Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thoughts Compiled While Traveling To and Fro

One day a week, I travel to work in our Columbia office.  Lately, Taylor has been joining me on the drive.  (Her boyfriend lives in Columbia, she's not looking for Mommy time or anything)  Some of the things that have gone through this pea brain of mine....

So glad Taylor can drive, so I can relax (translation:  sleep) on the way home.

The drive between Charleston and Columbia is seriously the most boring stretch of road on the planet.

There's actually a Rush Limbaugh billboard that states, "Saving your morals."  Huh?

There are WAY too many memorial crosses on this highway; meaning WAY too many people have lost their lives.

We are seeing Prince in concert tomorrow night.  Yeah, that has nothing to do with the drive, but it's on my mind.

Saw a great bumper sticker today:  Do you follow Jesus this closely? 

I can go about 90 miles on my bladder. 

They play Katy Perry a lot on the radio. 

Why is the a/c in the car always too cold?

Way too many people ride in the left lane.

I love Prince, but don't enjoy the song, "Purple Rain."  I figure I'll be the only one at the show not enjoying that song.

How did we ever survive without cruise control?

Whenever I go to Columbia, I feel like I'm on a mini vacation.

I do enjoy the smiley face made out of rocks/flowers on the side of the road.

Should I wear purple to the concert?  Do I even own anything purple?

I love my sun roof.

I am amazed how quickly I fall asleep when riding in the car. (note, I say riding not driving!)

Even if Taylor is really only going with me to see Damon, I'm still enjoying the time together.

I wonder who's taller, me or Prince?  I guess it depends on who has the higher heels.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

When You Wish Upon A Star

Dreams really do come true!!

We attended a baby shower Friday night.  The nice part about this shower is the fact that the baby was there!  (I think all showers should be adjusted so you get to meet the baby, but what do I know!)

These friends of ours having been trying to have a baby for a long time.  They've gone through all sorts of medical stuff and no luck.

They had to get to the point where they decided to adopt, and no luck.

They decided to go through DSS, and still no luck.

They didn't care if they had a boy, girl, young, old, black, white, yellow, red, whatever.  They had love they wanted to share. 

A couple weeks ago, the planets and stars aligned, and now they have a newborn little girl.  That is the really short version of the story.  REALLY short. But suffice it to say that it is a miracle. 

We were all there to celebrate the new baby with them.  

Some were more excited than others.

Sometimes, and not nearly often enough, the nice guy does finish first.

Congrats Chris, Stacey, and Baby Elloree!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Only If You Dare

Beware the dreaded Mount Laundry!  It grows by leaps and bounds!  It  is never ending!  It can ruin your weekend!  Only the very brave need approach it!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011

JuJu Went Back In Time

Remember how I told you I had a "whole 'nother story" about THIS place?

Believe it or not, the sign isn't what made us go inside.  We wanted somewhere within walking distance, and we both love pasta, so Angelo's was the winner.  We actually saw this sign after the meal. 

As we entered the restaurant, I immediately felt like I was in Terre Haute, Indiana, circa 1979.  Just in case you've forgotten, this is me from that era:  (hello brother and father!)

Anyway, there I am inside Angelo's restaurant in Myrtle Beach,  yet sure I'm at the Rod and Gun Club in Terre Haute.  There was dark dark paneling.  There were vinyl tablecloths.  The people eating there had surely been there since 1979.  (granted, we were there early enough for the early bird special!)    Michael Jackson music was piped into the joint.  And, they had this on the table:

Yes, that is fake dew on the fake flowers.
Don't be jealous because my man knows where to take me for some F I N E dining.

And then I saw it on the menu.  Since it was a special night, I decided to order a bottle of wine.
As I looked at the menu, I spied two words--
Folks, this was the wine of choice for romantic teens on prom night.  And, since I was living on the edge....

I almost felt like it was wrong for it to be in a chiller, and to drink it out of something made of glass.
$12 a bottle baby.  
My brother would call this, "drinking memories."  And, that was surely all that wine is good for these days...

One final bit of time we walked back to our hotel, we stopped into a Mini Mart.  While there, I spied these, which I haven't seen in AGES.

Honest to goodness, if I had turned the corner and run into Pete Grimes, I wouldn't have even batted an eye.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Just A Little Getaway

Steven and I drove up to Myrtle Beach yesterday.  MB is only about 90 miles from us, yet it feels like a real getaway when you go there.  We started our 24 hour vacation by watching ManU play from Molly Darcy's Irish Pub.  You know the day is going to be good when your team wins.

After venturing back to the southern part of Myrtle Beach, we checked into our hotel and walked around checking out the pool areas.  The best thing about Myrtle Beach is that all hotels seem to have a plethora of pools.  Not just pools, but wading pools, lazy rivers, indoor pools, outdoor pools, hot tubs, and then more pools.  If you like a pool, Myrtle Beach has one for you.

A philosophy I am going to live by from here on in.
I mean, honestly.  This lady has it figured out.
It was wonderful to sit outside and just forget about things for a few hours.
There were girls in swimsuits everywhere.  
Young girls.
Young girls who haven't had children yet, and their bodies haven't succumbed to gravity yet.

 Gnomes really like Myrtle Beach.  Look how happy this guy is.
He must have been checking out the young gals  in swimwear.

 We had dinner at this little establishment.  I have a WHOLE 'nother blog about this.  
Let's just say that askew "V" should have been a clue.
Our waitress didn't find my stories very funny.  I thought they were hilarious.  
Oh, and how great is it to have Michael Jackson piped into the Italian restaurant?

 There are gift stores on every block.  Famous people shop there.  As did we.

 And, isn't this always nice to know?
At least you don't have to ASK where they keep the BIG SIZES.

 These reminded me of my mom.  

 One of the many pools.  I was not temped to jump into this from our 11th floor room.  Really.  
But, Steven really wanted to try to spit into it.
As far as I know, he didn't do it.

So now, our little 24 hour vacation is over, but I feel relaxed and rested.  
We did a lot in a little space of time, and now it's back to reality.
I'd rather be back with Elvis.

Friday, March 18, 2011


Today was a typical early spring day in South Carolina.  It was gorgeous and sunny.  It actually felt warm inside the car after it was closed up for a few hours. 

Today was a typical early spring day in South Carolina.  Pollen is covering everything.  Steven had the car washed this morning, and by noon, it was covered again.  The sidewalks, driveways and plants are all covered.  This leads to typical early spring sneezing.

Today was a typical Friday off work day.  I slept in later than normal, and enjoyed some mind numbing TV.  In addition, Steven and I went to see a matinee.  Typical movie fare:  popcorn and soda.

This evening is a typical Friday in March.  Basketball is on, my bracket isn't doing so hot, and I'm sitting on the couch.

And, while this day has been a lovely day, to be honest, it's been anything but typical. 

In the middle of the night, Taylor texted me that a friend of hers had been killed in an automobile accident.  Since receiving the news, I can't get this kid and his family out of my mind.  Taylor went to school with him since first grade.  His last name was Taylor, and the teacher pointed out that if they married, she would be Taylor Taylor.  (she burst into tears, by the way)  This child and Taylor were in the same class/pod all through elementary and middle school.  They attended high school together.  He has a twin sister who was in  Taylor's girl scout troop.  His mother and I had a few things in common, as we were one of the few divorced moms in this group of kids. 

And now, he's gone.  I haven't seen this child for many years, but immediately, I think of that boy in first grade, and how he and Taylor were the same size, and thus hung together.  Their pictures were always together in the yearbook. Young adults are mourning together on Facebook, and at a show this evening.  They are facing an all too adult reality. 

On this typical Spring Friday in South Carolina, a young life is over.  Birds are singing, the sun is shining, and the world keeps spinning.  But, for Jason's family, nothing will ever be typical again.  And all of that just makes me very very sad.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Pig Out

And, I do mean PIG OUT.

I made chicken fried steak tonight.  And gravy.  This is the first time in my life that I've ever attempted and made gravy.  Pioneer Woman gives me the confidence to try these things. 

I am happy to report that it turned out great. 

The comfort food (we had it with mashed potatoes) helped make my Monday a bit better!!  I am now sitting on the sofa stuffed to the gills.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

We're All Irish One Time A Year

Yesterday was the annual block party held in the Old Village of North Charleston.  It's a great area, one in which I'd love to live someday.  And, man, can they throw a party.

We went to our favorite Irish Pub prior to the party to watch the ManU v. Arsenal game.  So, our day started early.   Luckily, ManU won, so the rest of the day was icing on the cake!

Yesterday was my friend, Dusti's birthday.  How nice it must be for all those people to turn out to celebrate her!!

Here's a picture of that crowd! 

We had a great time with friends.  The weather was gorgeous, and everyone was in a great mood.  

One of my favorite things about a day like this is all the great people watching it provides.  It was one of the greenest parties I've ever attended!  Everyone was in the spirit, and happy to have their photo snapped!

These two were dancing to the live music and having a ball!

The Vikings were Irish?

Even Hello Kitty got in on the action.

And finally, the party begins when the kilts arrive!

No.  I didn't look underneath.  :-)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Night Random

I saw the best license plate on my way to Columbia this week:  RMBR911

I have two new favorite TV shows:  Who Do You Think You Are and An Idiot Abroad. 

I'm sad that Carla is off Top Chef.

 I'm really sad about the earthquake and tsunami.

We had a great week with friends in town.  But, I'm pooped now.

Speaking of poop, Bailey is still gifting us in the bathtub.

Are you watching American Idol?  We are.  I like the guys better than the girls. 

I'm really dreading losing this hour of sleep tomorrow.  That will screw me up until October.

I need a vacation.

BIG time.

That aint happening any time soon.


But hey, I'm healthy and alive and grateful for all that.

TGIF Friends.  Have a great weekend!