Friday, November 22, 2013

Gobble Gobble

Let's see, I can't remember where we last left off--other than it was Halloween and I was an old man with a rather frightening old woman as my date. 

Now, I'm just a scary old woman with a frightening old man as my husband.

Well, actually, I have a little tale to tell you.  It's about a gal who started running about twelve weeks ago. 

This gal doesn't run.  Well,she never has enjoyed running.  She would always get the stitch in her side in school. She was always the slowest runner.  She doesn't like to sweat.  Let's just say that exercise wasn't one of her favorite past times.

Then, she listened to a friend who suggested taking it 30 seconds at a time.  Surely, she could do that.  Granted, that 30 seconds sucked.  Then, that minute sucked.  And, after that, the three minutes, five minutes, eight minutes, twenty minutes, etc sucked.  But, now she runs thirty minutes, and speaks in third person.

She wakes up early and runs.  Before work. 

She schedules life around these runs, and is glad to do it.

Basically, she is @##@$# in the head. 

But, she runs her first RACE this Thursday, in Arnold, Missouri.  She runs the Arnold Gobble Gobble.

This is why she doesn't blog.  All her energy is spent on running (jogging)  or thinking about/talking about running.  She is a woman obsessed.  Never has a woman so slow been so obsessed.

Small children pass her in their dreams.

She goes to St. Louis Sunday to prepare for the big run. Oh, and there is a wedding and a major holiday as well.

But, we all know the main event is the GOBBLE GOBBLE run.

Stay tuned.


Grandma K said...

I am so proud of you -seriously. If I weren't so ancient, I might try to learn to run as you did. Thirty seconds isn't much - but I think to me it would seem like 30 years! Congratulations to you from someone else who HATED running (and still do).

sherri s. said...

Can't wait to hear how it goes! So do you love running now, or are you just focused on this race?