Monday, September 19, 2011

Symphony of the Crown

Imagine yourself at the Opera House.  The orchestra is warming up in the pit.  Trills from the flute can be heard.  Every once in awhile, a drum is beat, and the pianist makes runs on the piano.  People are finding their seats, and the house lights dim.  And thus begins, "The Symphony of the Crown."  (You're going to have to really stretch it here, but imagine music, opera singers and a bunch of drama---)

Tooth falls apart. Ouch ouch!  Tooth falls apart on the couch on the couch!
Tongue touches tooth, tongue touches tooth.  Sore on tongue.  Sore on tongue. 
Don't eat don't eat don't eat on that side!

Denial Denial!  It will be okay!
More bits fall off, oh no!  Alas!
Feeling like a hick and feeling like an a$$.

!Go to Dentist! Go to Dentist! 
Nervous Stomach Nervous Stomach.

M'lady, your tooth is cracked.
M'lady, your filling is cracked.
M'lady, crack is whack!


I see SMOKE!  I see POWDER!  My tongue will not behave.
Slobber Slobber Slobber Slobber.
Will it hurt?  Will it hurt?  Scraping.  Sucking.  Picking.  Drilling.
How long can I stay this way with my mouth WIDE OPENNNNN?

I can't take much more, I feel myself slipping away.  What will I eat for dinner?
DONE!  The Fat Lady can sing and eat again!

That will be $550 please.

The End.


miscellane-ash said...

i am officially in love with you! omg, that sucks lady, i loathe the dentist...bleck! ps...i sang the whole thing :)

angie128 said...

You know how I feel about the dentist....

I nearly fainted just reading this post.

And your little drawings are just too cute.

And you are just too cute.

So have a good day.


(My word is SHAKER. That's a normal word. Humph.)

Mary said...

I loved this post! Possibly the funniest one yet. And those drawings make it! (Oh and I totally heard it sung in your beautiful voice!). :)

sherri s. said...

Oh, how I laughed--though not too much, because I HATE the dentist. I've had a million unpleasant medical things done to my body--really, I have--but I dread even going in for a tooth (teeth?) cleaning. The line "What will I eat for dinner" was hilarious! Glad you're back in toothy health. (I had a dentist who called crowns "tooth coffins" because he claimed teeth under crowns always perish...?)

word: queacke

The other duckings made fun of the little duck who said "Queacke." He went on to win a MacArthur Fellowship (genius grant).

sherri s. said...

And that should have been "ducklings," not "duckings." Eyeglasses, where are you?!

word: reinur

The reinurs on my horsers bridlur were too tightur; I fell off(ur).

Darla said...

Been there, done that, too! Thank goodness it is over!! :)

What was for dinner? :)