Monday, November 12, 2012

First Oysters of the Season

You only eat oysters in months with "R" in them.  We're a month late.


But, this weekend, we ate some of the lovely little things.

We have a friend visiting from England, so what better to do than have an impromptu oyster roast?

England meets Cuba via cigars.


We are so lucky to have such wonderful people in our life.

And I love that we can "mix" our friends and end up with a wonderful friendship cocktail.

Oysters unite the English, Americans, children, neighbors, Republicans and Democrats.

It's like our own little United Nations.

Complete with a pearl---

And some Butter Pecan Moonshine.
(not much of that to be found in England--)

The good times just seem to go so quickly; which is why I'm so grateful for this blog, so I can look back on these times and smile. 

Making Memories.


Grandma K said...

Oh, an oyster bake. Sounds sooo good! Jealous. Simply jealous.

sherri s. said...

As always, look as if great fun was had by all! Y'all are party central!