Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Unsung Cat

We have some crazy animals in our house.  (including Steven!)  Everyone loves Charlie, because he's big, fat, hairy and white.  Domino gets attention because of his swagger and personality.   Rockett is the princess, so everyone has to love her!  (besides, she is SO cute!!)

And then there's Mikki.

Mikki is definitely the unsung animal of our house.  She's the one who is easy to forget.  She's the little one.  She's always last on the list, even though she is now the elder statesman (woman?) in the house. 

Steven bought Mikki for my birthday, eleven years ago,  and presented her to me with a little kerchief around her neck.  She was so teeny tiny and precious.  She fit in my hand perfectly.  But, she wouldn't stay there.  From the day she entered our house, up through today, she has had eyes for Steven only. 

I guess she must have been taken away from her mama too young, because she loves to suckle on his neck.  Yeah, it's kinda gross, but it's also kinda sweet.  She does this routine daily.  Steven says if I had a beard she'd do it to me, but I doubt it.

She likes warmth and will search it out at all times.  She finds the spot of sunshine.  She sits on top of the water heater.  She loves clean warm clothes.  She loves them so much that one time she jumped into the dryer to nap.  Someone didn't see her in there and turned on the dryer.  That same someone noticed a bump-bump-bump sound, opened the door and pulled out a very frightened cat and some soiled sheets.  I'm happy to say that someone wasn't me.01

She and Rockett feud like the two little females that they are.  If Rockett bugs one of the cats, Mikki is right there to yell at her.  Keep in mind, she's the smallest, but she has no fear of the dog.  She's the boy's protector.  She cleans them like a good mama would.

When Steven walks Rockett, she comes to snuggle with me.  (no neck sucking)  She takes forever to get comfortable, but when she finally does, we get a few good snuggles in before Rockett returns and the fights renew. 

She has the sharpest whiskers ever.  She has herpes in her eyes (yes!).  She bites her toenails at the most inappropriate times.  (is there an appropriate time?)  She makes strange noises as she walks up and down the hall.  She has ugly feet.  She just looks mean.  She can't take a "cute" photo to save her life.

But, when I think about it, she's the one holding us all together.  She keeps us in line, loves on us, and makes sure we are all behaving and being nice to each other.   I think we did the right thing when we named her after my grandmother.

Thanks Mikk! 

(and thanks to Steven for the pix)


sherri s. said...

Awwww...that's not true about no cute pix--adorable! Love the one in the dryer (but how scary that it go turned on while kitty was inside!). Love our fur children!

word: demoote

De lawyer's point was declared demoote.

angie128 said...

I'm more of a dog person.

I don't understand how cats get in things and on things and behind things and such... like the dryer.

But, meeow anyway.

And have a good day.

Grandma K said...

She is really cute! She reminds me of Shadow.

All of your animals are cute though.

I thought I was through with cats - had them all my life - until I was presented with the poor little thing that was dumped in the woods and found by Son. That's Shadow.

mel said...

I love the pic of the two cats together - so cute!

word: ockey

Bostonians with a Cockney accent ask, "Up for little 'ockey today, mate?".