Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Two For The Price Of One

There's been some crime in the Creek, see.  And, we don't know who committed it, see.  We just know it was some wise guys, see. 

Witnesses described them as tall, with no arms or legs, and strange little faces see.  Some had shock tops of hair.  Some had beaks.  Some had pig noses see.  Some of them squeak, some don't.  All of them have been chewed by a dog at one stage of their life see.

Here's a lineup of some of the characters we've nabbed:

Our sources tell us that there are two main leaders in this gang see, and we mean to capture them.

Troublemakers, I tell ya, with a capital T. 

Especially that one with the hair on the beak.  He looks guilty as sin.

Guilty I tell ya.


I promised you two for the price of one.  I read THIS on Angie's blog today.  It made me feel very good, and I know it will you.  Take a second to read it and enjoy!


mel said...

I aspire to be this clever - loved it!

angie128 said...

Yep - a hairy beak is the first sign of guilt. That's what the Captain says.

And thanks for the sweet linky shout-out! The kids will be excited to hear that they've gone "global"!

sherri s. said...

OK...do all of those toys belong to Rockett? Because if so, how cute is that? (When Tallulah Mae was a puppy, we had a trainer come and she looked around and said, "Oh, Tallulah is a very wealthy puppy."

Word: heinf

I don't like how my heinf looks in these jeans (or anything, actually!).