Monday, January 31, 2011

Shuck Em and Suck Em

 Down here in these parts, we are told that the best oyster eating months are those with an "R" in it.  (Luckily, that means most months!)

For the past 28 years there has been an oyster roast held at Boone Hall Plantation to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House.  Most years, the weather is crappy.  But, yesterday, it was in the 70s, sunny, and every single person in the  lowcountry turned out for this thing.

Okay, not EVERYONE, but it sure seemed like it.  Cars were backed up onto the interstate from the exit.  It took some people 90 minutes to get into the grounds.  We parked and were transported in a vehicle used for hay rides.  B U M P Y  (but fun!)  I do enjoy breathing in the tractor exhaust.  Cough Cough.

 They started the day with over 30 tons of oysters.  By 1:30, they had run out of oysters, and had to bring in 5 more tons.   They ran out of crackers.  The beer line was so long, we didn't even stand in it.  (folks, this is serious business!)  There were bands, oyster eating contests  (the winner ate 6 and 1/2 cups of raw oysters in 3 minutes!!)  The weather was gorgeous, and fun was had by all.

I did manage to eat some oysters.  No, these are not all mine.  Look at this cute little fella.  I mean the one in the hat, of course.  This is our friend, Bryce, and his cutie patootie son, River.  This was River's first oyster roast.  I think he enjoyed the bumpy hayride more than the oyster roast.

Here's Taylor's new red hair.  I love it.  She goes back tomorrow for another application, and then it should stick a bit better.  Meet Damon, her boyfriend.  Damon is Vegan, so he wasn't real interested in the oysters. But Taylor?  That girl will eat them as long as you put them in front of her.

And why, when I hold babies, do I make the most retarded faces? 


Saturday, January 29, 2011

More Writers Block Business

Continuing with the theme of writer's block, we have a press conference today being  held within my brain.  Let's check in with the proceedings:

Reporter:  Why have there been so few inspiring blog posts of late?
The Ju:  Garsh.  I don't know.

Reporter:  Can't you come up SOMETHING?
The Ju:  No.  Everything I come up with, I've already done.  Shart story?  Check.  Old boyfriend tales?  Check.  Numerous Food postings?  Check.  Pictures of dog?  Check.

Reporter:  Surely, there's a subject you can write about?
The Ju:  Well, there are many things I want to write about, but I need to get the pictures for them, and then organize my thoughts.  They are about "big" moments, and those deserve time and thought.  And, I can't seem to find an intelligent or original thought in this head.

Reporter:  Has anyone made suggestions to you on what to write?
The Ju:  Oh yes.  Steven is quite helpful.  He's suggested everything from a tour of Charleston, to my new found love of soccer.  Great suggestions, but I respond the same to all of them:  A shrug of the shoulder, and, an "Eh."

Reporter:  Isn't anything inspiring you of late?
The Ju:  Well, I did see some very teeny tiny baby ducks on my way to work the other day.  I should have stopped to take a picture, it would have really made the post so much better.  But, I didn't.  And, now that moment is gone.  I had some tasty sushi Thursday, and that was inspirational, but seriously, would anyone want to read an entire post about my YumYum Platter?

Reporter:  Have you perused other blogs to get ideas?
The Ju:  Oh yes!  I do this every day.  I usually end up on blogs with small kids, Mormon women, or ones in Japanese, Chinese or some other ese I don't speak.  I don't really have a whole lot in common with those, so I'm not getting many ideas I can borrow.

Reporter:  So, do you have a plan of attack, or are you just going to sit there and do nothing?
The Ju:  Well, I'm out with friends tonight, and I'm guessing something will occur that I could post on.  And, tomorrow is the biggest Oyster Roast in the Southeast, so I feel like there are things upcoming that could turn the creative juices back on again. 

Reporter:  Before we close this press conference, the readers want to know, what is the latest on Bailey?
The Ju:  Well, this morning he pooped on our bathroom floor.  We've had to install a childproof lock on the cabinet for the trash can, and he's starting to drive us bonkers.  In other words, all is status quo.

Reporter:  Thank you for your time, and good luck with that whole Writer's Block thing.
The Ju:  Thank you Reporter. And, thanks to my followers who are hanging in there with me. 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I'm sitting here trying to think of blog subjects,and what to post on tonight.

Crickets chirping.

I could write about my mammogram I had today.  Uneventful.  Nice warm room.  New boob squisher.  But, I did that last year.  The only real point in writing that is to remind everyone, well, FEMALES, to go get theirs.

I could report to you that Bailey has gone another 24 hours without pooping in the tub.  I'm totally anticipating it at any minute.  But, maybe the Bailey/Poop thing is getting kind of old?

I could spend time talking about the fact that Taylor dyed her hair red today.  It's been platinum blonde for many years.  It looks great.  But, in order to talk about that, I really need a picture, and I don't have one.  Maybe tomorrow?

I could moan about the rain and the cold and how I'm anxious for spring.  But, right behind spring is summer, and I'm definitely not ready for summer.  But, this cold is just making me COLD.

I could tell you all about the homemade Hot Fudge Brownie Delight that I ate tonight.  I would describe in detail how I used to skip school and go to the Dairy Queen to eat one, and tonight I tried to replicate the treat.  Close, but no cigar.  Or, should I say, no cherry on top.

Speaking of that DQ--they used to have the absolute best chicken sandwiches.

I could tell you about the very sad real crime story going on in Charleston right now, but really, it's just too sad.  All I can say is we all need to remember to count our blessings each and every day.

I will let you know that I finished reading, "Water for Elephants" and that I loved it.  And, I am thrilled that they are making a movie from it.  AND, Robert Pattinson (Robin!!) will be starring as the main character.  Great book.  I hope it will be a good movie.

I can tell you that all the blankets in our house are clean tonight.  Thanks Steven!

I'll catch you up on the fact that we just started watching, "The Office" a few months ago, and I am addicted.  I could write to you about how Michael Scott makes me giggle.  But, you've probably already seen all the episodes, and I haven't even seen Pam and Jim's wedding yet!

But, seeing as how I can't seem to find anything to blog about tonight, I guess I'll just skip it.  However, if you have any ideas or suggestions, I will gladly steal them from you!

Peace Out Bloggerland.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

(supplemented with pictures from our dinner at Matt and Kelly's house)

I am officially the laziest person on the planet.  I am sitting here looking at dust in my house and doing nothing about it.  Well, I'm a bit grossed out by it, but that's all I'm doing.  It's not enough to get me off the couch or anything.

Look at this plate of food I had last night:

And in case you are wondering, yes I ate it all.  (Okay, I didn't eat the lamb, but I did try it.  I'm just not much of a lamb eater.)

I watched 10 minutes of an old "Charlie's Angels" episode last night.  I used to love that show as a kid.  But oh man!  It was so bad.  Bosley argued with a chicken girl that he wanted BREASTS not legs.  He must have said BREASTS about ten times.  Innuendo Much?

I think, no, I'm SURE that I was the only person at the dinner party last night who watched ten minutes of Charlie's Angels yesterday.

That HeelTastic commercial is grossing me out more and more.  That old lady's heels are enough to make me bring up a little bit of sick.

It's painfully obvious that I'm watching too much TV of late.

Meet Huxley, my little (!) friend from the dinner:  (so nice, you get it twice!)

Yes.  I snuck him a piece of chicken.

Speaking of chicken, Kelly made a Guinness chicken.  I don't know the recipe, but it involved sticking a can of Guinness Beer up the chicken's rear end?  It was quite tasty.  I've never made a whole chicken before.  The bones intimidate me.

Knock on Wood:  Bailey hasn't pooped in the bathtub for about 24 hours now.

Apparently I had a good hair day yesterday.  I received many nice compliments.  I'm not very gracious with accepting compliments.  I'm much better at getting teased.

My floors need to be mopped too.

Matt's mom was in town from England.   Kelly's mom was here from Georgetown, SC.  I think I've seen Matt's mom more times than I've seen Kelly's mom.  I find that ironic.

Matt, Kelly and I all have the same hairdresser.

In case you hadn't figured it out yet, my weekend was pretty boring.

At least I didn't get into a fist fight with oven mitts.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Man oh Man

Steven made dinner tonight.  I ate WAY too much, and this is how I feel now:

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Monday on a Tuesday

I do love a three day weekend, but oh that Tuesday back at work feels like the worst Monday ever.  It's like everyone goes a little nuts with three days to themselves.

Speaking of nuts, Bailey (the pooper) is still pooping in the bathtub.  He is also now dumpster diving.  Okay, not dumpster, but definitely trash can.  It's to the point that we need to put a childproof lock on the cabinet so he can't get into it.  I am seriously horrible at manipulating those things.  I bet he figures it out before I do.

Speaking of figures, mine just keeps getting rounder.  The countdown is on until my 30th high school reunion.  (we're at roughly five months)  I do not want to win the prize for  "most weigh gained" or "fattest alum."   Remember the "Designing Women" where Suzanne Sugarbaker went to her reunion and everyone was so mean?

Speaking of Suzanne, my mom said that was almost my name.  Thank goodness that didn't happen.  I don't think I'd want to answer to "Suzy."

Speaking of thinking, I've been thinking about vacation this year and where to go.  I'm seriously considering Amsterdam.  Other possibilities in my fantastical mind:  Nicaragua  (but, what would Steven eat?), Florida  (again, cheap and close), an all inclusive (love not carrying around money, but somewhat over the beach), and any other place you guys might suggest?

Speaking of fantastical, I received the Sundance catalog in the  mail today.  I would like one of each item please; including Robert Redford, whose picture graces the inside cover. 

Speaking of covers, I am constantly on the search for the perfect duvet/bedspread/comforter.  I swear, I change mine a couple times a year.  I cannot find one that is the right weight and doesn't show animal hair.

I don't want to speak about right weight.

Speaking of speaking, I've really gotten to the point where I can't stand talking on the telephone.  I figure within ten years, I should be a complete hermit.

And, speaking of complete, this post is now just that!

Monday, January 17, 2011

PS I wish you were here

Dear Dr. King:

I wonder what you'd say if you were alive today.  I can't help but think you'd be a bit disheartened by the state of the world.  It doesn't seem like people are being very nice to each other of late.

Tension seems to be running so high throughout the world.  There are wars and unrest everywhere.   It seems like the more hateful a person is, the more press and celebrity they receive.  I wonder if you would have even received a headline if you were preaching today.  The only preachers I'm hearing about are the ones who hate gay people, or the ones who've had numerous affairs or broken laws.  The good guy is finishing last.

 I'm trying to stay true to your word and look at the content of a person's character.  Sometimes, that's a lonely road.  I can't imagine how difficult it was for you, and I truly appreciate your efforts and the sacrifices you and your family made.  I won't lie to you, I like having today off from work too.

Thank you for your works and your words.  I will do everything I can to honor you and them.

The Ju

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Yeah.  That pretty much sums up my weekend.  I haven't done much, and I don't feel like doing anything. 

There's been too much to think about, and that just wears me OUT.   I did find time to eat some oysters, but that's about all I've accomplished. 

So, there's nothing exciting to report, other than this is a good representation of my current state:

Here's hoping I find some oomph tomorrow.  If not, pour some salt and me, and let's call it a day!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Girls Night In

Most times in my world, I am out somewhere on a Thursday night.  I get my nails done every other Thursday.  And, the Thursday I'm not getting beautified tends to be the night I go for a wine tasting, or something else fun while Steven is playing soccer. 

Tonight, I am IN.  And, I am loving it.  I have the house to myself.  Well, it's me, Rockett, Bailey (the pooper), Mikki, Domino and Charlie.  Steven has a game.  (they won 11-5)  Taylor is in Columbia at a show.  It's a night of big decisions.  For example, Warm Vanilla Sugar or Gingerbread Man?

(I opted for Gingerbread Man)  I ran the water as hot as possible and was only interrupted by Rockett's incessant barking at something outside, and a phone call from Taylor's dad.  (so much for peace and quiet?)

This picture combines two of my favorites--the polar bear pajama pants that Taylor bought me for Christmas, and this wonderful doggy resting her head on my leg.  Awwww.

 No girl's night in is complete without a nice bottle of wine.  Luckily, I had opened this one a few days ago and it was calling out to me.  Drink me Ju!  Drink me!

 These are the cute wine glasses I received as a Christmas present.  Red glasses.  Polka Dots.  Red glasses with Polka dots on a Thursday night in?  Perfection!!

... and while we're at it, let's have some good stuff.  If you ever travel to the south, be sure you stop by the Piggly Wiggly and pick yourself up some of this good grub.  This is seriously the best pimento cheese.  EVER.

I mean, come on!  It has soul.  It says so right on the package!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Beware Of........

Please remind me that on mornings when I step in cat crap to start the day, that the day is probably gonna be a real stinker.

Yes, our oldest cat, Bailey, has taken to pooping in the bathroom.  More specifically, the bath tub.  This morning, I was wakened by the lovely perfume of cat pooh.  I went to clean it up, saw the poop in the tub and walked over to clean it.   Then SQUISH.  Ewwwwwww.  Right between my toes.  He left me a little gift just outside the tub. 

At this point, I should have just gone back to bed, pulled the covers over my head, and called it a day.  The universe was giving me a sign.  But noooooooo.  I had to keep on going.


The rest of my day was filled with problems of all sorts.   Our Columbia office is closed due to snow.  The phones were acting up due to snow.  My boss was grumpy because of the snow and the phones.  The people in our office all seemed to have something going on, and the stress level was HIGH.  It was freezing cold all day long.  I didn't wear enough clothes to work.  There was no lettuce for Steven's tacos.  I burned the taco shells in the toaster oven.  (black smoke emanating from the toaster oven folks)  Daughter is sick. 

I think this winter thing is starting to get to everyone.  In an effort to remind myself, and everyone else, that it won't be long before we're sweating off our patooties, here's a picture of me on the absolute hottest day of 2010. 

At least I didn't step in cat s&*t that day.
Hang in there babies!  Summer's Coming.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Ice Day Haiku

We don't often get days off work due to weather complications.  And, when we do, it's usually because of hurricanes; certainly not SNOW or ICE.  But, today, the tri-county area shut down due to ice.  In honor of that ice, I feel my Haiku Juices Flowing...

6:50 AM
Big Guy agrees to closing
Mass Text Then Ensues

Homemade Breakfast Treats
Loads of Delicious Bacon
Biscuits, cheese and joy

Watched a weird movie
Steven and I on the couch
Good Dick was the name

Robert Redford rules
So hot in "the Sting" movie
Love that furry chest

Birds looking for food
Hope they like potato chips
In their wet bird house

Trip out during day
Where else but Mexican food
Tequila and beer

Add ice to the south
We don't how to react
So we just ENJOY.

Must remember this
In the humid summertime
Where are the 70's?

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Last January 1st, Steven undertook (is that a word?) a very daunting project, to take an original picture every day of the year.

I figured it would be no problem for him, as he's constantly snapping photos with his phone and his camera.  I didn't realize it would become a quest to find the perfect picture each and every day.

He took his camera everywhere for a year.  He asked me, just about every day, "what should I take a picture of today?"  I always gave the same suggestion:  take a picture of you taking  a picture.  I don't think he ever resorted to that.

He was very excited when we would travel, as it presented him with different photo ops.  He created many of them in his "kitchen studio."  He took countless trips to cemeteries, parks and the bridge.  He found empty buildings, cute animals and didn't break any major laws.  He only got hit on once. (that I know of!)  Not only did he take an original picture daily, but he took multiples, and then spent time editing the pictures.  Let's just say I've kinda forgotten what he looks like? 

I'm very proud of not only his gorgeous pictures, but his dedication to this project, and his commitment to excellence while doing it.  Well done dear!! 

You can enjoy Steven's year in photos here.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Slumber Party

Last night, Rockett spent the night with Taylor at her dad's house.  Taylor was staying in for the evening and wanted to snuggle with the Queen Snuggler.  So, they had a girl's sleepover.

That means I came home and there were no doggy kisses, waggy tails or trademark whines. 

Then I went to bed, and no one tried to get under the covers, ended up not being able to breathe, and ultimately flopping on the bed outside the covers.

This morning, there was no doggy to look sad when we left for work. 

I'm telling you, I was out of sorts the whole day.  She was off having fun with Taylor and Xammie (Taylor's dog at her dad's) and I was here without them. 
(sidenote:  the cats were in 7th Heaven for that 24 hour period.  I'm sure they partied all night long thinking Rockett had left permanently!)

I am happy to report that Rockett is back home and life is back to normal.  Although, she's just like a teenage girl who is wiped out after a sleepover with friends.  She's snoozing away.

And, just like normal, the cats are really pissed off again.

(Photo Credit to Taylor)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011