Wednesday, April 24, 2013


This blog has been hijacked by a Candy Crush Addict.

There have been relatively few posts on here because the author has been taken hostage by the evil game known as CANDY CRUSH.

She plays it from the time she gets to home until the time she goes to bed.

No intellectual conversations with the husband.

No reading of wonderful novels.

Not even the viewing of Chopped, Breaking Bad or some reality show.

Her life has been taken over by little candies, the horrible girl and man above, and the quest for lives, donuts and clearing of the jellies.

She hopes to be freed from this prison soon.  Just as soon as she gets past Level 45.


Colleen said...

My blog has been hijacked by life...

Grandma K said...

Perhaps you can be my "friend" at this place!!! I finally caved yesterday.

sherri s. said...

Whaaaat? I do not play any games online--am I a freak? I do spend a lot of time stalking vintage sewing patterns, often unsuccessfully. And also? I have a not-so-smart phone, so there's that!