Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Wedding in St. Louis

We've been in St. Louis for the past week.  

Not only did we celebrate Turkey Day while there, but we had a wedding!

Well, WE didn't have a wedding, Angela and Garrick did.

Angela is the daughter of my bestest friend on the planet.  (Rose)
She and her sister, Jennifer, are like my own daughters.

Well, I love them like they are.

So, to be able to celebrate this very happy moment was just awesome.

Even though I was sick the whole week, and my singing SUCKED, it was still such a special wedding.
Two people, plus one little buddy, joining and becoming one.

And now I have two more people to love like my own family.

Congratulations to Angela and Garrick!
Congratulations to Me!

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sherri s. said...

You look so pretty and festive! So how did the race go? We're all waiting with bated breath!