Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Snack Days and Taco Dips

We're having a snack day tomorrow at work.  Whenever it's someone's birthday, we pass around a secret email and make plans for snack days.  Of course, most of us have worked there for over ten years, so it's really no big surprise to show up on your day and find all sorts of yummy goodies that are there in your honor.

Some people brings sweet treats, some bring savory.  There will be potato chips of many flavors, donuts, cookies, dips, cheese, pepperoni, and usually a new interesting treat that someone tries out on the staff.   We don't do a cake anymore; by the time it rolled around to cake time, everyone was full.  And, to be honest, we all hated the singing part.  We just like the eating.

The guys at work don't make anything.  Oh, their wives used to make homemade goodies for us, but over the years, it became easier for them to contribute to the "chicken fund."  The boys go pick up chicken and sides at lunchtime, and thus the celebration is complete.  Everyone gets good and fed, and spends the afternoon fighting the sleepies.

I've been bringing the same dip for over 15 years now.  Not only have I been bringing this same dip, but I've been MAKING this same dip since sometime around 1982.  I've been making it since I looked like THIS:

(me and my grandma on the day of my wedding.  My first wedding---)

I think the first time I ever ate this dip was at my friend, Rose's house; it was her daughter's birthday and I ate this dip and tried my first brain sandwich that day.  I had or made this dip at every party, bridal shower, baby shower, and funeral lunch.  I've had everyone's variety of this dip.  I've seen it made many different ways.  I can make this thing in my sleep.  I never change it.  People request it, and ask that I bring it.  It is simple but delicious; so I'm told.

But here's a little secret for you---I can't stand this dip.   I'm so tired of it I could just puke.

(kinda looks like puke, don't ya think?)



SPT said...

uh. back up.

brain sandwhich?

mel said...

I know! What was that about??

Ju, is this bean dip? My SIL makes that. Yummy.

Ok, so, Ju - - there are pictures of you when you were in high school, and I would not have known it was you unless you told me. But in this picture, you were still young, but you look like you. So, my question is, when did you start looking like the you that you look like today?

word: falingel

Wasn't it neat how I falingeled that question right in there?

sherri s. said...

No, no pukey--it's what we like to call "glorpy": cheesy, melty, gooey, ooey, yummy! I might have to have my own private snack day tomorrow--I had a rough work day today! Even though I work at home, people present me with impossible deadlines--and I somehow manage to meet them. Ugh.

word: hythes

I'm not thscared of hythes--I've climbed Mt. Evereth.

angie128 said...

Dip. I like dip. I am a dip. Please share the recipe for the dip.

JuJu said...


Layer, starting from the bottom:

a can of refried beans
sour cream mixed with taco seasoning mix. (sometimes I use 8 oz or 16 oz)
then a layer of diced tomatoes
then a layer of diced green chiles
Then some shredded cheese. Voila!

Some people will put olives on top.
Some will put lettuce in there. Some will add guacamole.

Brain sandwich: Fried cow brains on buns. Yep. It's a Polish delicacy!

And, Mel, I will bore you with my details via email!

Robin said...

JuJu, I'm a little bit with ya. It looks like it has hair growing on it. I'm sure I'd still eat half the pan though. You're so funny. Love the pic of you and your grandma...

word: botherne
I ain't botherne to do my hair today - it can just hang.

Mary said...

I love that dip and think it's hysterical that you hate it but always still make it. I need a dip or side or snack that is the "what Mary always bring" side. Hmmm...I'll think on that.

I also love the "words" from the ladies. They crack me up!!!

Cici said...

I dig the dip!