Saturday, September 18, 2010

You Wore That?

Did I ever tell you about  my first car date?

Yeah, probably not, otherwise I wouldn't be writing this now.

Well, I was a sophomore in high school.  I had just moved to Terre Haute, and didn't know very many people.  I was in the band, and there was a senior boy who played the TUBA.  He kinda looked like Jesus, but with much bigger lips.  (do tuba players just get bigger lips, or is that a requirement to play the tuba?  I'm not sure)  He really wasn't my type, as I wasn't into long hair or facial hair, but when he asked me out, I figured, "what the heck."    Besides, my friend, Donita, thought he was really hot, and that made me feel better.  (sidenote:  Donita and this boy went on to date for a LONG time!)

Anyway, I have NO idea where we were supposed to be going.  (This was no Pete Grimes date folks)  He showed up in his yellow Grand Prix or Monte Carlo, I can't remember which.  He rang the doorbell, and when I answered the door, I saw Pseudo Jesus wearing a tshirt with a pot leaf on it.  It looked a lot like this picture, only more GLITTERY.

I'm not sure if my parents knew what that was, but I did.  And, I was conflicted.  I mean, I was no prude, and I wasn't a straight arrow, but I couldn't believe this dummy would wear this shirt when possibly meeting someone's parents.  (and, I found it a bit disrespectful to this 15 year old?) 

Yeah, this one didn't work out.  Immediately, I started seeing all his faults; you know, like the fact that he couldn't make eye contact with females, as he was too focused on their boobs.  (or in my case, mosquito bites) 

I would have rather gone out with the tuba.

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coultasj1 said...

Funny. I love your stories. You could make a really good series of movie shorts!