Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Love Blogland and Bloggerville

Seriously.  I love Blogland and Bloggerville.  I love my friends I've made.  I love reading the blogs I read.  I know it's cyber space, but I really do care for these people I've met through blogs. I don't mean any kind of creepy caring for thing, but it is a special affinity.  And if you're reading this, that means YOU!!!

I look forward to daily postings and find myself disappointed when people don't post. 

I've met only one of my blogger friends, but she has come to mean the world to me, and I consider her a very close friend.  I think it's because we all bare our souls here in Bloggerville.   We don't have to wear fake smiles or our best outfits.  We visit with each other when we are at our most comfortable.

One of my most recent favorites is a young man from Chicago.  I started following him from Blogs of Note.  He is so creative and artistic.  I love seeing his creations and his photographs.  He has a special talent, and so wants to spend his life perfecting that talent.

Often times he'll gently suggest for people to send him something pretty.  I've done so on a couple occasions, but they were only cute postcards.  I'm NOT artistic!  You all know I love to send postcards, so this was a fun thing for me to do. 

Today in the  mail, I received a lovely postcard, and it was from my new blog friend.  It is a picture he took and turned into a postcard.  I LOVE IT!  It will have a place of honor on my refrigerator.

Isn't it amazing how a simple thing can make your whole day lighter?  Thanks Dean!

Check out Dean's blog here!


mel said...

Love you, dearest JuJu.

Dean Grey said...


I'm so happy it arrived in one piece!

Thank you, JuJu!


sherri s. said...

Aww, we feel the same about you! What a fun blog friend you have in Dean (he's cute, too--I'm just sayin'!).

word: mentio

I'm going to have a real mentio breakdown if I don't clean out my clutter (no, really, I might!) "Hoarders" might come knocking!