

I am a hopeless romantic.

I loved this wedding.

I remember when Charles and Diana married.  I was 19.

Horses, carriages.  Where is the fairy godmother? Seriously, that was the only thing missing.

Hats galore.

Young love.  Flower girls.  Young boys in uniform.


Breakfast hosted by the Queen.

The entire country was closed for the occasion.

I remember William's birth.  I remember seeing him go to school.  I remember seeing him walk behind his mother's casket.


Harry's personality.

Harry's fidgeting.

"You look beautiful..."

Did you see the menu?

They invited the pub landlord to the wedding.

What song did they dance to?

Did they have that formal dance?

Please let their lives be happy.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Crisis on Brownen Court

Our ice maker is broken.

I'm about to go off the deep end people.

I love ice like nobody's business.  I know all the restaurants and gas stations that have "good"  ice.  Sonic, Zaxby's and the Sunoco have good ice.  What constitutes good ice?  Small pellet type particles of frozen water are the best.  They're great for chewing.  (although, I find myself doing this less and less; I'm afraid of cracking a tooth!)  They keep your soda, water, or tea the perfect temperature.  I am particular about the amount of ice in my drink.  (more than less, please)  If my drink is presented to me with minimal ice, I ask for an extra cup of ice.  The ratio of drink to ice must be exact, or the moment is ruined. 

I also enjoy crushed ice.  Our refrigerator ice maker, when working, has a crushed ice feature.  I save this for special occasions.  It makes the drink feel extra exciting and fun!

So, for two days, we've had no ice in the house.  I'm starting to panic.  Yes, I know we can use those horrible plastic things and MAKE our own ice, but it's not the same.  I like to put my cup up to the dispenser and listen to those little beauties tumble into my glass.  I like to put a LOT of ice in my drink, to the rim, please.  I like the security of knowing that each time I go to the freezer, ice will be waiting for me.  I guess when I was growing up, I must have run into a lot of empty ice trays in my house.  I'm always afraid of not having any. 

I'm working on keeping my fears in check, but I dread living in a world without easy access to ice.  I'll let you know if and when I hear the golden "kerplunk" of the ice dropping.  Until then, it's me and my lukewarm drink, signing out for the night.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter, Vintage Style

Remember these two words:  Pussy Willow.
And, then, please tell me, just what does a pussy willow have to do with Easter? As I perused Easter pics last night, I noticed that the pussy willow shows up repeatedly.  Is this a tradition I am unaware of?  Peeps, eggs, chocolate and pussy willows?  And, I think this little chick in the big funny clown pants is using the pussy willow as a whip?  I'm not sure how LOVING that is?

WHOA!  What the heck?  Seriously, if someone gave me this bouquet, I'd have heart failure.  These gals are scary as H E double toothpicks.

For some reason, this reminds me of Easter meets Thanksgiving meets the Titanic.  I don't see this ending well.  Granted, those hats are awesome, and I do like that one chick's messenger bag, but this is not going to be successful.  First off, look at the crew.  They won't make it through one night.  And, it looks like all they have are a bunch of eggs to eat.  That is going to be one stinky boat.

PUSSY WILLOW.  And Hitler.  Well, that's what I see.  So "Easter-like."

Pussy Willow and Pussy Cat.
Three pussy cats just waiting to pounce and eat the newborn chick.  Yes, Happy Easter!
Cats and birds are enemies.  
I don't know about the pussy willow though.

And finally, the scary freakish sailor boy/girl feeding the chickens.  Lambs in the background and no pussy willow. THIS is Easter to me.  Although, that rooster looks like he's going to cause some trouble.

Happy  Easter to all of you!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Feel Good Friday

With regards to the blog title, I meant to post this yesterday, and I really liked the play on words.  (what with it being Good Friday and all that?)  But, I was lazy, and didn't get around to it until today, but I'm still going with it.

You see, there was reason to celebrate this week.  There were some serious feel good moments, and since those can be few and far between, I do my best to prolong the celebration for as long as possible!

All this goodness started last weekend when we celebrated with our dear friend, Dusti.  You remember Dusti, I'm sure, but in case you don't, here she is:

Since I've known Dusti, she's been working on her doctorate. She's worked, sacrificed, stressed, and stressed some more, but she's finally done!  We can officially call her Dr. Dusti!  So, last weekend, we celebrated and smiled and laughed.  I even held her dissertation.  I read one page, and was lost.  But, I do have a picture of it.

CONGRATS to Dusti.  Well done!!

And, then this week at work, we had the long awaited shower for a coworker of mine.  It was scheduled to be held in February. However, Tracy went out on bed rest in January.  She was pregnant with twins, and they were very anxious to make their appearance.  So, she spent eight weeks on bed rest to keep them cooking.  And, now two healthy baby boys are here, and we all got to meet them this week.  Here are the  lucky parents---

I hired Tracy when she was just 19, and now she's a grown lady in her 30s with TWINS!  It's like watching my own daughter grow up.   Her husband, Chris, is a police office in our little town, don't you just love this diaper cake??

I think we all take for granted the true miracle of childbirth. Conception, pregnancy and deliveries are amazing things.  And, then we get these little wonders in our lives.

Ummmm, I think this one is Andrew?

And, this is Ryan. 

They are just now tipping the scales at a hefty 5 pounds.  Hello, my left boob weighs more than that.
I digress.  

I hope you all found something to celebrate this week.  If not, I offer you this next picture.  Go ahead, I'm happy to share it with you.
True beauty.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another Milestone

I've got another one I can mark off my "getting old and decrepit" checklist.


I had to pluck two black hairs off my big toe today.


My sex appeal is running at an all time low today....


I'm afraid to look at my chin.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Backyard Mystery

I admit it.  I don't spend a lot of time in my backyard.  I usually only go out there when I let Rockett or the cats in and out. Our yard is so buggy, and as soon as I go outside the mosquitoes swarm.  But, during the springtime, we will get some flowers blooming, so at that time I might go check out the pretties.  (note:  any and all flowers were planted by the previous owners.  Steven and I have black thumbs.)

The other morning, I was lying in my bed, and I noticed this pretty colored thing in one of our trees:

I was too lazy to get out of bed to investigate, but I remember thinking how pretty that orange thing was. When we got home from work today, I went out back with Rockett, and noticed the interesting flower/thing again.  So, I moved a bit closer.

I realized there was something white and something orange.  I was intrigued.  I was feeling one with nature.  I was walking on the grass. 

What is this?  Why is there just this one bloom?  How amazing is nature that this can grow in a garden that receives little in the way of TLC?  I was praising nature.  I was proud of this strong flower growing in my yard.  I welcomed the symbol of persistence into my garden.  I had dreams of my yard being covered in these gorgeous flowers.  I envisioned receiving the "Yard Of the Month" award.

And then I saw this:

Curly vine?  Snake?  What could it be?

Price Tag.  Silk Garden Shop.
Fake Flower.
Placed in the tree by very funny boyfriend.

Oh well.  At least I don't have to go outside to water it.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Randomness

I watched the worst movie ever today.  Grown Ups, with Adam Sandler.  It was so bad.  B A D.  David Spade was in it.  I don't care for David Spade.

I also watched a GREAT movie today.  Taylor and I watched Harry Potter 7, Part 1, again today.  I cried, again, when Dobby died.  I can't wait for Part 2.

Bad sports weekend.  ManU lost.  Brother's baseball team lost.

I really don't care for the new Mr. Peanut.  I think he's a bit creepy?  But, I'm glad they kept the monocle.

A phantom cat keeps appearing in our back yard . It's always at dusk, and he sits under the bird feeder.  And, he looks just like Bailey.  It makes the hair stand up on our arms.

I don't like white rice.  Anyone else out there feel the same way?

I went to WalMart today.  I loathe WalMart.  I go there, maybe, once a year.  Today was the day.  Please don't let me end up on one of those, "People of WalMart" emails.

How do auctioneers learn to speak so fast?

I can't decide what I think about Gwyneth Paltrow.  I loved her in Shallow Hal, but in most other things, I think she might annoy me?

Speaking of Shallow Hal, I do love that movie.

Do you still boil eggs and dye them for Easter?  I used to LOVE to do that.  I think I'll need to do that again this year.  And then make egg salad!

Taylor and I heard a toddler crying in WalMart today.  She asked me if she ever dared to do that.  I responded that, of course she did.  She was aghast that she would have ever done such a thing.  Pshaw.

I just re-read this.  I have a lot of  "don't likes" going today.  I need to turn that around.   Liking is so much more attractive than NOT liking.

Happy Holy Week everyone.   Randomness out!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Losing a Part of Life

I can remember the very first time I saw a soap opera.  I'm guessing I was around 10 years old, and my mom was watching, "Guiding Light."  Holly was in a coma in the hospital and she was battling pneumonia.  For some reason, this whole scenario caught my eye.  I don't know if it was Holly's plight, or the idea of actually watching TV with my mom that intrigued me.  But, I became interested.

I remember asking my mom "whatever happened to that lady" on your show.  Once she answered,  (by the way, she lived!) I think I was hooked.  I watched Guiding Light, faithfully, until I was  about 30.  And because my mom also watched , "As the World Turns," I did as well.  I fashioned my hair after Colleen Zenk.  (I also fashioned my hair after Dorothy Hammill)  Our soaps were one of the things my mom and I would always discuss.  These people were safe to discuss, love and criticize.

The summer after I graduated from high school, I would meet at Sue Filer's house, and we would watch GL with her brother, his friend, and her sister.  That was a great summer.  We were all in love with Kelly, and laughed at Nola.  Phillip was hot.  Again, it was a bonding thing for all of us.  These young folks were our friends.  They just happened to dress WAY cooler than we did.

When I started college, I added All My Children to my repertoire of shows.  This was back in the day of Jenny and Greg, Angie and Jesse, and the big jet ski accident.  Sniff Sniff.  I added Days of Our Lives in the mix when Taylor was a baby, but have since remained true to only AMC.  My absolute all time favorite love story was that of Leo and Greenlee, and I am still not over Leo's "death."  I weeped when Jesse and Angie were reunited after so many years apart.  And, I honestly (and strangely) believe Tad is my buddy. 

For years at work, we would all watch AMC during our lunch hour.  GUYS and the gals.  It was another bonding experience for us, and we would discuss how stoopid these people were for days!!  (Our biggest anger was reserved for Matteo!)  It gave us all something to discuss besides work.  Since we're a law office, the trials were always an office fave!

Guiding Light and As the World Turns are now off the air.  And, just yesterday, AMC and OLTL were canceled.  Soaps are going by the wayside, and being replaced by reality and talk shows.  And, that just  makes me sad.  These "people" and their families have been in my life for as long as I can remember.  They grow older as I do.  As my family grows, so does theirs.  It will be so strange to not see them or know what happens to them.  (and honestly, how does one successfully "wrap up" a soap opera?)  What in the world will happen to Erica Kane? 

I will miss my TV friends and the way they helped me make other friends.  But hey, I guess I can watch the reality show that replaces it....


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This is my nail color choice this week:   No Spain No Gain!

Ole My Friends!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Queen City and Jonny Lang

Reflections from our 48 hour getaway to Charlotte, sprinkled with some photos of the Jonny Lang concert.

Jonny Lang has a red bus.  I love red.  I love Jonny Lang.  I love that big red bus.

Don't ever mess with a Waffle House waitress or cook.  WOW.  It was a tense situation at the Tryon Street Waffle House on April 8th.  My money was on the waitress to come out ahead in that deal.

IKEA is huge. 

There were some seriously bad hairdos at the concert.  WHOA.

Beers for $11?  Each?

Every time I hear, "Breakin Me," I feel like crying.  (Listen here if you like!)

Steven and I had fun playing 'People Bingo.'  It's a great people watching game.

I was very tempted to go to sleep on each of the IKEA beds I passed.

Not sure how many times we've seen Jonny Lang now, but I always leave more and more impressed than the time before.

I love being in a big city and using public transportation or walking.

I do love a chandelier in a music hall.

Here's the R-Rated part---please skip through if you are easily offended--- I was awakened by the sound of some seriously loud lovemaking in the room next to me.  (at our hotel)  HOLY MOLY. These folks went at it for over two hours (I must admit, I was impressed) and the woman was very very vocal.  Our walls were so thin, I felt like a third party in the whole deal.  Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep during those two hours.  Oh, but Steven slept through it all.

On our way out early the next morning, I left a nice note under the door of the loud lovers.  Let's just say I repeated one of the expressions I heard repeatedly a few hours earlier.

I do love a weekend getaway.  But, I love coming home even more. 

Thanks Jonny Lang.  Thanks Charlotte.  Thanks Steven.   12  xxx