Monday, August 26, 2013

Savannah, Part Three

I call this one, "the one where we had a drink in our hand the entire weekend."

Ok, Ok!
Maybe not the whole weekend.

But certainly during the times I was taking photos.

But frankly, the town of Savannah enjoys its drinks.
And the people in the bars are just interesting as all get up.

And the people watching?

For instance, look at these two weirdos?
By the way, we fell in LOVE with the Pedicab as a mode of transportation.
We took three rides in two days.

I wanted to adopt Paul Smith Smith and bring him home with us.
He could drive me to work in his Pedicab.
and tell us stories about Croatia.

I bet he has loads of stories to share with the folks back home.


Lap Dog Knits said...

this looks like a GREAT weekend....what was your favorite drink?
my summer drink of choice...crystal light lemonade (cuts the calories here) and then add raspberry flavored vodka and ice....

you can drink guilt free with diet least that's what I tell myself

Grandma K said...

I wish we had more time in Savannah. Basically one day and two nights. Not enough.

sherri s. said...

How cute are the two of you? Too too cute! Love the green striped dress--green suits you (I look awful in green).