Monday, September 13, 2010

Dear So and So

If I could write letters to those I wanted.....

Dear Kelly Ripa:
Please eat a sandwich.
Love, Your Fat Friend in SC

Dear Kanye West and Taylor Swift:
Please stop bringing up last year's VMA's.  I don't even watch the show, and I'm tired of hearing about it all.
Love, Not digging on the hype

Dear Mrs. Duggar:
I really hope you stop at 19.
Love, Happy with Two

Dear TLC:
That Hoarders Show is freaking me out.
Love, Wanna Clean My House Now

Dear Wood Chipper Truck Maker:
Please make a truck that has a roof of some kind on your truck,and a gate that confines all the chips into the truck. 
Love, Scared of Flying Chips

Dear Paula Deen:
Don't ever stop cooking with butter.
Love, Land of Lakes Lover

Dear Kat Von D:
I liked you so much better when you were a bit player in Miami Ink.
Love, Tired of the Kat Overkill

Dear The Office:
I'm so glad I finally started watching you.
Love, Michael Scott Fan

Dear Real Housewives of ALL places:
The only one with any sense is Caroline.  Honestly.
Love, Still Can't Believe I Keep Watching

and finally...

Dear Mother Nature:
It's time for summer to be over and autumn to get here.
Love, I've sweated enough for both of us.


mel said...

You are SO clever!

sherri s. said...

Dear JuJu--

Please never ever stop blogging.


The Blogosphere

Word: minglyin (wtf?)

I hate parties--I'm no good at small talk and minglyin; I'm a wallflower!

sherri s. said...

Ha! The next word is "Pimorto"--a great name for a pet, no?

angie128 said...

Dear JuJu -

I think you are awesome.

Big Bloggy Fan in Memphis

Dusti said...

Great post!

SPT said...

Dear Jesse James, Please be a little more discreet. No Love, A previous fan