Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Man I Wanted To Hurt

On Wednesdays, I work in our Columbia office.  Normally, this is a 90 minute drive there and a 90 minute drive home.

Yesterday, as I was driving home, I couldn't help but notice what a gorgeous day it was; the sky seemed so blue and the grass and trees so green.  It was truly lovely.

And, then, I started to notice some red.  Like red from taillights.  Like red from cars stopping and not moving like they should be. 

I did happen to see a sign that said there was an "incident" at mile marker 135.  (thanks for the clarification?)  Shortly after that sign, traffic came to a stop. 





Instead of ninety minutes, it took me three hours to get home yesterday.

After about fifteen minutes, this happened:

This guy got out of his car and went to look at just WHAT was going on.   You know, like he could see something.  (he couldn't) Or, like he could do something about it just by standing there staring at whatever it was he couldn't see.  (again, he couldn't)

I was happily listening to my book, and although, not happy to be stuck in traffic, was pleased that at least I had gas, was safe, and had a good book to enjoy.

But, this guy (I call him Mr. Pale Legs?) couldn't sit still.  He began pacing.  He walked back and forth between cars.  He walked around cars. He tried to make eye contact with anyone.  He scared the heck out of me every time he appeared in my peripheral vision.  For ninety minutes, well really, seventy five, he was out there on the interstate. 

He went back to his car (his was the gold van covered in political/religious stickers that clashed with my beliefs...) and updated his passenger on just what it was he couldn't see or do anything about.

I wanted to honk my horn at him.  I wanted to pull up to the car in front of me so he couldn't walk through the space.  

But, then I realized that was really silly.  Like getting out of my car and trying to see what was happening.  So instead, I took pictures of him and realized I had a bit of blog fodder!

This was the best part of the 90 minute delay:

I got to watch this cute little buddy go for a piddle stop and then eat a bit of supper. 
(the dog, not the owners!)

Only one thing ruined this picture.  Can you guess what that would be?

Mr. Pale Legs Nosy Pants.

Get back in your car!!!!



Pudge450 said...

I got stuck on I65 north between Montgomery and Birmingham for about 90 minutes several months ago. I also listen to audiobooks, so I was entertained. After about 20 minutes, skate boards and scooters appeared from somewhere. Impromptu "block party" broke out. People strolled, walked dogs, and generally made the most of a bad situation. It was somewhat enjoyable in a weird way. I guess it depends on your state of mind at the moment.

Karen said...

Glad it turned out well. A good book and blog fodder - what could be better? Well - I guess making it home in 90 minutes.

sherri s. said...

Ha ha ha ha hahahahaha...Mr. Pale Legs Nosy Pants! You are the funniest, Mademoiselle JuJu (I changed you from a Madame to a Mademoiselle).

And Tallulah Mae would love nothing more than your oniony kisses--she loves kisses of any kind, but if they smell like food...nirvana.