Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday Random

Seeing as it's been one wild rollercoaster of a week, how about a little randomness to finish it off?

I've been  married for a week now.  I love it.  So far, so good.

I made a very delicious risotto last night.  Thanks to my sister in law for the recipe, and to my child for all the stirring.  My tummy says thank you.

Is there anything better than bacon?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a creepy dude.

I love me some Jesse L. Martin on Law and Order.  Have you heard this man sing?  Holy Moly. 

I felt old when I had to put 47 on my marriage license application. 

I think I need to live somewhere that I can wear a sassy raincoat on a daily basis.  And rain boots.

I now have 8 nephews.  Doubled by this marriage.  Taylor is still  the only girl in the mix.  Spoiled much?

Best candy bar ever?  My vote is the Heath Bar.  Consistently a classic.

I wish I had a magic wand.  I'd do some serious good with that thing.  I promise.  I'd also make myself a bikini-ready-bod.

Summer TV is really pretty crap.

NO, I'm not having a baby.

Our big fat white cat talks.  Of course, the only things he says are, "Let me out" and "Feed me."  But, I do enjoy these conversations.  The other two cats let him do all the talking.

I still miss Bailey.

I have uber dry skin on my hands.  Witch hands.

Should I put pictures on random blogs like this?

Okay chickens.  I'm gonna go back and admire my hubby.  ( <---------Taylor, that one was for you!!)

Happy Saturday friends!



Grandma K said...

Oh yes to the pictures!

mel said...

You are both blessed and a blessing, dear JuJu!

angie128 said...

Coop says to tell you he is now watching Drake & Josh and Man vs. Food. He was very intrigued that you asked about Mindfreak. Wanted to know where you live so he could do a magic show for you!

Happy Saturday!

sherri s. said...

Love the randomness! And oh yes to the Heath bar...actually, I'd love one right now.

word: humplau

Ja, take Das Humplau up to the top of the Schneeweisshillentopperjaketsteinignatzplatz. The view is geschmekeit from there.