Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Post Halloween Halloween Party

Observations from time spent at a Halloween party of a young bachelor kind of dude:

 No matter what the age, people love to dress up.

 People under 40 don't start their parties until after 9:00. 
That's my bedtime.
On a good night.

 Boys don't provide a wide variety of snacks.
Popcorn:  one normal, one cheese.
They also don't provide a lot of toilet paper.

 When given the option, Sir will always dress up as a woman.

 My kid is pretty darn cute.
As are my friends.

 40's make for great photo props.

 Shopping for costumes at the Thrift Store is the best way to go.

 Gun Holsters are also excellent 40 holders.

Next to Sarah's feet, mine look enormous.

Happy Tuesday everybody!


sherri s. said...

I repeat, you have the MOST fun. Your costumes are hilarious (and yes, your child is super cute).

I love Sir's dress...please ask him if I can borrow it.

Sherri said...

Come back, Little JuJu! We miss you! Post Halloween was great, but now it's Thanksgiving (gah! how did it get to be late November?).

We might need one of your analyses of freaky vintage Thanksgiving postcards...