Monday, February 27, 2012

I didn't watch the Oscars, and more useless information

I didn't watch the Oscars last night.  I'm not even sure I saw any of the nominated movies.  I read The Help, but haven't seen it..  I imagine I'll see some of the movies before my life is over, but I bet I don't see all of them.

I do like looking at what the ladies wear.  I thought Octavia Spencer looked really pretty.  I think she might be my favorite person in a movie that I didn't see.  I can't imagine the work it takes to look so pretty.  I wonder if any of those ladies leak a little bit when they sneeze or cough?

I also loved this dress.  How darn cute is Selena Gomez?

My last comment on the Oscars:  Angelina Jolie needs to eat a sandwich.  Or two.

A few updates:

Since I made my Hobo Bag?  I haven't seen anyone to give it to. 

My nose blowing is going a tad bit better, but it's still not right.  I really appreciate all the good advice.  Cyber world really has all the answers.

 No sign of Owl Girl for quite awhile now.

Corey, the fish, is still alive and swimming!  (Knock on Wood!)

Going back to see Dave Matthews this summer.  He and I took a break from each other for a year.  We're ready to reunite in May.

Let's check the countdown clock to Seattle:  46 days

It's a Leap Year.  No Sadie Hawkins dances for me.  Did you ever have those?

We had many a dance in the West Junior High School gymnasium.  I did the hustle to "Philadelphia Freedom."  Those two really didn't go together.  Best slow dance song?  Always and Forever by Heatwave.  The L O N G version.

Let's end with something fun.  Remember Big Valley?  Oh man, I loved Heath.

 It's probably why I love a Heath bar to this day....


SPT said...

It is a toss up for me, a sophie's choice, if you will, between the oscars and super bowl sunday. They are my favorite two days of the year. Better than my birthday.

I digress. The only movies I saw were The Help and some of the animated kids' movies. It is possible that the movie The Help was even better than the novel, which I adored.

Here are my verdicts. Octavia Spencer and Michelle Williams tie for best dressed. There was definitely some areola action going on. And I don't know what happened to Angie, maybe she is crazy from lack of food, but she looked like a complete idiot with that leg-out, hand on hip stance.

sherri s. said...

We saw four of the movies nominated for Best Picture--all on Saturday, at a movie marathon at AMC theatre. Really fun. "Hugo" in 3D: absolutely A-MAZ-ING! I don't think "The Artist"--which was fine, but nothing wonderful--deserved to win, personally. And Angelina Jolie: I think she needs to just go away.

These double words are killing me! Not only have they ruined our fun, but I never get them right the first time! Argh.