Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bill is Fifty. I am not.

It happens to the best of us.  It happens to the worst of us.

My boss turned 50 this past weekend.  I still have four more months of my forties.

Being the immature brats dedicated employees that we are, we threw him a little celebration yesterday.  Actually, we went pretty easy on him. There was no sign of diapers, walkers or canes.  I played it safe, as I don't want any paybacks on my day.  

Bill has been on a super duper health kick for years; he watches what he eats, exercises regularly and has even cut out most alcohol from his life.  (for shame!)  As you all know, ad nauseum, I've been trying to life a healthier lifestyle as well.  But, when someone turns 50, you just have to say what the heck, and enjoy the delicious, albeit very unhealthy snacks for snack day.

 I devoured the egg salad.  I inhaled the popcorn chicken.  And Bill did the same.  Well, maybe not the egg salad, but he joined in the carb fest!

 Bill has a slight addiction to Diet Coke, thus the Coke (Diet) Can Cake.  How cute is that?  Luckily, I was smart enough to hire someone who is very crafty and immediately put her in charge of the Party Planning Committee.  I used to do that stuff, and everyone would be quite disappointed.  She is fantastic.  Every birthday, wedding or baby is celebrated in style at our place.

The dum-dum bouquet is my favorite though.  It says, "50 Sucks."  Each individual sucker (yes, there are 50) has a saying or incident that reminded us all of Bill.  We had great fun thinking of these episodes, and once again, Lauren did a masterful job on creating it.  Here's an up close shot:

 Bill is a great guy.  I've worked for him since 1990. This means I knew him when he turned 30, I knew him when he turned 40, and I still know him as he turns 50.  Of course, since we are the same age, this means, he's known me at all those ages and all the ages in between.  I joke that my relationship with him has lasted longer than any of my marriages.

 God willing and the creek don't rise, we'll be celebrating our 60th together. 
Thanks for warming up the 50s for me big guy.


sherri s. said...

How fun!

Hurry up and join the 50 party...we're waiting!!!!

Darla said...

How fun!! And a graceful way to usher in 50. Mine is in 13 days...shudder!

To know that you are not alone in the crazy hormone thoughts, I saw the sayings on the suckers, and thought, "who the hell would have the patience to do that?!". But then again, I would NEVER have had that much patience. :)

mel said...

I wish I worked with you!