Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Adventures

We spent Labor Day weekend in St. Louis.  Folks, St. Louis is such a great town.  I know I'm from there, and all, but it's such a great town. 

We left Goose Creek on Thursday at O-Dark-Thirty.  Taylor slept all of the twelve hour drive, with the exception of the Clarksville layover at Steak-n-Shake.  (Frisco Melt and Fries)  We rolled into Missouri just in time for Happy Hour on St. Christopher Drive. 

Our reason for this journey was to celebrate my grandmother's 95th birthday.  Now, she turned 95 in July, but we're a little slow on making things happen.  So, we decided to get together on this long holiday weekend.  Both my brothers were there, along with their children.  Also in attendance were our good friends, Mike and Rose, and their wonderful daughters.  And finally, special guest for the weekend?  JAKE!  Yep, Jake took time off from law school and all that thinking, flew up from Austin, Texas, and joined us for the Labor Day Adventure.

Here's some highlights from the trip:

  • Cheeseology - This is a restaurant that serves ONLY macaroni and cheese.  There are all sorts of flavors of M&C, but that is all they serve.  Taylor and I split BaconBacon and Buffalo Chicken.  They are served in little skillets and are to die for!
  • More food anyone?  How about BBQ from Paddy's? 
  • And still more food?  We had Fried Spinach as an appetizer Saturday evening.  Wow, I never thought that would be as good as it was.  If you see it on a menu, try it!
  • Seeing Jake come through the security gate at the airport, and that initial bear squeeze hug.
  • Seeing Jake and Taylor have the same hug.
  • The smile on my grandma's face as she saw Jake for the first time in ten years.  Priceless.
I had to get rid of those bullets.  They weren't working for me.  

More highlights:  (without bullets this time)

 Laughing with Mike and Rose all weekend....Listening to lots of short stories on our  drive...Jack in the Box Tacos on the last night...The boys smoking cigars...Looking at Grandma's photo albums...Rose's cupcakes with the yummy filling...Hearing Jake call me, "Mom"...Taylor's giggles

Hm.  The ellipses isn't working either.

I guess I have to return to paragraph form.  It was a great weekend. That doesn't do it either.

Maybe I can get the point across better with some photos?

The first five of this series are the "take a photo of yourself and the person next to you" game we play in big crowds.  I think the pictures are always fun!

And these two, I will treasure forever.  It means everything to me to have these next two pictures.
Everything I need is right here in these pix.*

*if you add my animals and cheese, I'm good.


sherri s. said...

Ah, lovely! Family and friends, what it's all about...I include our animal friends and family in that! In my Monday blog post, that is my garage and part of the back garden...

word: brifemb

That commercial for the drug Brifemb is a bit rude, don't you think? Mind your own business, pharmaceutical companies!

mel said...

Ju - the first of the last two, well, that makes me what to cry to see you all together and to see you so happy.

It doesn't get any better than that, does it?

You rock, girl, and deserve all the happiness you have.

Grandma K said...

What a great family and friends. It sounds like you really had a great time.