Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Chafing Me and Chafing You

Hhhhh  Hhhhh Hhhhhi!

That's me panting and trying to talk.  That's what it sounds like when I run.  Well, jog.  I'm happy to report
(and a bit surprised---) that I'm now on to week two of my C25K.  Here's what I've learned since beginning this program:

1.  Thighs chafe easily.
2.  Glasses fog up when I sweat.
3.  Frank Sinatra is annoying when you're running.
4.  The pink shoes are still cool.
5.  Tangelos are the BOMB at the end of a run.  (as is the fan on high, the cold shower and the knowledge that I have two days until I have to go again)
6.  It's pretty difficult to run after drinking wine the night before.
7.  I have the world's slowest run pace. 
8.  And walking pace.
9.  HOW IN THE WORLD do people run for hours?
10.  WHY do they do it?
11. Dog Poop smells even worse when you're hot and sweaty.
12.  Steven's walking pace is the same rate as my jog.  Ahem.
13.  This is creating a LOT more laundry.
14.  Four down, twenty-three to go.
15.  My  hips do lie.
16.  I sweat a LOT.
17.  I might hate my trainer already.  And she's only a cartoon character on my phone.  Named Constance.
18.  My ears aren't shaped properly for those ear bud things.
19.  I think the squirrels are laughing at me.
20.  Will it get easier?


Colleen said...

You go girl!!!

Grandma K said...

Sending my admiration to you! Don't know if that's possible, but doing it anyway. (from Alaska!)

sherri s. said...

Good for you!

Damn chafing! I'm sure you know about all of the products that help with that? All of my running friends use them...

And my ears are too small for earbuds...its feels as if I'm putting a spool of thread in there.

And: SKWERLS!!!!!!