Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hi Everyone!

Or anyone. 

Well, I've made it through the week.  As of tomorrow, Taylor will have been gone for a week.  She is surviving, still trying to find her way in that big city on the West Coast.  I'm still trying to keep busy so I don't think too much about her being in that big city on the West Coast.

Tierra, India, JuJu and JaQuan

We celebrated Steven's 45th birthday this week.  
I went to the doctor for the 583rd time this year.  (not really, but if feels like it!)
I read another Jojo Moyes book.

We went to my boss's son's wedding yesterday.  
Sir snapped photos there.
I ate guacamole and/or avocados Friday, Saturday and Sunday of this weekend.

I balanced the checkbook and went to the grocery store.
I took a shower at 6 am this morning, then went back to sleep.
I had crazy dreams and made myself wake up because they were so crazy.

We watched the NC/SC Super Regional Baseball games.
I talked to Taylor a few times and giggled when she told me how cool she thought the Haight Ashbury area was.
I scratched a bug bite on my toe at 4 am three nights running.

I played some Candy Crush, chatted on Facebook and read a few blogs.
I'm trying like the dickens to keep my mind busy.
And now I'm going to start cooking my first ever roasted chicken.  

Happy Sunday and hope you're not missing anyone today!

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