Friday, June 10, 2011

No Wonder I'm Pooped

This week I:

changed my name from Tedford to McCabe.

spent some time at the DMV to update my license.

spent some time at the Social Security office to change my card.  By the way, that is seriously the most depressing place on the planet.

put on my official wedding ring. 

ate my weight in snacks at the snack day the office held in our honor.

bowled again, worrying the entire time about doing something to hurt my ring.

looked at my ring about 984 times.

felt sad for one of my co-workers who lost his fiance to a very sudden death.

realized how precious, and short, life is.

dreamed that I was nursing a baby.  HUH?

dealt with fraudulent checks being drawn on our trust account at work.  Seriously, why are criminals so stupid?

had nail night combined with celebrate some more night and Laura's birthday night and wear a really cool new fascinator type hat night.

figured out that as much as I enjoy celebrating, I'm getting a little full from all the food and wine.

became excited when I realized:  my 30th high school reunion is in two weeks, the Morris family will be back here in three, and my actual vacation is within a month's time.

rejoiced that my friend, Tracy, got a job after 87 tries.  (literally)

bought a Kindle! 

took my Friday Afternoon Nap.

***Now we're all caught up.  I'm sure your week was just as busy!  We are all overdue for some weekend R & R.  Hope yours is a good one!



mel said...

What a beautiful week, Ju

sherri s. said...

An amazing week, yes? I'm so happy for you!

word: wavider

I hate those waviders in the bay--they make giant waves that splash me in the face.