Sunday, September 25, 2011

They Did

I've worked with or for my boss for over twenty years now.  When we first met, we were both still in our 20's.  He had hair, and I had only one husband.  We are four months apart in age, and have kids the same age.  Granted, he has two more children than I do, but basically, we're kind of in the same phase of our lives.

I've watched his kids grow up, and he has watched mine.  Our kids have gone through similar phases, both good and bad.  This past weekend, his third child, who happens to be the same age as Jake, got married.

They had a beautiful wedding at an old Charleston church.  This is the same church where his sister was married some years before.  We feel very honored to be included in these family events.  It is such a joy to see these children all grown up and so very very happy.

The reception was held at an old historic house in the downtown area.  (Oh, this is where the similarities between Bill and myself end---he definitely lives a higher "caliber" life than I do!!)  I did have to wonder what the old man in the portrait thought about all these people traipsing through his house, and standing in line at the pasta bar.

Best part of the evening, besides seeing the ear to ear grin on the groom, was the Photobooth.  Guests were asked to have themselves photographed and then place the picture in the guest book.  What a great idea!  Of course, as the night wore on, the pictures became more flamboyant; especially since props were provided.  (just wait for this week's version of Mid Week Mute...)  At most weddings, we would find ourselves parked next to the dance floor to enjoy all the people watching.  But, at this event?  We were firmly planted near the photobooth to watch all the decision making as to which accessory to use!

Oh, and, here's my boss and his wife:

Yes, those are props they're wearing.  They don't look like this on a normal day.  :-)

Even the bride and groom made the most of it!

I always enjoy a wedding, hands down.  But there was something very special about this one.  This young man just sparkled with joy and he repeated that sentiment over and over.  Congratulations to Parker and Alison!  I hope you will be as happy as me and my husband.


angie128 said...

Y'all always have so much fun.

We cleaned out the garage this weekend. Woop!

mel said...

And all the people you know are beautiful too.