Monday, January 21, 2013

Doggy Makeover

I've heard that they do mud baths at fancy spas, and that you end up feeling gorgeous after being covered in the stuff.  But, this is ridiculous:

This guy is covered in pluff mud.  Oh, do you know what pluff mud is?  It's that nasty mud that is exposed during low tide and also found in the swampy regions.  (Colleen, I bet you have it in your backyard?)  It's gooey, sticky and STINKY.  

This pooch was stuck in the pluff mud, and some angel rescued him and took him to the shelter.  Sir Steven does a lot of photography for the shelter, and was called into action for the "after" shot.  The kind folks at the Charleston Animal Society spent two hours washing, cleaning and grooming him.  Not only was he covered in the mud, but also matted terribly.  Ladies and Gents, I present to you:

 One clean pup.
(pay no mind to the non makeup wearing person holding the dog!)

Not only was he clean, he was happy happy happy!  Look at that smile!  We took him outside for his photo shoot, and he immediately lifted his leg in joy.  He pranced around and gave love and kisses to anyone who came near him.  

He posed like a top model.

He is also a media star, as his story is now featured on Facebook and the local TV station.  Hopefully, this reunites him with his owner or finds him a new forever home.  Either way, it brings more people into the shelter!  Kudos to the rescuer and the shelter folks who gave this guy another shot at happiness.

We had to stop and say hello to some of the babies waiting for adoption---

 All they want is someone to love them.

And maybe some kibble.


Oh, and some belly scratches.


 I highly recommend a shelter animal, they will love you forever.

 And they have such a sense of humor.


mel said...

What a happy, happy "after-dog"!

Grandma K said...

Poor little thing. He is so cute now.

Darla said...

We love shelter animals! The only kind in the Layton household. I am going for my Atlanta Humane Society volunteer training in a couple of weeks. Can't wait!

sherri s. said... darling! I thought he was a Komondor (sp?) in the first sweet! And the faces of the others just kill me. Really, it just breaks my heart. I just have to tell myself that they will all find homes (whether that's actually true or not!).

sherri s. said...

Wherefore art thou, JuJu? Hope you're OK!

Matt Moroz said...


When I come over to live in GCSC and buy a trailer off of Lloyd to live in, I'm getting my butt straight to that dog sanctuary and getting myself a Rocket Dogg!

I have no doubt that wee guy had an owner about 5 minutes after people saw his make over pics!