Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I've got my new shoes onnnnnnn

Do you know that song by Paulo Nutini?  If not, I highly recommend it!  It's a toe tapper!

Anyway, yes, I have some new shoes.  Let me show 'em to you:

They are so PINK and so BRIGHT!  I know you're saying to yourself, "why, Ju, those look a lot like some form of exercise shoes?!"  You are correct.  That they are!

And now, we are entering another new phase together.  As you know, I've been dieting/changing my lifestyle for over a year now.  It's been quite an experience, and for the most part, it's been successful.  I've lost a few pounds and acquired a new found love of arugula lettuce.  I no longer eat quite as much as I used to, and my pants are fitting better for it.

But, in spite of this, I feel I need to kick it up to the next level, and introduce that horrible thing into my life.  That horrible thing is EXERCISE.  


 I hate all that goes with it.  Sweat, pain, boredom, aching, sore muscles etc etc.  It all makes me crazy.  But, on the same hand, being unhealthy and porky isn't one of my favorites either.  I figure I've had a good run with the diet thing, so now I'm going to try this exercise thing.

A friend of mine mentioned a really fun sounding race.  (Check out the details here! )  I figure I need some kind of goal to keep me motivated.  Since I have never ever run a step before, other than to the bathroom, or to first base, I now find myself having to TRAIN.  So, yesterday folks, and seriously, you will want to mark this one on your calendar, I ran.

Well, I walked and ran.  I am doing the Couch to 5K program, and yesterday was day one.  Run, walk, run, walk, run, walk.  Sweat, swear, sweat, swear.  Chafe, sweat, breathe, walk, run.  

But, I did it.  Granted, it was only 30 minutes, but I did it.  This is a 9 week program of three times a week, so I figure I've done one, only 26 more to go.  Hey, if nothing else, it's blog fodder, right?  So, come along with me on this journey.  I'm sure I'll be complaining, er um, sharing with you for the next few months.  Seriously, this body does NOT like to run.

But, at least I did get the really cool pink shoes. They go well with Jesse Pinkman, don't you agree?



Mary said...

we can bitch and moan together about our sore muscles. Although, I will admit, while I hate everything else about exercise, I love the sore muscles. And when I used to run often, I found that my muscles were sore and ached when I DIDN"T exercise which I guess was some sort of weird motivation to get me back out there... Can't wait to join you for that fun race!

Grandma K said...

Good for you! And you have really kick ass shoes to do it all with.

sherri s. said...

Snazzy kicks, Miss Ju--and good for you! I hate running, so I'm extra impressed!