Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day Three, And Finally....The Reunion

......realized that it was time to bury some of these ghosts from my past.

I've hung on to so much disappointment and hurt from moving my senior year.  I've whined and moaned, and let it affect me for thirty years.  I pouted for most of my senior year, and stayed angry at my parents for even longer.

So, as I sat there and looked out at my classmates, all of us older and wiser, I realized it was time to just let it all go.  And I did.  It was just that easy too.  Okay, granted, it took me an awful long time and a 13 hour road trip to get there, but just like that, I put the ghosts to bed. 

And thus, the next day was one of total peace and low nerves for me. I didn't need to tour the school anymore.  I was content to remember it as it had been in 1981.  My mind might be a bit foggy at times, but I can remember the band room, the choir room and the stage.  I can remember that horrible swimming pool right near the cafeteria  (who designed that anyway??!) I can easily see the classroom where I learned about the Ides of March.

I felt so happy.

Steven and I spent the afternoon at a cute little bar and watched cars cruise up and down Wabash Avenue.  We watched some excitement taking place at the Cigar Store across the street.  We prepared for the reunion dinner and I felt no qualms.  I just felt happy.

The dinner was dinner, you know buffet and all that.  I sat with Jenifer, Sam, their husbands, and another lovely couple.  I hugged Webster Wilson, and he asked me how my parents were.  My clever response?  Dead.  Luckily, we both giggled.  I chatted with Chuck Parrish and we realized how much we had missed each other's smart-ass-ness.  I spoke with my band instructor and realized he did remember me, and he, too, asked after my dad.  The TinMan from our production of  "The Wizard of Oz" presented Steven with a picture from those days, and it warmed my heart tremendously.  (this gal was Dorothy)

We watched a wonderful clip with photos and candids of classmates.  I was pleasantly surprised that I was in as many pictures as I was.  I was a tad bit nervous when my picture came up on the screen.  But, at least there were no "boos" or such!  I felt sad for those who have passed on.  The party moved upstairs and people danced.  Yeah, all our dance moves are stuck in the 80s.

We moved to a bar and I would swear that everyone moved from the reunion to the bar.  No one wanted the night to end.  Everyone else drove, but Steven and I walked from the hotel.  Uh, it was WAY more blocks than I figured.  I was a sweaty mess by the time we got there.   Once a dork, always a dork...

But, I didn't care. I was just enjoying myself.  I was happy to be right where I was at that moment.  The cool kids mingled with the non cool and all was right with the world.  Everyone was happy and smiling and it was just good.


I know you're wondering to yourselves, what about Pete Grimes?  Is there more to this tale?  Well, I put my feelers out people.  I heard everything from, "He's been run out of town" to "He's just the same."  One report had him looking HOT, another had him looking rough.  Again, this is another thing I prefer to remember as I did in 1981.  I guess he's to remain a mystery to all of us for a little while longer.  (don't worry---I won't give up on THIS one!!)  This is one ghost we'll let stick around, okay?

So, no tripping and falling.  No school tour.  No pants wetting.  No Pete Grimes sightings.  But folks, I found peace.  I didn't know I'd find it there.  But honestly?  If I think about it, I kinda figure it was hidden there all the while.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day Two, Mini Tour and The Meet & Greet

...Honey Creek Square Mall, the DQ I used to frequent after school (Hot Fudge Brownie Delight, Hello!), Long John Silver's, Rax Roast Beef (which is now Arby's), the Wabash Valley Fairgrounds and on and on and on.  As we traveled down 41 South, I found my head whipping left and right, trying to take it all in.  It had been thirty years since I traveled this road.

Our first stop was going to be my old neighborhood, Woodgate East.  I wasn't sure I would be able to find it, but once I got to the top of the hill, past the Monastery, I knew the road.  My body knew the turns to take, and we found ourselves on Highland Court.  We went right to the house and saw all sorts of crap outside.  So, the picture looks a bit junky, but it was still great to see my house.  I giggled as I remembered sneaking out at night to get into some kind of trouble. I thought about my dad listening to Willie Nelson albums.  I remembered the summer Chip Glore had his motorcycle accident and Jenifer and I made dinner for the family.

I showed Steven where Dan Roberts had lived, Royce Ehrle, and then Donita and Jenifer's houses.  (my buddies)   It was strange to look at those two houses and have a 60 second replay of my life go on in my head.  Toto, Heart, Earth Wind & Fire, Jesus Christ Superstar, tomato soup with popcorn, unsweet tea, yogurt, Shower to Shower powder, earrings, Fritz, Coco, Kelly.

We then continued our tour by driving by the school.  Steven noticed the sign before I did.  (go figure)

From outside, I pointed out where my locker was, the band room and where we practiced marching band.  I thought about waiting for the bus to take us to band camp.  I remembered wet hair from swimming, basketball games and pep band, homecoming courts, musicals, revues, lunch in the cafeteria, and on and on.  It was so quiet, being that it's summertime.  It felt so odd to be there.  I'd thought about this moment for a long long time, and I found myself feeling a little, well, empty?

After a much needed nap (Jenifer kept us up much too late the previous evening!) we headed over to the Meet and Greet at a classmate's gorgeous home.  I haven't felt that nervous since I don't know when.  I seriously contemplated turning around and heading for the hills.  No one would know, right?  So, Steven and I walk to the back of the lovely house, and we see a throng of people in the yard, and I seriously think I'm going to pee my pants.  All of a sudden, from nowhere, comes crazy Brenda up the steps to give me the biggest bear hug.  Brenda hadn't changed one iota.

I started looking around and was so happy to realize that I recognized faces. (I only had one moment of, "honestly, I don't remember you.")  Did they recognize me?  Did they remember me?  Oh man, do they like me?  I made my way down the steps and my ankle went out on me and I came this close to making a REAL memorable entrance, if you know what I mean.  Luckily, Steven caught me and we moved through the throng.

I saw the boy who I broke up with by singing to him on the telephone.  (Sorry Rob, I still feel bad about that)  I saw the girl we all thought was so beautiful.  (yep, she still is)  I located my Facebook friends.  I put on my name tag and wrote my maiden name for the first time in ages.  (Steven went by the name, "Husband.")  I drank beer, legally, with these folks.  I reminisced with the boys from the Young Bucks Band.  The baton twirler was there.  Bravettes were there.  People remembered me as the Coach's daughter.

I giggled with Sam.  Chris and I discussed life changes.  I tried my darndest to get scoop on Pete Grimes. Steven was becoming the life of the party.  Darla, Jeff and I discussed driving up from the south and how great the temps in Indiana were.

I ate a ton of red, black and white (school colors) candies, and made Steven try a Little Kings.  (beer of choice for the underage crowd in the late 70's)

And, as I was sitting there, admiring the weather, the people, my husband and life in general,  I....

(to be continued)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Day One, Giggling With Jenifer

Last Thursday morning, Steven and I set off on our cross country (well, HALF cross country) adventure.  We rose early and were on I26 by 5:30 am.  I promptly fell asleep, even though the excitement was killing me!  I slept through the best part of the trip (the Smokies) but woke up in enough time to see the world's biggest cross situated next to the world's biggest porn shop.  Irony?

As you know, this was the weekend of my 30th High School Reunion, to be held in Terre Haute, Indiana.  You did know this right? I've mentioned it a few times before?  We decided to spend the first night in Indianapolis with my dear friend, Jenifer.  (You may remember Jenifer, I blogged about her here...

As I'm heading to this reunion, I'm wondering to myself a few things:

1. Will I know anyone?  Will I remember anyone?  
2. Will anyone know or remember me?
3. Will I feel sad about having to move my senior year?
4. Will I make an ass of myself?
5. Will we get any new Pete Grimes updates?

I thought about these things through North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, a bit of Ohio, and then Indiana.  I reminisced in my mind as the temperatures plummeted from 100 in Goose Creek, down to 63 in Indy.  (that was pure bliss, my friends!)  I would look over at Steven and thank my lucky stars that he was accompanying me to this event. 

My heart broke when I had to move my senior year.  And that heartbreak has affected me for the the last thirty years.  So, going back to it all is kind of a big deal for me.  I was 16 when I left there, and an awful lot has transpired in the years.  There are a lot of ghosts there that need to be visited.  And, I'm nervous as all get up.

So, I'm awful glad that we spend Night Number One with crazy Jenifer and her crazy family.  She has a wonderful husband and four great kids.  We eat, we visit, we look at yearbooks and gossip like nobody's business.  Neither one of us really knew a whole lot, but we shared what little we did.   "Oh, do you think so and so will be there?"  We regaled our husbands with tales that bored them crazy, but sent us into fits of giggles.  It was a very special evening.  It helped prepare me for meeting up with all those memories.

I woke up on Day Two in a teen girl's bedroom.  I couldn't help but think about myself as a young girl, sleeping in a bedroom just like this.  I was reminded of all I had hoped and dreamed for in my life, and did it all end up as I had dreamed? 

So, with a great evening under our belt, and a little bit of a hangover, we then proceed on the 70 mile drive to Terre Haute.  That's when we take Exit #7 and head south on Hwy 41 and we see....

(to be continued...)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Love Blogland and Bloggerville

Seriously.  I love Blogland and Bloggerville.  I love my friends I've made.  I love reading the blogs I read.  I know it's cyber space, but I really do care for these people I've met through blogs. I don't mean any kind of creepy caring for thing, but it is a special affinity.  And if you're reading this, that means YOU!!!

I look forward to daily postings and find myself disappointed when people don't post. 

I've met only one of my blogger friends, but she has come to mean the world to me, and I consider her a very close friend.  I think it's because we all bare our souls here in Bloggerville.   We don't have to wear fake smiles or our best outfits.  We visit with each other when we are at our most comfortable.

One of my most recent favorites is a young man from Chicago.  I started following him from Blogs of Note.  He is so creative and artistic.  I love seeing his creations and his photographs.  He has a special talent, and so wants to spend his life perfecting that talent.

Often times he'll gently suggest for people to send him something pretty.  I've done so on a couple occasions, but they were only cute postcards.  I'm NOT artistic!  You all know I love to send postcards, so this was a fun thing for me to do. 

Today in the  mail, I received a lovely postcard, and it was from my new blog friend.  It is a picture he took and turned into a postcard.  I LOVE IT!  It will have a place of honor on my refrigerator.

Isn't it amazing how a simple thing can make your whole day lighter?  Thanks Dean!

Check out Dean's blog here!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

My dad loved popping peanuts in his mouth. 
He also loved the underdog.

Godfather Movies.  Bugs Bunny.  Broadway Musicals.
Your name is Judith, so when shortened, it only makes sense that it would be Judi.
Football.  Football.  Football.

Vodka in the Freezer.
Enjoy golf for the surroundings, Judi.
Black Olives at holidays.

Hip always out of place, so he walked funny.
Couldn't dance to save his life, but that didn't keep him from doing it.
NOT a snappy dresser.

Loved Jake like crazy.
Voracious reader.
Coaching shorts and no Top.  (ugh)
Snored like a madman.  (that's where I get it?)

Potato Chips were of the Gods.
Steak RARE.  No other way acceptable. 
He cried at movies. 
Corn on the cob and tomatoes with tons of salt and pepper. 

Happy Father's Day Dad.  I hope they have a great Father's Day cookout in Heaven today.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

30 Year Panic Attack

In just over a week, I'll be heading to Terre Haute, Indiana, for my 30th high school reunion.  I have been looking forward to this for months.  I've re-discovered friends on Facebook, made my travel arrangements, and reviewed my yearbook endlessly.  I've talked about it to anyone who would listen.  I've made my hair and nail appointments so as to be fresh and gorgeous for the big event.

But last night, I had a moment of panic.  And for a few minutes, I decided I wasn't going to go.  You see, in 1981, I looked like this:

In case you're trying to figure it out, I'm second from the left.  And yes, I had blue eyeliner on.  I think that shirt belongs to Jenifer Elizabeth Farrington.

Anyway, that was 1981.  Today, I look more like this:

 Okay, my hair is red, and I'm probably a tad bit taller, but this is a pretty good likeness.  If that doesn't do it for you, this one might:

Okay, okay, obviously, I don't have six nipples.  Or spots.  Or ears that cover up my eyeballs.  Or four legs.  But, you get what I'm saying.  My size has changed quite considerably over the years.

As I tried on clothes last night, I had that moment where I told myself that NO WAY could I show up looking like I do.  I would just give my regrets and stay home.  This made me sad.  It made me mad at me for not taking better care of myself, in anticipation of this weekend.  I had a nice little pity party for a few minutes. 

I'm happy to say that I got over that moment.  Yeah, I wish I were thinner, had better skin, had a job that others might find interesting, etc.  But, I'm guessing the majority of alumni feel the same way.

I don't ever want my appearance, or lack thereof, to ever keep me from doing something I enjoy.  I am what I am.  I'm a big ball of fun.  And, I'm going to go to Terre Haute, honeymoon with my husband, tour that high school I've thought about for so many years, and take so many darn pictures, you'll grow tired of looking at them!  I'm not going to worry about my gut or my butt.    This gut and butt are part of me, and the journey I've been on for the past thirty years.

So watch out Terre Haute, I'm coming back!  And, oh yeah, Baby got Back. 


Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Toys

I have three new toys that I'm absolutely loving.  Well, four, if you count my HUSBAND.  ha ha.  I'm so funny.

My first new toy is this insulated tumbler.  I normally drink a Diet Coke in the morning, in lieu of coffee.  I've noticed lately that I'm just not enjoying the soda so much anymore.  So, I'm switching to unsweet tea and will take it in my cute sassy tumbler to work.  My ice cubes will last as long as I want them to, and hey, it's a cute fashion accessory.

 Toy Number Two is my new Kindle!  Yay!  I was trying so hard not to succumb to this trend, but oh my, I'm glad I did.   I can now be the ultimate in lazy and order my books on line and never have to leave the couch again!  Okay, well, I will have to get up and eat at some point, but I can still do some one stop shopping and start reading immediately!  Check out the fancy schmancy cover:

 Best of all?  I can adjust the size of the font.  Oh, joy!  Can I put off the bifocals just a tad bit longer?

And finally, even though I have no pictures to show you, I have some brand new sheets for my bed.  They are pink and frilly and girly.  They remind me of my grandmother.  And, Toy Number Four is not nearly as crazy about them as I am.  :-)

Friday, June 10, 2011

No Wonder I'm Pooped

This week I:

changed my name from Tedford to McCabe.

spent some time at the DMV to update my license.

spent some time at the Social Security office to change my card.  By the way, that is seriously the most depressing place on the planet.

put on my official wedding ring. 

ate my weight in snacks at the snack day the office held in our honor.

bowled again, worrying the entire time about doing something to hurt my ring.

looked at my ring about 984 times.

felt sad for one of my co-workers who lost his fiance to a very sudden death.

realized how precious, and short, life is.

dreamed that I was nursing a baby.  HUH?

dealt with fraudulent checks being drawn on our trust account at work.  Seriously, why are criminals so stupid?

had nail night combined with celebrate some more night and Laura's birthday night and wear a really cool new fascinator type hat night.

figured out that as much as I enjoy celebrating, I'm getting a little full from all the food and wine.

became excited when I realized:  my 30th high school reunion is in two weeks, the Morris family will be back here in three, and my actual vacation is within a month's time.

rejoiced that my friend, Tracy, got a job after 87 tries.  (literally)

bought a Kindle! 

took my Friday Afternoon Nap.

***Now we're all caught up.  I'm sure your week was just as busy!  We are all overdue for some weekend R & R.  Hope yours is a good one!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011