Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mystery on Bronwen Court

Something is amiss at my house.

And, that thing would be my leggings. 

I probably wear leggings, or some variety of them, four days a week.  I love the feel of them and wear them year round.  I just change from full length to capri in the summertime.  I have about 500 pairs of black leggings, and yet I go through them like water.  I have ONE pair of brown, and they happen to be my favorite.  They are the perfect color of brown, not too dark, not too light.  Chocolate brown.  Pretty brown.

And now, they're missing. 

I've looked everywhere for them.  Pajama drawer, pajama stack on the shelf in the closet (yes, I have a lot of pajama pants), regular pants stack, leggings drawer, exercise pants (HA!) stack.  They are nowhere to be found.  I haven't traveled anywhere with them, so they aren't staying with friends or anything.

(By the way, I do NOT look like this in my leggings.  For one thing, my stomach is FLATTER than this gal's (NOT) and I don't try to pull that pose.)

This morning, I went to dress and discovered that yet ANOTHER pair is missing.  The leggings I was looking for this morning have only been worn once.   They don't yet have that ugly worn sheen to them.  They were comfortable and lightweight.    And now they're gone.  

Did Brownie and Blackie Capri run away together?  Is there a legging thief?  Is Steven wearing them without me knowing?  Are the animals having a dress up party?

I'm going to have to start putting tracking devices on these things.


Grandma K said...

Oh no! A lingerie thief has invaded your house!

Grandma K said...

Oh, no - a legging thief has invaded your house. And I am on my fourth try to say this. I do have to research how to get this off again to send you!!

mel said...

uh oh. I HATE when this happens. My missing things usually end up with the towels for some reason? Static electricity?? Try there...

sherri s. said...

I look JUST like that photo...I often parade around the house in that outfit, as a matter of fact. Ha! I hate it when things go missing, drives me nuts. As long as you don't find that you've put them in the freezer, you're OK!

BAH on the words now! I am not a robot, OK?!

unclebro said...

and you know she blames me for losing them.

SPT said...

I am missing two pairs of jeans. I don't fit in them, but I like to see them hanging in my closet as motivation. They are probably off on vacation together.

miscellane-ash said...

i know this feeling!! i, too, was missing my very fave leggings (out of about a bazillion pair), but these were my fave! they turned up when i just gave up the 2 week excavation. my advice...look for something else, & what you're not hunting will mysteriously pop up (i hope)!!