Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Summer Day in Mid January

I call this one,"recipe for a perfect summer day smack dab in the middle of winter."

Eighty degree weather on January 12th.

Let's go boating.  With no jackets.  Wearing shorts.  And flip flops.

Don't forget your baby doll.

Wear your swim trunks.  Just in case.

Pack a cooler with ice cold beer.


Pack the boat with a bunch of goofballs, a sassy bearded Englishman and a couple of cute kids.

Make sure you continue to be amazed at the weather and laugh at your friends and relatives who live in colder regions.


 Take tons of photos, post them to Facebook and Instagram.

 End the day with a cookout, complete with burgers, homemade fries and some yummy Kale.

Realize that you managed to get a sunburn in a month normally known for the flu.


And hope like the dickens that we get a winter day in the middle of July.


angie128 said...

Our pretty day was Friday. Sunny and 70. Gorgeous. We have since had 4" of rain and the forecast for today is high of 33 wtih sleet and freezing rain. Awesome.

Grandma K said...

How did you make the Kale?? I am looking for a way. (Got a lot from your post didn't I???)

sherri s. said...

We're in Bizarro Universe (Seinfeld reference!) because it's soooo cold here. And not just "I live in Southern California and it's too cold for flip-flops cold" but freeze and frost warning cold! Weird!

Looks like a lovely fun time--as always with you and your group!

Colleen said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! You were on the water, I was at work...hmmmmmm