Sunday, November 18, 2012

Kentucky Fried Wedding

We took a little road trip over the weekend.  Well, it was an eight hour road trip in all.

We drove through South and North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and on to our final destination of Prestonsburg, Kentucky.  We took Matt with us to show him a bit of the good ol' USA.

While there, we stayed in a cottage at Jenny Wiley State Park.  I am told the Kentucky state park system is one of the finest in the country.  The park was very pretty, and we even saw a few deer running loose.  And a rooster.

We also saw this ancient piece of technology:

When was the last time you saw a phone like that?  

We attended the wedding of my friend, Breann.  We knew no one at the wedding, other than her.  But, what the heck, I figured it was a great excuse for a road trip. 

How about the cake, eh?  The picture doesn't even begin to capture how very pretty it was.  It was adorned with edible glitter.  Who even knew such a thing existed?

We drove eight hours and managed to end up getting lost on the way to the church.  We missed Breann walking down the aisle, but did get to see the vows.   How in the world did we do that??

Many congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Rogers!

And in three days, we're back on the road for a thirteen hour trip.  
10-4 Good Buddy.


Grandma K said...

The cottage looks really neat - even with the antique. Did you know how to use it (lol)?

You are looking really good!

Colleen said...

What pretty scenery! Have a safe trip home!

UhOh I see the comment thing is back must be getting spammed again....