Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Chilling in FLA

These people are supposed to love me.  Does it look like they do?  (by the way, it wasn't anyone's birthday, they were just wearing party hats.) 

I don't know if you can see it, but these are little crabs during low tide.
(Thanks Taylor, for taking the pic)

Griffin does the floatie-snack-eating-by-the-pool-routine.

Mary always looks cool.

It's tres cool that we could drive our car on the beach.  And, notice Taylor trying to get out of the way of my camera. 

Steven with WATER.  Not Beer.  Mark it on your calendar.

Little sandy feet.

Here's the book I'm currently reading.  LOVE IT.

Home to our fun.   Wish MOST of you were here!


mel said...

Living large, Ju, living large.

When do you head home? Seems like you have been gone a looong time this time.

SPT said...

wahhhhh! i want to be with you guys!

JuJu said...

We will be home Friday. It does seem long to me too??? I think going Friday to Friday made a big difference!

angie128 said...

Jealous. The end.

sherri s. said...

People who wear party hats for no reason are my kind of people! Looks lovely...

word: stsat

The doctor ordered an emesis basin STSAT (but it was too late--the little boy threw up all over him).