Sunday, May 12, 2013

Let's Catch Up!

Whew, I am really really behind on posting, eh?  Because I'm feeling super lazy, but still want to get caught up, we will just do this quick and easy.  So, no more procrastination, here's the recap of the last week!!

Ate great Mexican food for Cinco De Quatro AND Cinco De Mayo.
Got free Tshirts at the good restaurant. 
Sir shaved a goofy chin strap on his face and got free food and drinks at same restaurant.
Worked four days.
Watched AMC on line.  The jury is still out...
Marveled at Charles Ramsay.
Tried to hire an attorney for the firm.
Wrote a goofy bio for the firm website.
Watched TV with Taylor.
Drove to Columbia.  Drove back.
Listened to three hours of my book. 
Got my nails did.
Went to Savannah.
Stayed in a really cool loft in downtown Savannah.
Walked a lot.
Drank beer at the Rail Pub.
Played loads of songs on the jukebox.
Had BAD Mexican food, never thought that was even possible.
Saw a bird explode.  Seriously.
Watched ManU get their trophy today and got choked up when Sir Alex spoke to the crowd.
Got caught up on Grey's Anatomy.  Please don't let Meredith lose the baby!
Ate some Angry Pasta.
Thanked the powers that be for my two wonderful kids.
Talked to my Grandma.
Ate a few Munchos.
Took a couple naps.
Took the lazy way out to get caught up on the blog.

Happy Mother's Day to all of us.  Even if you aren't a mom, I know you have mothered someone or something in your life.  Kudos  to you!

Sir and I celebrating fourteen and two.
photo by Sir


Lap Dog Knits said...

wow, you've been busy!!!
Love that you went to Savannah, never been there myself (would love to one day!!!)
bad mexican food???
I had that in the Chicago bad I've never forgotten it..
looking for great mexican food?
come to southern california..we now consider it northern mexico..
loved charles ramsey...truely bothered my mind for days thinking about those girls and what they had to experience..not sure what bothered me more...what happened to them or what my thoughts were of what I want to do to the man would include pain...I think I've seen too many horror movies because I had several ideas...
love the pic of you and hubby...
what are his favorite colors??

Grandma K said...

As for AMC - there are a lot of the characters I still miss, and it seems to me they "tweaked" the story line on that AND OLTL a little. Still watching though.

The loft looked great. It would have been better than a hotel absolutely.

Hope Mother's Day was good for you.

sherri s. said...

Love your lists! Um, exploding bird? That sounds terrible! And bad Mexican food--you're right, I thought it was impossible too, but I too had SCARY Mexican food in Arizona of all places. YIkes!