Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Six Days Late and a Dollar Short

I see that many folks have been stating what they are thankful for on a daily basis on Facebook.  I bet most people reflected on their gifts on the actual Thanksgiving Day.  But, being the rebel that I am, I'm doing it six days  AFTER the holiday.  (Actually, it has nothing to do with my rebellious nature, and everything to do with my laziness)

So, in an attempt to catch up on the month of November and the holiday of thanks, I am grateful for:

My cute baby holding the cutest baby.

Thankful that Rose did the cooking.
And the cleaning.
And the entertaining.
And the DingDong buying.

So thankful that I was around when these two sisters were born, watched them grow up,  and that I'm still around to meet the newest member of the Jackson/Hodge Family.


Thankful to be able to show Matt what a real American Thanksgiving was all about.
Gluttony and Sloth.


Thankful that these two don't take me too seriously.


Thankful that the St. Louis Arch didn't fall over as these four looked out the windows at the very tippy top.  

Thankful to be able to combine my oldest friend, my newest (and last!!) husband, my youngest child and my second favorite Englishman.

Thankful to spend time with my OLDEST brother and 2/3 of his family.  (just missing one nephew!)


Thankful to see these two enjoying parenthood and even more thankful that it's them and not me.


MOST thankful for the best friends on the planet.  
And my most faithful blog reader:  Michael Jackson.


 How many of you guys have Michael Jackson reading YOUR blog?  ;-)


Grandma K said...

I'm just thankful that I found your blog (ohh - that really sounds sappy! but true). You bring enjoyment (and Adele).

Also - if I had not "met" you, I would have never gotten Charleston into my vacation.

sherri s. said...

And we're grateful for YOU! I always anticipate your comments...and I love to see what you and your lovely family (how adorable is Taylor?) are up to. Never too late!

mel said...

I am thankful for YOU!

Grandma K said...

Me again - add your facebook post to the comment on my blog - no wonder you are worried about only having less than ten rolls of toilet paper!! Worry - be very worried!