Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Little Wednesday Friend

I have never worked at a fast food restaurant.  I have eaten at many of them.  I personally think when I started dieting that the local Bojangles went out of business from the fact that I no longer spend huge amounts of money there. 

I digress.

I know that these places don't pay well, and that turnover is probably pretty high.  So, when I run across someone who is polite and efficient, it pleases me to no end.  I mention efficient, because the only thing I really order from these places anymore is unsweet tea.  This goes against all norms of the south, as 99.9% of patrons would order and drink sweet tea.  You can't imagine the number of times I've taken a sip only to be assaulted with all that sugary ick.  So, I greatly appreciate it when someone gets it right.

Well, there's a fine young fella in Columbia, South Carolina, who gets it right each and every Wednesday.  I commute to our Columbia office each Wednesday, and when I get off the interstate, I stop at Sonic and order up that unsweet tea to last me the day.  My friend gets it right every Wednesday.  He serves me with a smile and hands me that drink and tells me to have a good day.  And he has the biggest and best smile ever.

My drink total is $1.08, and I always give him $2.00; keep the change.   I'm sure he wonders why in the heck I do this.  (he doesn't complain, mind you, but I'm sure he wonders)  I think if I told him how much I appreciate him doing his job well that he might think I was a nutjob, so I figured it's just better to let that .92 do the talking for me.

Thanks my little Sonic Friend, for being one of the nicest parts of my week. 


Grandma K said...

Sonic seems to be able to hire the better of employees.

It is difficult to be in the south with no desire for sweet tea. While it isn't as prevalent here - you know "tough Texans who take their drinks straight" and all - but there are plenty who drink it. Personally I would just as soon take a spoon of sugar - straight!

Darla said...

I am not a drinker of the traditional Southern sweet tea, either. I hurts my jaws just thinking about it! I have discovered 1/2 and 1/ is a glorious thing. Half sweet, half unsweet, and the waitress doesn't even blink when I order it. I must not be the only one not wanting to drink syrup. :)

Cheyenne said...

Not a sweet tea drinker here either. Hopefully he keeps that 92 cents and doesn't hand it over to the company till.

sherri s. said...

What a nice story! I've never been to a Sonic--is that weird?