Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

 Oh, here we go again, it's time for Valentine's Day and all the sugar and spice that goes with it!  How did you like our opener?  Please tell me that you noticed his heart shaped mustache? 

I've read and re-read this one a few times and each time I'm getting more disturbed.  I can't figure out if this is a young looking old guy or an old looking young guy?  Either way, he's creepy.  I'm not sure about his reference to light and dark either?   I'm just having a hard time imagining him snagging a Valentine this year.


 Awww.  This just warms me to the cockles of my heart.  They're being so safe and not sharing their nits.

Hm.  Lucy and Desi.  Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.  Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn.  And, now we have Human Head on a Turtle.  By the way,  is that Jesus on that turtle?

I may be grasping at straws here, but I'm thinking the guy who sent this Valentine isn't getting any.  Any time soon.

And finally, a nice classic Valentine with flowers and Cupid.  And something attached to Cupid's crotch.  Hey, I don't design em folks.  I just find em!

Happy Valentine's Day with loads of LOVE!


Cheyenne said...

Oh my...that last one is a keeper. It made me laugh ~ and that's a good thing.

KB said...

Most socially aware: Head lice valentine. (love it!)

Creepiest, by far: Best wishes from Cupid (creepy on so many levels!)

They all cracked me up!

sherri s. said...

WHAT is up with that last one?! Yikes! People were indeed diffenent in ye olden days, weren't they? Happy Valentine's Day--lots of wine and chocolate for you!

word: dernman

That dernman--gol durn it, he's about as useful as socks on a rooster!

mel said...

You know these are my faves!