Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday Night Randoms

Sitting in the recliner, music playing, wine poured.  Let's go!

I like:
Steve Harvey hosting Family Feud
Heath Toffee Bars
Friday afternoons, say 4:00

I don't like:
Richard Karn hosting Family Feud
Paydays  (the candy bar, not the event)
Monday morning, say 8:30

Best Christmas movie:  It's a Wonderful Life
Worst Christmas movie:  Anything on Lifetime

Favorite Christmas Song:  Mary Did You Know?  (choral version)
MOST ALL TIME HATED CHRISTMAS SONG:  Red Shoes   (shoot me now.  My version of hell would be this song playing over and over and over.)

Trend I like:  Pay it Forward, Sweater Leggings (even though I could never pull it off)  and tall boots.
Trend I don't like:  UGG boots

Favorite Part of Weddings:  When the groom sees the bride for the first time.
Least Favorite Part of Weddings:  Yeah, I don't have one.  I love em.

What I love about Christmas cards:  Photos of any kind.
What I loathe about Christmas cards:  the brag-a-thon that some people share.  Honestly folks, did you not have one bad thing occur this year?

Best Food Network Show:  Chopped.  And, I love love love Amanda Freitag.  LOVE her.  I want to be her friend love her.
Worst Food Network Show:  Sweet Genius.  Seriously-that guy scares me.  He should be a villain in a James Bond movie.

Favorite Pizza:  Currently, the Holy Shiitake Pie from Mellow Mushroom.
Un Favorite Pizza:  That white pizza from Vinny's that wasn't really white.  Big hunks of unmelted cheese, tomato sauce (on a white pizza, hello?), and raw crust.  YUM!

Current Place I'm spending a lot of time at on the web:  Tumblr
Current Place I'm sadly neglecting:  this blog

Number of toes injured in the middle of the night last week:  one

Number of races entered:  2
Number of races ran:  0

Two words I despise:  SLIM FIT

Best four letters in a row?  T G I F!


Grandma K said...

Welcome back!

My favorite Christmas movie causes some of my family to rejoice with me and others gag - A Christmas Story. You surely know which one - "you'll shoot your eye out."

sherri s. said...

What is "Red Shoes"? If you hate it, I probably do too. I HAAAATTTEEE that Mariah Carey song. With a passion. Like, "need-to-run-out-of-the-store-if-it-is-playing" level of hatred.

Can't believe it's is Christmas next week. I'm woefully unprepared. Meh. Not "bah," but "meh humbug."

Lap Dog Knits said...

red shoes??? need to check iTunes…
I HATE the song "I left the cake out in the rain"…not a Christmas song but I hate it all year long…
Love fridays at 5;00
love wine every day until it arrives…and then more because it's here…
hate "Home Alone" & II…both of them…
love boots…still don't own a pair…

happy holidays!!!!