Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Eric Garcia, Hot Summer Nights and a New 'Do

It's finally really hot here.

We've had a mild summer, as summers go in this part of the world.  But, this past weekend, it finally heated up to the normal oppressive temperatures and humidity levels.

So, naturally, we would choose this weekend to have some sort of outdoor activity.

Commence sweating.

We went to see the minor league baseball team play, as the team they were playing had a Missouri Tiger on the roster.  Taylor had always had a mega crush on Eric Garcia, so we decided to grab a few friends and head to the game.  We were able to say hello to him prior to the game; it was such a treat to meet him.  Look at this cute little fella--

I asked him how he was enjoying playing in this league.  He said he liked it, but it was starting to get hot.  Yeah, hot indeed.

It was so hot, my elbow cleavage was sweating.  You can see the sheen on our faces here.

You can see the sweat on my beer.  Oh, and by the way, have any of you purchased Cracker Jack recently looking for the prize?  Don't bother.  It's so disappointing.  No more plastic rings, no tattoos, no spy kits.  You get a link for an online prize.  Please.  How does that help the person who needs instant gratification?

We had a good size group there, and although it was hot as Hades, we managed to have a good time.

Why does Steven always manage to stay looking so cool?

After the game we went to hang out with friends and watched them play Beer Pong.  Boy, did I feel old.  Whatever happened to a nice simple game of Quarters?

This kid decided to give me a new hairdo.  I call it the sweaty slimy mohawk.

The night was hot.  I, was not.


Colleen said...

I love going to see the Riverdogs...especially since my home team is back in NY and so expensive to see.

Please bring back the sun and the heat...this rain is tooooo much!

sherri s. said...

I love your little hairdresser at work! I repeat, for the millionth time: you DO know how to have fun!

(I'm soooo sick of everything being online--bring back the Cracker Jack prizes!)